Our host "lion" in his element.


lion: Are we ready? Namaste ALL!!!
Our topic tonight is COMMUNITY.
Community is a big topic!
However, what is important tonight,
is what kinds of things we can do together from wherever we are
to start to build a community that permits us to be ourselves and
better express whom that we are, spirit enfleshed

Utopian ideas have been with us for centuries, if not millennia.
However, ideas are only a starting point.
Action is required to bring about manifestation in this world.
We have chosen a time to live in which things can manifest at a
pace that is beyond anything imagined in the past.

However, it is up to us to take responsibility and start doing
things that make a difference. This may be in our immediate
families or in our local environs or in a larger world context...
it is all up to us.

At no time in the past has it been so easy for people in various
countries throughout the world to communicate and act collectively.
The channels are in place, we have only to use them as a medium
through which the constructive for of change happens.

I think most if us would agree that peace, harmony, abundance,
cooperation, creativity and
love characterize the desired world.

thera: :)
Dreamie: Yes...
Susanrose: yes!
wunjo: :)
Sunshine-: yes
Kestrel^: yes

lion: Further, I think most of us believe these words do not
describe the current world that we live in.
Cooperatively choosing to create such a world is the key
that makes the difference.

Dreamie: Making a conscious effort

lion: Collectively, we are extremely powerful.
The changes that our spirits can seed and bring forth
in the world are almost beyond imagination.
However, these changes will only come forth if we free
our spirits to do the work that is needed,
trusting that spirit guides us every step of the way.

Susanrose: we personally guide each other too lion!
There is a ripple effect in all we do... as we let spirit guide us,
the energy we share inspires others.

lion: What would you like to see improved in your
life or your world? How specifically can community make a difference?
Does it even matter to you?

thera: very much so
contribution of all our gifts, sharing

miKron: yes indeed, lion, I would say finally a chance to be with
the right people to evolve in the right directions :)

lion: Yes, miKron. Finding other compatible souls is extremely

Dreamie: I would like to see a world where people didn't always
have something negative to point out.....

lion: Understand Dreamie ... especially when the is so much
positive that one can focus on.
What kinds of things can we start working together on, to make
our community and our world
a better place for us, our families, and our spiritual families.

Wonder: I prefer examples

lion: OK Wonder ... let's open it up. What are specific
"examples" of what I am talking about, and
what we can do?

Ganesha1: are you speaking of consensus Intentional Community

lion: For me, the first step is starting to focus on what I can do
for others. It allows me to extend my boundaries beyond myself
and do things that allow others to better express whom and what
they are.

miKron: we to start look at the ability for us to join here, on irc ,
I can feel a really incredible bond with all in this room:)

thera: I feel if there is anything I can share that is beneficial, I do
that, then I honor the other's pathway

Dreamie: Yes...I believe we can focus our thoughts, as a group,
to make a difference. The power of thought is extremely powerful.

thera: The willingness to share, and to give of ourselves,
any of our gifts
lion: thera, YES, sharing and giving of ourselves is very
important. That is how SPIRIT is able to
express through us. But, we have to allow it to do so.
This takes both courage and commitment.
Courage, because often we don't know exactly
where spirit will take us.

thera: Yes, the moment we allow it to be so, it is. God cannot
interfere with free will, we must allow it
Remembering I AM here to Give Of myself, Not give Up myself

wunjo: I would like us to agree on something and do it.
Moranaa: Wunjo, what would you like us to agree on?
wunjo: I would like to create something here tonight with all of you :)
lion: wunjo: what do you want to create tonight?
wunjo: Maybe set up a time and place where we can continue
this and create a community
Moranaa: Agreed Wunjo.

lion: Ganesha: I don't know about "consensus" but yes, an
intentional community that we choose to create and be part of.
thera: Choice is the KEY word here

Moranaa: Wunjo where do you see physical Community?
wunjo: I don't know but it will be fun finding the perfect place
Moranaa: Wunjo what state are you in? I live in New Mexico
(in the Four Corners)
wunjo: Colorado, it is nice here

Moranaa: Wunjo, I feel the first key to realizing Community in
the physical plane is to Remember we ARE Spirit and can
manifest anything that is for our Highest good.

wunjo: yes I believe that and that is what I want everyone to
focus on so we can manifest what we want

lion: The bottom line comes down to commitment. What are we
willing to DO to create what we want to manifest.

Moranaa: I AM in the physical plane to realize Community with
others of my Spiritual Family.

wunjo: we need to agree on what we want to manifest
thera: First think what we want, and then take action. We must
KNOW what we want
Moranaa: However our Desire as Spirit is the same and we will
manifest that if we can get out of the way of ourselves (the little me).

wunjo: what is the first thing we should agree on?
Steven: Why not commit to love? and loving?
lion: Money and resources can be difficult ... but the one thing
we all have that is free is TIME to apply our abilities and talents.

Joyful: I want peace and harmony among all Americans ... does that count?
lion: Joyful... yes, but why just Americans?
Joyful: and just be kind can't we start here how can we be an example?
Chulosian: hey I'm Swedish :=) peace among us also.

Dreamie: Commit to making a difference with our thought process alone....

Dreamie: yes thera!!! world peace

Joyful: all we have to do is smile more.

thera: I am willing to radiate my LIGHT to ALL

Moranaa: We will need to decide what our goals as Higher BEings are in this
and stay focused on that.

thera: Start with SELF Dreamie: it all starts from within.

Ganesha1: we should decide if a spiritual community means supporting each other
in our spiritual path OR creating a certain ideal for a path
lion: I'm more for supporting one another on whatever paths we choose to express.

Joyful: well then, that is a start
Steven: start in your own hearts it can but express itself Ganesha1: the heart is the center.... so, an organization that supports the "Heart" ,The Radiating Heart

thera: I must know MY self first, then radiate it out

Dreamie: go team!!!
Kestrel^: yes!!!
Steven: :)
MiaLove: mmmm!

Moranaa: Wunjo, would you agree there is a need to define and clarify
what needs to be done in the physical to realize Community?
there must also be a dedication to the Truth we are all equal and One for Community to work.

Joyful: we must keep focused
thera: Humans make everything so complicated.
We need to start with Self, then with our own family unit,
then it spreads to our friends and associates, to neighborhood, then city,

Dreamie: Laughter is very healing too... As some grow, the inner-child gets lost somehow..
it's important to keep that inner-child very much alive...keeping the "spark" ignited.

Ganesha1 lights a flame of love in this circle and we all connect on this energetic level.
What about the concept that it IS already happening
thera: Yes Ganesha I agree with that
Acting like something is already happening, brings it into a present creation

lion: In the meantime, it is up to us to do what we are moved to do in the moment.

gina: lion for years I felt I needed a spiritual center...and woke up to the fact
that my home has been that all along...one extends out and spirit provides

Dreamie: what if we set a certain amount of time aside each night, before we sleep,
coming up with some thought or phrase or prayer...and faithfully say it each night
wunjo: Dreamie I like that

Moranaa: Brainstorming would be appropriate...to decide what the foundation
of a physical plan would be. Lion, as Spirit we are to build a foundation
for what is to be Community, talk is nice but it is time to Do a PLAN.

Ganesha1: there is really nothing to do...we are here and it is happening...
let's be in a space of happiness about this...perfection is perfection...
why do we have to make it better than it already is? The spirit is alive and here in this moment

thera: I already have a peaceful family example.
I already have a beautiful and perfect spirit. I am already perfection
Moranaa: We are the Spirit in manifest
lion: Agree Moranaa ... my sense is that 1997 is The Year of Manifestation. It is indeed time to act!
Spirit expresses though us in each moment... it is helpful if we do the work to "Know Thyself"
for this allows us to express spirit to an even greater degree.

Ganesha1: I am Consciousness ..affirmations as collective conscious awareness
works on a very cellular level in this way

thera: I feel the year of 1997 is the year of Empowerment

Moranaa: Lion, I would agree we are to BE in the Moment.
However that does not mean you do not build.
lion: Agree with build. However, I don't plan.
Planning involves focusing on the future, not on NOW.

Moranaa: Lion, the future is dependent on the steps we take in the now.
lion: I don't know that I believe that Moranaa.
It is not so clear that such is how the future indeed happens.
I would say that we are drawn to take actions now that get us to where spirit has planned for us.

wunjo: well we need to have focus

Ganesha1: well, it seems that as a collective group, it would be wise to meditate,
ask for grace...write down our experiences...and share at a later date..
in order to let the teaching of this gathering process itself.
This IS the auspicious moment where all our heart is revealed and we are one in this hereness.
wunjo: our newsletter would be perfect for that Ganesha1
We have a newsletter called The Search for Center

Gwendy: well we do the future with our thoughts and actions of today
thera: yes what I think in this moment creates my future

Chulosian: Yes, These Are The End Times,
What I have been seeing/hearing these last two months reveals that,
I don't know if you all can see it?
Susanrose: Chulosian... if spirit is eternal, and we are spirit, then it is truly not the end times...
our true reality has no beginning or endings.
Chulosian: Susanrose, spirits have no endings in that way, but I'm not interacting with you
through my spirit. this is my head and fingers typing. If my head is weak that don't mean
my spirit is, but if my head is too weak I can't reveal you my spirit.

Dreamie: I've found that my thoughts and dreams from childhood, actually HAVE manifested...
so I know the power exists.

thera: Think it and it is
phoenx: Intend it... and it is.
lion: Doit and it is.Think it and it is still only vibration.

Moranaa: We are a part of the plan as Spirit, we are not separate from our Selves
that is illusion and keeps us from Doing our BEing.

Ganesha1: yes, and as a group our collective consciousness has a great light...
what is the light we can radiate as a focus exercise during the week..
.what are ideas...affirmations? ..prayer?...meditation?....

Dreamie: think it long enough...and hard enough...and it becomes

thera: Everything started with one single thought

Ganesha1: well, that is a subject for a whole other forum..."where do thoughts Originate"?

wunjo: lets go back to our topic, community.

Moranaa: Wunjo, good idea

Susanrose: Lion and wunjo... can you review what has been said to draw some concluding

wunjo: getting everyone to work towards a common goal.

lion: It seems that the first brick is establishing some type of social contract that binds us and provides the framework for establishing cooperatively interdependent relationships.

thera7: I feel I have made a Vow with my higher power to be the instrument I was put here to be.
Then I trust
lion: That's great thera!!!!! I feel a similar calling and commitment.
And TRUST is the glue that holds it all together.
thera7: Yes :)

Ganesha1: well, consensus wise it seems we haven't really agreed on anything
except that peace, and love begin in the Heart
and that concentrating on Positive affirmations support this collective process

Susanrose: I think this debate is centered around 2 definitions of "Community".
On one hand, it takes alot of cooperation and planning for a working physical community
to succeed. One the other hand, the world is already a global village of sorts,
with cyber networking, and the common experience of mankind.
So since separation is illusion, and all spirit is one,
a person could say that the "Community" is here and now, if we choose to see it!
So Yes, the first type of community takes alot of planning and cooperation,
but the second type of community is effortless, and is perfect in the here and now.

Dreamie: So what if we all contribute a thought to an affirmation??

wunjo: LOVE TO ALL
Moranaa: Yes, thank you and Blessing.
Ganesha1: I am perfection merged into perfection
thera7: I AM LOVE
Ganesha1: I am Faith I am Courage and Fearlessness
thera7: I AM ALL THAT IS
Susanrose:Everyone, here is an affirmation:
Dannion Brinkley brought back that message to us from beyond.
WE ARE POWERFUL Spiritual BEINGS! We are the difference that Love makes!
Dreamie: Earth Angles... making a difference
Sunshine-: being friends
Dreamie: :) Sunshine, and loving
What we do makes all the difference in the world!!!

phoenx: For my affirmation thoughts, I would like to share with you
something I wrote earlier today: Men are little boys and they hide that fact.
They do so by taking on airs and know that projection makes perception.
The only hope for men is to receive the woman inside
and to incorporate that in their daily lives. It is the key to their Spirituality.
Women need to receive the man inside of them and take their rightful place
as equals and co-heirs of the Kingdom we live in.

Susanrose: Thank you, phoenx. It is good to honor the balance of the divine feminine
as well as the divine masculine aspects within us and all nature

Please everyone... remember your power and balance when people talk about
the end times being near. Stories abound the internet about comets and the photon belts
and even ufo's coming! Take heart! Just remember we are powerful spirits
manifesting through form and light
Sunshine-: and love

Dreamie: yes we are....and we are One with the Universe...all is a part of the Universe..
there is nothing to fear
Ganesha1: I am filled with and surrounded by Pure White Light..
Only Love, Joy, and Truth can come to me and from me.

Susanrose: We are spirits in a human experience, infusing the physical realms with love
All the universe is here to see how we do it! We are heroes and heroines!

Lion, since the topic is community, I would like to paste a letter here before you all leave
about the Global community that we are a part... Gaia...We are a LOVING GLOBAL COMMUNITY

I am quoting, for the most part, a letter that was forwarded to me from a mailing list.
It rang true to me, and as a )Gaia*Friend( I need to share her wisdom with you.

From: Claire Watson
Subject: Grounded Ascension, A Passionate Plea on Behalf of our Planet

Many of you who receive this material from me will wonder what has prompted it.
Simply this: I received a lengthy email from a large ascension organization announcing
the arrival onto our planet of 15 million UFO's manned with no telling how many aliens

Do we want to give away power? Let us look at this from the position of logic rather than emotion
and our own intense desire to fly or ascend. Is it not possible that highly evolved beings
who know how to navigate the electromagnetic field in such a way
as to arrive in our part of the universe by negating space and time,
also know how to present us with a compelling proposal concerning interaction with us,
a proposal filled with power and beauty and truth.

To what end? To land their ships onto our planet?
Doesn't this identify these particular aliens as technologically evolved
rather than spiritually evolved? Is more technology what we are longing for?

Isn't it possible that they are here to learn love from us?
Extraterrestrials who are spiritually evolved meet us on the inner planes.
This is the appropriate meeting place for such interactions. On the inner planes everyone is equal,
everyone is safe. No one leads, no one follows. And if anyone feels threatened,
they can freely leave. All outer world changes take place first in inner world reality
Evolution comes from the inside out, not the other way around.

Dramatic changes occurring first in "outer world" reality represent intrusion and disruption.
And if they want to give us something, let them do it from a distance.
Let them use their powers of teleportation to assist us,
if they are indeed friendly and feel a desire to help us. Let them teleport something useful to us.

What are these aliens asking us to do? We are requested to modify our frequency of vibration
so as to be able to interact with them.

Why must we get with their program? Why can't they get with ours?
What is our program? Who are we? We are the people of Earth, the great heart of the solar system.
As the people of Earth, we must carefully adapt to our environment.
If we work with our own resources, our Earth resources, we will be successful.

do hereby agree to the unity and power of our hightest spiritual attainment!
We will show the universe that we are doing what we have come to do!
Why work against Nature? Nature is the World Soul, the Great Mother, the Gaia.
It is from Gaia we are born and to Gaia our bodies will return.
But we also are her children of Light and Love.

With Gaia's help we will build a living light-body of love, a vehicle so beautiful, so loving,
made entirely of Light to embrace us and raise us in all ecstasy to our next level of being.

And what does it mean to embraceour planet? Does the Earth not sustain us and nurture us?
Does the Earth not blow cool breezes across our faces?
Does not the Earth shower us with sweet rain and wealth of resources?
If we are going away to a higher plane, would we not want to take Gaia with us,
considering all she has done for us? Is this perhaps Gaia's greatest hope,
her own cherished dream, to ascend with her children?

Think of the things Gaia has taught us. We are masters at living on this planet
and being sustained by her. Now the planet is yearning to teach us how to become masters
at sustaining our spirit souls. She offers us her Earth energy, her own Kundalini that
courses through her matrix system. She will reveal to us her own chakra centers,
the secrets of her fulfilling life in the vast universe.

Gaia is a quiet teacher and patient, too. She can wait billions of years,
undergo upheaval and continental changes, shift her focus again and again
awaiting our awakening to her living mandala. How can it be, that just at the moment
we begin to gain an understanding of ascension and the role we can play in the drama
of the universe, we are preparing to fly away from our home in space ships from
somewhere else?

We are preparing to leave Gaia lonely with her mandala and her unfulfilled dreams.
Gaia calls out to us: IF I COULD SHOW IT TO YOU I WOULD!

Always remember. And as we change physically,
emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, may we maintain our
internal sense of balance and our clear
vision of who we are and what we can accomplish in our own
right. All things are possible in the kingdom WE create.
That is the end. It was a letter to the community of the Earth
I take hope in it

wunjo: I don't want to leave the earth

Susanrose: we must use our discernment

Sunshine-: thanks Susanrose

Ganesha1: community is Gaia...our consciousness is in
community ..and we support each others path and hearts here

wunjo: wow thank you all for being here:) :) :)
I think the earth is going to move up in vibration with us

Susanrose: yes personal and planetary ascension
we will do it together

Moranaa: I believe this too

Sunshine-: yes!!

Susanrose: Thank you Lion, and wunjo for leading...
miKron: thanks wunjo and lion for all your light!

lion: Namaste All! Thank you for joining us tonight to discuss
community. We plan to be doing a lot of work in this area in the
coming year. We hope your will join us and be part of our
wunjo: Please go see our newsletter and keep in touch

The Search for Center- A Community Newsletter