Prosperity Consciousness with a Manifestation Meditation

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns

Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear
A Coming Together

A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans

the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.


The topic tonight is Prosperity Consciousness,
with a Manifestation Meditation.

No friends, I am not rich, so I have not made it yet!
I am also a seeker, and have brought together
the best information I have found on this subject,

from various self help books and tapes. The following
are some of the concepts I have gleaned.

I will be asking you later what positive techniques you
have tried to increase your prosperity, and if
it worked.

Because of the need for money in our everyday
lives, just for survival, we have set up a concern and
a tremendous fear about it that actually forms
a block and repels money away from us.

One of the most difficult things for us to truly believe
and accept into our consciousness is that the supply of
the universe is limitless, and everything we need already

All we have to do is apply the natural laws that open the
flow, and draw that abundance into our lives. We need to clear
away the cobwebs of our thinking that reinforces lack in our lives.

Choose lavish abundance for yourself and for all mankind.
Accept that you (and all) are worthy of opening the flow of
universal abundance.

We know that our thoughts are powerful,
everything is presently existing in our lives because
we have held it in our consciousness.

At any given moment, out life situation represents a sum total
of our thoughts, our words and our actions.
In order for us to obtain financial freedom, the first

thing we need to do is to clear our relationship with money.
We need to eliminate our fear of it.
We need to realize that money is a source of energy.

It is not some awesome entity that comes into our lives
to whiled it's power over us, and rule our destiny.
It is only because of our fear that we have let money have
that control over our lives.

A great deal of our confusion that we have about money
comes from misunderstandings and misinterpretations
of religious well as our general feelings of
unworthiness and low self esteem.

One of the concepts
we must learn is that is NOT spiritual, nor part of
our divine plan to suffer and be poor. On the contrary,
To say that our current state of lack is the will of God
is actually blasphemous.

[papakuch] amen
[miKron] susanrose i send you honor for your words
,respect for all beings, live and light!

Not one electron of light energy
is released from the source of all life, that is less than

Consequently, anything that is taking
place in our lives that is less than perfection,
which includes the supply of good things flowing to us,
is a HUMAN creation, a misqualification of energy.

Therefore, poverty is not only not spiritual,
but it is a MISapplication of Divine energy, a mistake.

Poverty is a vice that leads to crime, family problems
heath problems and all types of misery. There is nothing
righteous about it. Poverty is NOT a virtue.

Accepting this will help us let go of all previous
brainwashing, that makes us feel guilty about
seeking and obtaining prosperity.

Look at your own self image. The feelings of
unworthiness, convince us that we do not deserve
to have the good things in life.

If we have difficulty
imagining ourselves financially independent, in the
most wonderful circumstances, it is usually because
we somehow feel unworthy of the success.

Each of us is a unique individual with talents and gifts
that no one else on this planet possess in the same way.
We each have our own special service that we can offer.

We should love ourselves to give ourselves the very best.
We can do allot more good and help allot more people if
we have money, than if we are poor.

Money does not have
to be a sign of selfishness or greed. It can be a tool to
expand our love and manifest more beauty in this planet.

[Danie] Yes... I have a comment.
I recently read a book called "Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics"
The woman who wrote the book studied people on the mystical path..
She discovered that there was an inverse relationships
between people's closeness to God and their desire for material items
she found people wanted to be in nature,
but they lost the desire for material things that money can buy.
They were content living in a small cabin in the woods or on the beach...
I found it interesting, especially considering
that these people seemed so completely happy and content
Just goes to show that what is in your heart is a larger source
of joy than anything physical
[Danie] okay... that's all I wanted to add :)
<Susanrose> thank you Danie

[Kelin] I'd like to add something at this point
I believe that poverty is in the eye of the beholder
and that one man/woman's pain is another man/woman's pleasure
because your poor does not mean you are not spiritual,
some people with money live in poverty
<Susanrose> that is true...the aborigines in Mutant Message
had no real property, yet felt the abundance of the world

[Danie] Good point Kelin! Goes back to the previous concept
of "perfection"? What exactly *is* perfection?
[Ahshana] the aborigines were not poor...they just had what
they needed in that instant :)
<Susanrose> true....instant toilet paper...
rub with sand, cleans all...aboriginie style
[strdst] :)

[strdst] the illusion of progress ending
[Kelin] some people do not think about the way in which they live
but are just happy being a living being and soaking up
all knowledge that passes them by...

[papakuch] kelin they are not caught up in the heads
or tails of life-they just are the coin
[Danie] Yes, that was my point... people led by the Divine
don't sit around pondering where there next buck is going to come from :)
[Kelin] it is not wrong to want or wrong to not want
[Boadicea] Could it be that some people are more interested
in the philosophical and religious meaning of wealth than the pragmatic.
I have come to recognize that I will never be wealthy...
because I give away a lot of my belongings to those who have less.
Not exactly any way to stay rich.
but it is my way of living, and the wealth I gain from it
has no monetary value.
<Susanrose> those who give, receive more too...
[papakuch] if we are not the coin then we will be either rich or poor
-depending upon our point of view
<Susanrose> a palm reader once told me I would be comfortable,
never rich or poor...maybe I bought into that cause it seems to be true so far
[Boadicea] There is perhaps room for BOTH ideas of wealth.
<Susanrose> the point of today is that prosperity is in your consciousness.
Looking at your glass as half FULL instead of half empty
will increase the likely hood of it getting even FULLER
[Ahshana] :)
[Boadicea] lol Well, my conscious mind wants a nice house,
but my heart assures me that I not only won't get it,
but likely won't need it.
[Danie] ya

Unfortunately, we usually use pain as our motivator.
It is during our painful miserable periods that we
find the incentive to look for
a better way.

Wouldn't it be better to start here and now,
regardless of your relative comfort of life style,
to develop a prosperity consciousness?
[Ahshana] yes

Thinking this way will give us the power to make
our dreams come true. Prosperity is not just about
money, it is about drawing into your life the health,
happier personal life, creative work, deeper spiritual
connection, ...

Whatever we choose to draw into our life.
We are prosperous to the degree that we are experiencing
peace, health, and plenty in our world.

Money is a source of energy, therefore,
the 2 activities of this universe, radiation and which means
sending out or projecting, and magnetization which means
drawing in, apply to the energy of money, just as it applies to
every other source of energy.

[Ahshana] and working with the force of nature..
nature supplies the form and life vitality
the soul, divine the intent
<Susanrose> yes, ash working with the elements and forces of nature...
because prosperity is our natural condition, our birthright
[miKron] yes!

Familiar phrases that we have
heard to describe this are: Giving and Receiving, Cause and Effect,
Sowing and Reaping, Action and Reaction, Supply and Demand,
and Like attracts Like.

If we are sending out thoughts and feelings of lack and limitation,
bogged down by failure expediences, and worry and concern,
that is what we will be drawing into our lives.

It is up to us to dare to radiate outward what we really want
to experience in our lives, instead of what we are afraid of.
[Ahshana] :)
and not to settle for less

<Susanrose>We have all head of the expression,
Money begets Money.People with money accept prosperity.
They feel prosperous.
They send out thoughts of prosperity,

continually drawing success
into their life. Now I know it is allot easier to think and feel and
act prosperous when we have money, than it is when we don't.
But it is important to learn to do, if we are going to attract prosperity.

Every time we spend money, regardless of what it is for,
we should bless it with gratitude, for the service it is providing for us,
and let it go freely.
[ACTION] Star22 cheers on susanrose
[strdst] remove all that is foreign and unseemly to wealth
from your life and you will have it...

<Susanrose> Know that it will go out, expand, and return to us,
for more service.

If we send it forth grudgingly, bemoaning the high
cost of living, hating to spend it on the necessities of life, we will
block the flow of the universe, from coming back into our lives.

Now this does not mean going out and charging, and spending money
that we don't have. It does mean recognize as a source of energy that
is providing a service to us, that we should accept with gratitude and

Be grateful and appreciate what you have now. Would you trade a million
dollars for what you have in your life now? (includes family) NO!
most of us, no matter how broke,

would not trade our life for money.
So bless the riches you already have, in order to see the plenty in the

To further increase the return of the money to you, try giving away
money that you can spare. This is a gift of love and
gratitude to the universe with no strings attached.

Practicing random acts of kindness and
generosity will raise your vibrations, and as like attracts like, you
will be repaid. In Wiccan terms, the return will be multiplied by 3,
but others claim by as much as 10 fold return.

Like Breathing in, and breathing out, there is a balance
in the universe. The universe has provided everything we need.
As long as we are giving only enough energy back to the universe
that is needed for our survival, we hold ourselves back in a pattern
of limitation.

Consequently, we will draw back in ONLY
the minimum we need for survival. We have the free will choice
to remove the drudgery, to change our method of repayment to the

The excess money you give to back to the universe is
called SEED MONEY. It can be given to any noble cause,
but must be given no strings attached, but expecting the multiplication
of blessing on the way back to us.

So consciously, without a shadow
of a doubt, CLAIM that return. Say it with the statement "for the good
of all concerned", know and feel that the energy is flowing back into your

Well, that is one of many methods to increase your prosperity.
I have heard of various imaging methods.

These include:
burning green candles, herbs or oils
mixing up some kind of potion to anoint the doorknob
of your business etc.

Posting a picture of what you want and
seeing that you already have it... as wish/manifestation
bulletin board. Affirm that you already have it every time
you pass by.

This is the time I would like everyone to share
what they have tried to help them increase their prosperity
and if it worked....


[papakuch] I am visualizing the giving of money
with no strings attached-otherwise it can't return for it never really left
what you say is as true as one believes it to be true
[Kelin] Susanrose: surely we are not all destined to be rich.
Jesus was quoted as saying "There will always be poor"
[papakuch] it is an illusion that we manifest
[strdst] kelin: destiny is what you make it
Susanrose> Kelin: Jesus recognized that many are fallen
into the illusion of lack,but it is not their heritage. Adam and Eve
were given plenty.
[papakuch] because the meaning of rich implies
that someone else has less kelin
[Gawain] abundance is suppose to be our lot in life,
Spirit wants all good things for us
[Danie] abundance is defined differently by each individual...
everything is relative!
[MornStar] That's true Danie Money bears down on my soul
My prosperity comes from the Garden

[Gawain] abundance is freedom from want and worry is it not?
[Kelin] i don't see how money is energy, power maybe
but energy im not sure off. please explain. :)
[Gawain] Kelin, you work for money, you spend your energy, your Light
for that money
<Susanrose> money is a symbol of the energy used to earn it energy
[stars] money is energy in potential, kelin....
the choice as to how to use it is in the hands of the owner....
[papakuch] kelin--all mater is energy and all energy is matter-
physics can change both into each other
kelin-if you have a million dollars and it costs 1.00 for a loaf of bread
you are rich but if it cost 1000000 for that loaf of bread you are poor
and you feel low on money energy

[Kelin] i see...
[ACTION] Gawain thinks susanrose has read Robert Collier
<Susanrose> a good book on this is:
Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth
[Kelin] papakuch: Einstien, thought that when things went as fast as light,
it no longer existed, yet he also said that matter can't be destroyed,
[miKron] I would only like to add when one seeks anything
in this universe a bridge must be formed first !
[papakuch] kelin but it is still energy

<Susanrose>My friend who studied under Jose Silva,
of Silva Mind control fame,
was taught some mind skills to help manifest abundance.

Money is green energy,
keep it circulating, use it well for all of mankind,
don't waste or horde it.

Give your money a nice home... a nice wallet.
Create an orderly system for your money.
Keep the money in one compartment, pressed out flat,
all going in the same direction, in order of denomination
Wadding up your bills in a pocket, (that may find their way to the
washing machine) is not showing respect for the "green energy"
you wish to multiply.

[papakuch] i think that manifesting money
only helps us to know how to manifest the other things
in our lives such as love
[ACTION] hippy is tired..its 3 am here.....gone to look for the holy grail
<Susanrose> good luck to hippy!
[ACTION] hippy likes susanrose, bye

<Susanrose> We do not use the vast richness of our minds.
Through daily meditation we must access the ALPHA state,
a state of profound relaxation that enables us to reach
more deeply into our highest powers.

When we reach this state, it is a time for reprogramming,
self hypnosis, and for VISUALIZING what we desire,
as if it has already occurred.

While in this Alpha state,
we try to see, smell, taste, feel and give the emotional
content to our wish that will convince the subconscious that
the universe is to deliver it to us.

Between meditation periods, reinforcement is necessary
by repeating positive affirmations. Many will be given
during the meditation we will pick out your favorites,
and repeat them off and on during your day.

While projecting this wish for abundance, it is necessary
As it is one with the DIVINE PLAN.
This way, you can rest easy that what you manifest
won't come at the expense of others.

[papakuch] or at the expense of your self
<Susanrose> true... papa
Now is the time for those who want to join me
in this ALPHA STATE,
together asking for and seeing the
flowing of abundance to us.

Are we ready?
Do you know what you will want to manifest
when you reach your alpha state?
Think! write it down.

Stretch and put on some relaxing music, light a soothing
candle, dim the lights, whatever can aide you.
We will give you a minute....
[Star22] I'm ready : )

<Susanrose> am putting on Pachabel
[MornStar] Good Baroque choice
[strdst] when going for wealth ... go for Baroque :)
[KoKane] hehe that's very funny...
[stars] It is the attachment to wealth that is a restriction to the soul..
not wealth itself...
[Danie] True stars
And a note from Deepak Chopra: The less attached you are to wealth,
the easier it is to manifest it!

Susanrose> every body ready to go to ALPHA?
[ACTION] Gawain is ready
[Danie] like for me... a comfortable place to relax and have fun :)

****NOTE: At this point, there was in interruption by a joker
who was trusted with ops but decided to kick most of the group from the
channel. Unfortunately, this person had to be banned, and the mode was
then changed from open to invite only. In the future, we will not give ops
to this person, who was probably there with 2 different programs:

[Ahshana-MODE] Has changed #)Gaia*Friends('s mode to +snt

<Susanrose> Thank you....Goddess for removing those
who should not be here for this magical time

<Susanrose> thanks, Ahshana!
[Ahshana] :)

Sit Comfortably in your chair, feet flat on the floor,
spine erect.
Breathe in deeply.

As you exhale, completely relax
letting go of all of that tension
Feel the tension just drop away

Breathe in deeply again,
You now see coming down from above you now,
a golden ray of peace and opulence.

This golden ray enters the top of your head
and descends down, into your heart center.

This electric, crystalline light substance
is a tremendous starburst, and intensifies all
that you love in your heart.

Close your eyes
and imagine all you love, and allow the ray's
star burst effect to expand the feelings of this love.
Family, pets, children, nature, sunset, all that you love.
(about 30 sec)

The sparkely essences of all you love steams
out of your heart chakra to surround your body.

Next imagine that the golden ray has awakened
and intensified your throat chakra. Feel the star burst
of energy as all the truth that you share is intensified.

The truth of your divine presence and communication
with the world is pumped out of your throat. The
sparkely light of truth joins the love energy, surrounding
you and expanding your aura about 10 feet.

Now the ray is felt in your crown chakra.
All the wisdom of your Alpha Awareness is awakened.
The star burst occurs and your inner wisdom

is combined with the divine from without, mushrooming
a blanket of crystalline energy and light. An oval surrounding
your by about 15 feet, touching the ceiling and the outer
edges of the room.

You are enveloped in an ovum of radiant peace and opulence.
Sitting in this mist of love, truth, and wisdom, enlivened by
the golden ray, close your eyes for a moment to feel the bliss.

While in this blissful alpha state,
we feel the power of this light
a magnetic force field is formed to draw to us
the divine supply of the universe.

The electric light substance around us increases
the vibratory rate of the physical body,
the brain, the etheric body, the mental body,
and the emotional body.....

Filling all of your world with a radiance of peace
and opulence. Sitting within this expanded aura
of complete peace, we affirm:

I AM a radiant being, filled with light and love.
I AM naturally enlightened
My life is blossoming in total perfection.

I do perfect, satisfying, well paid work.
I love my job, and I am richly rewarded both
creatively and financially.

I now have enough time, energy, wisdom, and money
to accomplish all my heart's desires

I AM always in the right place
at the right time
successfully engaged in the right activity.

This is a rich universe,
and there is plenty for all of us.

Abundance is my natural state of being
And I accept it. NOW

[Ahshana] NOW

<Susanrose>Infinite Abundance is now flowing
freely into my life.

My FONDEST DESIRE:______________
(fill in the blank),
I can now see fulfilled.
I accept it as done, coming in a form that
is good for ALL concerned.

We will spend a moment with your most
heart felt desire.....
Giving thanks to the universe.
Seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling it to be so!

Nothing can withhold from me all that
the Universe holds for me:
Perfect health, financial security and unconditional
love are mine NOW.

The more I have, the more I have to give.
Every day I am more financially prosperous.
I am open to receiving all the blessing of this abundant

I let go and grow
I let go and trust
I know that all my needs will be perfectly met
at all times

Money flows to me personally
In the most perfect way
Through my channels
As I praise all conditions and all people now.

The Earth gets better and better
as we ALL find positive living in prosperity.

I now rejoice as I feel the arms of the
Universe embrace me!

<Susanrose> Thank you my holy ones,
divine essence, within and without
My words here will live in the essence of my aura
in the light of love, truth and wisdom
and the wishes I have place here will rain down
into the world of form
[Ahshana] let it rain
thanks u susanrose
<Susanrose> Slowly we draw in our aura..
to the normal size... but, filled with the truth of our prosperity
[Danie] Love and prosperity to all! I've got to go.... thanks so much Susanrose!
<Susanrose> In a final ending
type after me:
[Ahshana] i am prosperity
[Star22] i am prosperity
[Sombre] i am prosperity
[Krishna2] I am prosperity

[aiki] I am prosperity
<Susanrose> thank you all for coming tonight!
<Susanrose> may your new peace and abundance fill your week!
[Ahshana] !!!
[miKron] i am prosperity!!!!!!
<Susanrose> better late (lagged), than never miKron! giggle

<Susanrose> keep saying the reinforce the effect
[ACTION] Star22 is familiar with this subject and i must say you did a
wonderful job
of presenting it susanrose
[ACTION] papakuch concures
[ACTION] Ahshana concures also
<Susanrose> thank you, I must say much of it was taken from a tape...
wish I knew the name of the tape...was a copy given to me
by my spiritual sister, at the full moon last Sunday
we played the meditation part, to ask the full moon Goddess to aid us
[papakuch] i got it all from a book
that told us how to make up our own tapes

[Gawain] I AM free from fear and doubt,
Casting want and misery out,
Knowing now all good Supply
Ever comes from realms on high.
I AM the hand of God's own Fortune
Flooding forth the treasures of Light,
Now receiving full Abundance
To supply each need of Life.
<Susanrose> that was great Gawain
[Gawain] ((((((((((((((((( Susanrose )))))))))))) thanks

[ACTION] papakuch :{)> says to Susanrose {{{{{{{{{{{{ I love you }}}}}}}}}}
[ACTION] Sombre is sorry he missed the beginning....
do you have the web page address?
[Sombre] susanrose: ah, ok thanks :). nope, don't have it
[miKron] thanks and peace to you Susanrose! love and light to fill the

<Susanrose> (blush) thanks all

<Susanrose> good night all! see you next week....