Coming Out of the Closet and Walking the Talk


<Susanrose> Welcome to #)Gaia*Friends(
On April 25, 1999

<PWest> might I just say that this coming
out of the spiritual closet thing
is very good timing for me
<susanrose> Alex is from Alaska,
Tamar, Sandra and I met in 1989
Sunshine a few years later!  We are in Pittsburgh PA
<susanrose> Where are you from?
<PWest> I am in the UK
<Oldgold> Salt Lake City, Utah
<}goanna> adelaide, australia
<Oldgold> so cool!
<Kyzoku> i am currently located in Nebraska.
<Triskana> Ann Arbor, Michigan
<tjmac> :D
<miKron> mikron is in connecticut USA!
<susanrose> ok.....
Lets all take a few deep breaths
coming together now
for the purpose of spiritual growth
may we be blessed in this intent
guardians and Angels join us now!
May peace prevail

Our topic is: Out of the Closet and Walking the Talk.

Dear Friends!

The internet and our friends here give us an excellent playground
For expressing and trying out our spiritual pearls of truth,
without risk.  The risk of being ridiculed, or thought a nut,
the risk of not fitting in!

Here I am, commentator of spiritual teachings on the internet,
But most of my co-workers, neighbors, and relatives knew
little of my real nature, and who I have  become.

Even when I would do things like lead spiritual gatherings
in my community, I could still keep a my local spiritual activities
and beliefs private.  This is because Pittsburgh is such a large town
that I can go shopping to my Supermarket, or nearest mall without
ever seeing anyone who knows me.

This can make a person feel isolated, but it can also make them
feel free to express themselves.   A while ago I was in a park,
Walking down the sidewalk along a river edge.  The beauty was
Incredible.  So I let out my innocent child to spin, do ballet,
call down sunbeams and give Salute to the Father Sky.

Well, the person I was with was sitting down observing all of this
And said that the other people in the park were getting a kick
Out of watching me.  A bit of a scene I guess.

Well, I said, it did not bother me because I did not mind
Providing entertainment and joy… maybe it was more fun
than watching ducks for a while…hehe
I guess that is a mini- coming out of the closet…
Since the people there were strangers, except for my friend.

Lately, I have been sharing my #)Gaia*Friends( internet site
With co-workers and  my mother.  Some of the people who have
Read the site from my work have given me
very positive feedback.
I am thinking of a (Woman) doctor in particular that said she
had a spiritual awakening when reading a  topic that was posted
On handling depression.

So at the age of 44, I am infusing  the best parts of who
I am into my real world life. To de-compartmentalize, and
integrate the various hats I wear into one cohesive expression of life.

So it is a balancing act.  Being "Out there"  walking your talk,
And talking your talk… with some discernment and measured doses,
As well as translation to the other person's terminology that is in
Their familiar comfort zone.

One of my co-workers, who is a born again Christian said to me
Once, "I used to think you were nice, but kind of a flake.  Now  I
Think you are really onto something.."

So how do you come out of the closet, and when you do,
What happens?  Any quick comments?

<PWest> other people wake up
<Oldgold> People watch wait and wonder, at first.
<}goanna> people refuse to take responsibility
for their own spirituality
like they refuse to be responsible for their health
ppl confine their notions of spirituality
to sunday, to a church

<Triskana> I have been finding some surprising results
....that more people read and participate in spiritual
topics than I my new job
one guy got all excited when I announced that I had
read the Conversation with God books...that he had, also.
Another woman, when she heard me talking about astrology
offered her own input and spoke of chakras with ease....

<Oldgold> There is an art to self-disclosure.
It's amazing how much people reveal in light
of your own admissions.

<Susanrose> and Now…..Tamar!

What came to my mind was someone doing this on a global scale,
and then  personal stories of someone doing it on a local scale.
Think globally act locally.

First I want to share a letter with you from Sai Baba,
A great example of someone who really walks the walk
In the real world. An Avatar.

 What is a Avatar?
An Avatar is someone who has passed each grade
of earth growth.

Spiritual growth in form is a process.
Learning how to be human is the experiment,
The lesson is manifesting love in form.

Avatar’s are the Doctorates of earth education,
Coming back to earth as a teacher.
He is able to create
miracle’s in front of everyone’s inquiring minds
every day.  Let’s read his letter.

"My Dear Children!
Awake! Awake! Awake! There is no time for slumber.
Come with Me. Separation is no longer the order
of the day. I separated Myself from Myself so that
 I could love Myself more. The experience is finished.
I want all of Myself to return and merge with Me, the One Self.

Why do you not avail yourself of this opportunity instead of
continually seeking relationships which can never satisfy you?

Your deepest, innermost urge is to return to your Self --
to become the being, awareness, and
bliss which is all you have ever really been. Let go of the past.

Stop trying to get from each other what you still think you missed in
childhood or marriage. You will never find anyone who is
enough -- not even Me!

Only You will ever be enough. Can you
not love your Self because I have done so over and over again?
Did I not virtually move heaven and earth to bring you to Me?

I have asked my devotees to repeat the mantra
 'I am God, I am God, I am not
different from God.' Now I ask you specifically to
follow that instruction; it will be
more helpful than any other one thing you can do.

Remember that I love you, and love your Self."
Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Quite a letter!

He was actually writing as if he were God!
That’s the point:  We are!
The part about being out of the closet and
creating your miracles as you walk
the path are in the words,
 ‘Love yourself.  Know yourself.’

These are the words you are also responsible for.
I repeat
‘Love yourself.  Know yourself.’

Do you want to?
To create those miracles???  To have a life of peace???
To have happiness???
Hopefully yes.
I decided to test this all out.

Am I God? yes, but I prefer Goddess.
Okay, I will work on loving myself,
I'll work through my issues with a mentor.
I will understand and know myself  until there is
nothing more to know about me.
 I will go through the process and see what happens.

I jumped into the water and swam around.
That is a metaphor for, I delved
into my unconsciousness.  Pretty soon
I am going to tell you how I found out the
water is fine and ask you to come on in.

But first a story of  coming out in the public
with my true Divine Nature.

I was on my way to Lake Tahoe, California by airplane.
I was in first class.  A gift of a underbooked airline.

 I was anxious to see my son.  The pilot came on and
said we had to  bypass Reno and land in Sacramento.
 The winds were way too strong to land in Reno.

“Where the hell is Sacramento?” I said, to the person
next to me.  “Hour and 1/2 from Reno.” he
replied.    That is not good, I stewed.

My son is already 45 minutes from
Reno.  I could be waiting for him for three hours.
“Put down your phones, I yelled in first
class, “ we are landing in Reno!!!”

The others in first class actually put their phones back in
their cradles and then looked at me really weird,
 for following my command.  Then picked their
phone’s back up.

 I couldn’t bother with these second graders,
they didn’t know who they were.  I
was going to have to do this myself.

I did my calling for the highest good. Claiming that I am divine, and that I
desire this for the highest good.   This isn’t arrogance, this is divinity.

Within three minutes the pilot came back
on the speaker and announce he just received
clearance to land in Reno, that the winds had died down.

The guy behind me said, “I don’t know who you know Lady,
but I want to know who ever you

 I wanted to say, then know yourself.

To be an avatar takes devotion to growth.  One must decide that self
empowerment and growth
is the needed task at hand.

We are coming into an age of no more separation.
 The I am right and you are
wrong.  When you live spirituality you know who is right
 (living in love) and who is wrong (living in fear)

We are coming into the time of Oneness and Unity.
All our lessons right now are about
separation and differences.  We really want to know
that someone else cares.

The trick is if they don’t care about themselves first,
they will never understand about caring
for another.  It just becomes possessiveness.

So love yourself and come out of the closet......
 What does this bring up for you???
Do you have a story about your experience?

<^alex^> (School Teacher in Alaska)
well I have a Quan Yin that I recently introduced in my classroom
that I keep on my desk.

When asked what she was I explained that she was a female Buddha
and that she was also considered the goddess of compassion
and protector of children.

My students thought this was really cool.  I talk fairly openly
about my beliefs and some think I'm rather odd,
but over all it's rather interesting how most respect who I
am and what I think.

I've had some give me notes that show that they also
lean more towards the more spiritualistic side rather than a strictly
religious one.

We work towards understanding many cultures here and teach
hopefully some respect for those that are a bit different.
We have a very large native population in Alaska,
so traditional ways of honoring the earth
and her occupants are not of an oddity.

I guess in many ways I'm lucky where I live...different is normal here!
Plus there is a large amount of
energy in this area...most feel it as soon as they arrive!
^alex^ (Laurie- North Pole, Alaska)

I received this letter from a man in Australia,
About seeing the Divine in Everyday life.
Omens and life Dreams that explain as
Within, so without, as above, so below!
Opening our eyes to what our physical
Environment can teach us is part of coming
Out of the closet into the physical world.

Dear Susan,

About a week ago, I was coming out of a deep depression.
 I likened it to a caterpillar going through a metamorphosis
and emerging as an unconditionally loving butterfly.
As if I had entered a new dimension from
where the perspective of the world was different.

The day after, I was walking in the garden when a butterfly
suddenly landed in the grass in front of me.
I crouched down for a closer look and realized
there were actually two butterflies in a love-making position.

I asked an expert in night dreams and life dreams about this strange
coincidence. He replied there is no such thing as coincidences. AS
INSIDE....SO OUTSIDE, was his short explanation.

Thought you might enjoy this little spiritual episode.

Kind regards,
Knut Alten

Nest I will share what came up for my friend as she
Started a new job last week:
"Being Played by Spirit"

"On Monday I began a new position.
The "Job" I was hired for was to
go into high schools and talk to high school students
about our computer college as a choice for them
to consider for secondary education.
It was my first day by myself  without a companion.
I was left to my own devices. An appointment set from
the previous person in that position.

I had  to step up to the plate and podium and overcome
my past fears of speaking in public, to a group of
high school students.  I can feel the
stretch of Spirit in its attempts to assist this growth process.

While getting ready for lunch and moving my papers
 to the side of the teacher's room I notice a collection
of old books sitting on the radiator.

Glancing down I see the Way of Zen by Allan  Watts.
This school is in a very small community in upstate PA.
Not a growing metropolis of new thought so I think.

Remarking on the book to the teacher, that I had
read it and love Zen and that I met the Dali Lama which really began my
spiritual path and the love of Tibetan Buddhism.

His replying that he had tried to get tickets to see the Dali Lama
when the Dali Lama was in Pittsburgh but could not.
What began as a
chance meeting between two random people for
another purpose entirely ended by the two of us sitting
for 1 ½ hours later that day discussing Spirit.

The teacher telling me he had read all these
kind of books 20 years ago in college
then became mainstream, getting a teaching position,
married then family.  His lament is not continuing his
reading and his search.

I said that we are all doing exactly what we are
supposed to do.  His calling was to be devoted
to other things. Raising a family, teaching. An awesome task.

Within the week this teacher wrote to
me asking me if I was an angel and how I touched his life.
He wrote saying he an awesome spiritual experience
the following night.  He was home alone and felt the
incredible wave of love and joy come over him and he laughed
and cried in ecstasy.

Within the week this teacher wrote to
me asking me if I was an angel and how I touched his life.
He wrote saying he an awesome spiritual experience
the following night.  He was home alone and felt the
incredible wave of love and joy come over him and he laughed
and cried in ecstasy.

My hollow reed allowing the passionate music of
Spirit to pass through its chambers filling the room
with its majestic notes.

Music  that causes the teacher to pause,
reflect and remember the music that had
once sang in his heart. "

<Susanrose> Wow, Beautiful!
Thank you for that story! Other stories?

Another, out of the closet story.

My executive husband warned me to not activate
a metaphysical conversation at
New Year’s with his biggest client.  I made it to 11:30 p.m.
When the client’s wife was not satisfied with the
fact that she couldn’t really find me interested in anything.

Every single thing I do is metaphysical.
If I talked about anything, metaphysics would be in the
next sentence.  So I avoided me and asked about her life all night.

Finally I  blurted out, I am a
author of a book.  My god, she responded, what ever is it about?
You see, that was the problem.
I was sunk.

“It is a historical fiction book,”
I responded, hoping she would be satisfied with that morsel.
She wasn’t, by 1:00 am, she knew I had written a book about my past life in
Atlantis, where I was the known personality of Persephone.

That the plot of the book was my student,
who caused the downfall of Atlantis.  She also had gotten out of me,
information about my psychic work.
Facts like,  I can talk to the deceased and do past life regressions.

 She had made an appointment with
me to come over, before they left for the night.
On the way home, my husband said,
“You made quite an impression on my
client’s wife, how did it go?”
She is coming over, I said.
“You asked them to dinner?”

 “ No, she is coming over to get info on her brother
that died and one her past lives.  “What!?,”
he then slammed on the brakes of the car.
Well to make a long story really short.

“ No, she is coming over to get info on her brother
that died and one her past lives.  “What!?,”
he then slammed on the brakes of the car.
Well to make a long story really short.

My husband then become his confidant
to his business.  This event changed my husband’s mind
forever about whether  I should stay in
the closet or not.  He now fully supports me out walking my talk."

Thank you, Tamar George, wonderful stories!
Can you tell us your other story about your tennis match?

<Tamar George>
OK,   The story of the tennis guy:

I had told the Universe I wanted to remain anonymous
in my tennis group.  I just wanted to show up and play tennis.
 I was just not wanting any strange  stares coming my way.

Thoughts like; she talks to dead people and reads
tarot cards. I didn't want to explain any of this.
 I like tennis way too much!

Well, being anonymous was about to change in a very big way.
It was a typical tennis morning.  My doubles team was winning
and I was  building up a sweat running for the next ball…..
When the guy on the next  court drops over dead.

How did I know he was dead?  Come on, I'm a psychic for a living.
I said,  oh, no! he is going to be afraid and not know what to do.
All the other tennis  players left the court to go up to the lounge
until the paramedics came.

I  stood on the court next to him
with hands outstretched.  Palms out.  Why,
palms out? So light could move from out my hands to him.
 I said it's me.  "Your dead!"  He said, "who are you?"
I replied, "someone who just came out of the closet, to help you!"  I told
him what was going on and how he would be missed.

 He had a wonderful life  and now the brain would begin
 to break down.  That would be some of the
tunnel of light stuff he heard about.  But, it would be the brain shutting
down it's circuits. I told him when your truly dead ..
a  Huge Light* would be  coming and that is what is meant
 by the saying, go toward  the "Light."
There would be those he has known coming for him.

He said, "I'm afraid."  I  said, "I know, it's why I'm talking
to you"  I talked to him until they put
him in the ambulance.  After he left I went to comfort my tennis pro.
Because he had tried to revive a dead man.  That really unnerved him.
One of my tennis partners, had a fit about what she had seen me do.
Standing there like a statue for a 1/2 hour.

 She said sarcastically, "what were you  doing?
and I could only answer,
"my work."
I had two choices in this situation.  To let the lower self, the personality
rule, or to allow my higher self  do what it came to do this life and that is

 How am I today with my tennis team?  Well some still don't get it and some
became my clients.  For me, I learned I won't be allowed
 to be anonymous this  life.
But remember, it is the goddess in me, that won't allow it.

<Susanrose>  Thanks so much for your sharing Tamar!
Sometimes it is hard when we get disapproval from those close to us.
I wrote a web page about how to help gain acceptance at

Here is a short excerpt of this advice:

" Some of the women and men, when they hit
spiritual progression, they get on a fast current,
a fast current of spirit that sweeps them along.

They are like race horses at the starting block
jumping into every thing that they think will aid
their spiritual progression even further,
and in this city we know there are many.

Slow down… breathe! Find peace in the stillness.
Strength in the ability to rest.

Better to pace yourself, taking just one step forward.
Then say "This is where I am, this is who I am,
this is where I want to be".

To shine with the love of where you are,
to stand firm and fast in clear resolve, and let it sit for a while,
and then take another step forward,
when you feel that the time is right.

But, if in taking the one step and standing
true to who you are, and doing as I say does not
work, then it may be time to let go with love.
Let go of situations that no longer work for you.

My daughter, at this point, you will sleep well at night.
You will know that you did the best you could,
You will have peace with your decision.

And when making a decision about whether to
stand firm, on your one step, just say to yourself-
"Is this something that through my belief or
my behavior would aid me in manifesting love through

If clinging to the belief, the behavior,
the concept would aid you in manifesting love
through your form in the best, most blissful
expression that you could, then hold firm.

Hold firm. But, if you question whether or not,
it would help you manifest love through  physical form,
then maybe you're standing firm for the wrong thing."

Please insert your  comments here….

One more story, e-mailed to me prior to this meeting…
One man's journey
Sender: Rob <>

For 49 years, I have believed in God.   I also believed that in
order to know God it was necessary to have religion; and consequently, felt
God would only find favor with those us who ritualistically practiced a

Being Presbyterian, the "better go to church or you'll be
damned" mantra was never pounded into my essence.  I could never
consistently get the hang of church going

and so never felt close enough to
God to believe that my prayers, on those occasions when I would consciously
pray for something that I desperately wanted, would warrant God's

I always felt somewhere between damned and saved.  And that
was okay for that period of my life because I always just figured that I
could wait until I was on my death bed, confess my sins, ask God's
forgiveness and be welcomed into Heaven with the same enthusiasm that I am
sure God welcomed Mother Theresa.

At the end of my 49th year, I found myself as close to the heat of
financial ruin as one could get without actually falling into the fire of
it.  Every ounce of my strength was being used to hold back the tidal wave
of depression and despair that was about to break upon my shore of

One day, in an act of desperation, I looked at the sky and
screamed at the top of my voice, "Is this all there is, is this all that
life is to be for me?".

Curiously, it seemed that the  energy of merely
asking that question opened a portal.  For some reason, I no longer sensed
the heat of the fire of financial ruin or the impending doom of drowning in
my depression.

An angel named Sandra magically appeared in my life
through the miracle of a newspaper personal ad.
Things began to rapidly change and
wonderful events started to happen.  I had the sense that God had heard my
cry in the night.  I remember one instance, asking "God, please hold me",
and feeling an immediate sense of loving arms embracing me.

 I began mentally receiving, "downloading", beautiful complete works
of poetry that my ego knew not to attempt to claim.  At first, the poems
were to my beloved Sandra, but then the poems started to deliver spiritual
messages.  Messages of love, but from a different source.

Messages so profound and beautiful that I began to have experiences
I call "heart orgasms".  These are sensations that begin in my heart
and grow and grow and grow until feelings of such enormous joy
and rapture explode throughout my entire body.

Tears will stream down my cheeks and I will simultaneous
laugh and cry.   I was quickly growing in awareness of not only the source
of the poetry and the heart orgasms, but also of my awareness of how
everything in my daily life had a purpose.

Everything was a lesson and my total consciousness
began to turn in the direction of the constant light
that was shining in my life.  The One was welcoming me home.

As if these experiences weren't changing my life fast enough, I
then had a dream about a month and a half ago, a dream so lucid that I
awoke from it experiencing the most profound heart orgasm yet, producing
tears of joy that soaked my pillow.   Here is the short version of the

I was the best and closest friend to a man, with very special
abilities, who could create solutions to any problem.
I was also his able bodied assistant.  In the beginning of the dream,
he was not publicly known and would travel from place to place on foot,
seeking out persons who needed solutions to problems.

I remember being dressed in robes and
walking barefoot along dirt roads.  Toward the end of the dream, however,
people sought him out for help and we traveled from place to place on a
shiny, huge, powerful train that needed no tracks to guide it and had
absolutely everything on it.  Mysteriously, the train had no exterior
doors.  The exterior surface was seamless.

 Occasionally, we would stop to take on passengers
who entered by ascending a shiny staircase through the
underside and center of the train.  Those who entered were usually elderly
but occasionally a child or younger adult would come aboard.

I would watch the expressions on each of the new passenger's
faces change from apprehensive curiosity to ecstatic joy
when they were each personally greeted by my friend

as they reached the top of the staircase.
 I never greeted the new arrivals but always seemed
to be a witness to the events.

The location then changed to a large, green, grassy meadow.
All of the people were following my friend who, curiously,

seemed to be following a
smaller group of people who were walking into a stand of trees at the edge
of the meadow.  The trees were in a row and along side them was a wooden
catwalk slightly elevated above the ground.

Just as my friend had crossed
the catwalk and was also about to enter the stand of trees, he abruptly
stopped, turned and walked back toward us, as if remembering something that
he needed to do and knowing it had to be done now.  He said, "All of you,
who are of the catholic faith, lay on the ground on your backs."

 (I was confused by the word "catholic" (being a Presbyterian)
and found the definition of catholic (with lower case "c")
to mean "universal".

We arranged ourselves instantly into a grid of precisely spaced rows and
columns.  He instructed us to form a cross with our arms and
bodies and to lift our legs off the ground.

He approached and knelt next to me.  He was
wearing green, military fatigue pants, white t-shirt and had a "dog tag"
suspended from a silver chain hanging around his neck.  The tag was
embossed with a large cross on it (but not a crucifix).  It was at this
point that I saw his face for the first time.  He was Jesus Christ.

He placed his hands , one on top of the other, on my chest over my heart and
said, "As your soul shall die, you will be reborn to eternity".  At that
instant, the most joyous, white surge of energy leaped from my arms, legs
and crown of my head to the people around me, then from them instantly to
the others, until everyone in the meadow was connected like a power grid.

He stood up, turned, and without a further word, rejoined the other group
in the trees, which I somehow knew were "The Muslims".
I awakened at this point and my eyes were filled with tears of joy.

My chest was still
heaving from the "heart orgasm" which I just experienced.
And I was filled with peace.

Even now, I can still feel the power of that dream.  Each time I
think of the dream, even in the process of composing this letter, those
feelings erupt again and send waves of peace and joy throughout my Soul.

Am I walking my talk?  I honestly don't know.  At times I feel as
lost and confused as I was at the end of my 49th year.  But now, even
shoveling snow in the cold darkness of an early
Winter morning brings mepeace,
lightning flashing violently through the sky
during a Spring storm gives me hope
and the solitude of bicycle
ride through a forest path allows
me to feel the love of the One in all things.

Where do I go from here?  Lord only knows."

That is the end of Rob's e-mail

<Sunshine-> I have found that when I let Spirit
guide me, I am at the right place
at the right time and lots of opportunities "appear".
<oldgold> And recognizing it when it does - is power
<^alex^> when you give your life over to Spirit
things seems to flow...
when you try to act out of "logic"
many times things seem to get messed up

<Sunshine-> so true alex
<oldgold> accidents don't happen
<TamarGeorge> beliefs systems happen!
<oldgold> yes
<^alex^> when my husband went to work this year
at a high school as a safety monitor
I told him always trust your instincts and listen to them....
One day a young man was being a bit of a problem
and he took the time to talk to him and listen....
later that week the young man came by to say "thank you...
I wanted you to know that I'd been thinking of suicide,
but our talk helped me see it wasn't the answer"
We've both been allowing ourselves to listen
that instinct...and it has prevented us from
being in the wrong place at the wrong time
as well as helped us to be where
we were needed...that was only one example
of this past year
<Susanrose> wow alex
<TamarGeorge> a direction was
needed at a crosswalk of life!
<^Angel^9> oh wow alex dear

<SANDRA> there is a lot to be said about coming out of
the spiritual closet.  But upon reflection,
I would give us a moment to pause the reflect
upon the issue of discernment.  Spiritual discernment.
This is an important lesson in spiritual growth.
Any of us can come out of the closet at any time,
but to do when in a way that is not self-serving,
ego centered, a way of getting attention to
serve ego instead of spirit.
Many times though, I think all of us have
experienced the spiritual imposter in our lives,
and how the ego tries to emulate this
way of spirituality.  It is something that
takes a very watchful eye to discern
if this is ego or spirit
<Susanrose> Good point sandra
<oldgold> I agree

<Susanrose> Sandra... the  ability to share
in a way that is comforting to others.
Being "Out there"  walking your talk,
And talking your talk… with some discernment
and measured doses,
As well as translation to the other person's
terminology that is in their familiar comfort zone.
<TamarGeorge> that's what I was saying Sandra,
to know the true you.
The 'true' one coming out of the closet
knows the right thing to say, like Alex's husband.
<^alex^> you demonstrate your belief more thru
actions than what you's "being"
that is important...and "doing"

We are ending with prayer
Written by Rob's love,  SANDRA
Please join me in it's

"Oh Spirit.  What have you up your sleeve?
The master musician and the flute being played.

IAM  your instrument!
My hollow reed allowing the passionate music of

to pass through its chambers filling the room
with its majestic notes.

Music  that causes others to pause,
reflect and remember the music that had
once sang in his heart.

The journey, the way home.  It is now time.
Remember dear one, the journey home.

Play me Spirit.  Use this instrument you have fashioned
for your purposes over and over, through and through.
 Here to serve.

The uniting of the musician and the instrument,
each resonating within the other and
the Music of Spirit being expressed in the world!"


<oldgold> Amen
<susanrose> Let peace prevail!
<SANDRA> peace, peace peace one and all
<Sunshine-> and so it is
<oldgold> and so it is
<susanrose> smile... thank you spirit,
angels, guides, and all those
seen and unseen who have gathered
<^Angel^9> thank you, too, susanrose
<oldgold> Thank you Susanrose, and TamarGeorge
<susanrose> Remember what fun it is to be an instrument!
<SANDRA> peace to all and good night
<susanrose> Goodnight sisters and brothers.