Manifesting Higher Love into your Life

Dreamie lights some incense..and a candle :)

<Ganesha> "Manifesting Higher Love into your Life"
A Transforming Psychological Grounding Technique
for Attracting-Accelerating the Space of Higher Love in Everyday Life
A Must for Relationships - Personal and Business

My name is Melissa Shubha Smith, REIKI Master. I am from Boston.
My web page is:
and my e-mail is:

It is my great good fortune to present this very powerful and
transforming technique to you tonight. This technique is a very simple and
basic way of understanding yourself and the truth of your
motivations and interactions.

It is my hope that this technique will be more than words or a small
psychological exercise for people. I am hoping that participants
use this technique and take some time to witness their own actions
and reactions in relationship dynamics.

I am hoping that this technique can take people to
a new level of understanding and truth in their lives and that
this truth will uplift not only "oneself" on a personal level
but facilitate the entry of a new paradigm
of love and light in this world.

This world could be a paradise.
To change this world we must change ourselves....This grounding
and transforming technique forms a basic understanding
of your own nature as well as the nature of others and
how to be in a space of "Higher Love" no matter what the

Our Program tonight will consist of:
1. identifying our likable qualities
2. meditating on them and feeling the strength of them.
A paper and Pencil to jot down notes
and list qualities are a good idea.
3. Talking about issues that come up for us in our interactions with
people on an everyday basis. Expectations - Validation - Security
- Fear-Upsets - Anger - Motivation.
4.Basic Premises and Tenants to be open to and consider in your
This will be concrete advice on becoming
"FOCUSED" on the great inner strengths you have as a person.
Basic Grounding Psychologically if you will.
5. Balance - A discussion of keeping a Balance and Focus in our
lives while Manifesting "HIGHER LOVE"
And so...if everyone is comfortable and has a paper and pencil
ready... and can honestly and openly say to themselves...
" I would Like to Manifest Higher Love in My Life"

I would I would like to ask our all our Masters, Teachers, Loved
Ones, and Guide, to be with us this evening, whoever they maybe.
I ask that the highest light and good for all, be accomplished here
and that we are: penetrated and permeated by the Light
of Consciousness in our Contemplations of this topic: "Manifesting
Higher Love".

We will Begin:
There is a very famous story about Sakyamuni Buddha and it goes
like this:
The Buddha was sitting in meditation surrounded by his disciples.
The atmosphere was so meditative. The trees were blooming
and a sweet scent of flowers permeated the air. The birds
were singing and the sun was shining.

A Man came to see the Buddha. This Man thought to himself:
"Ah I am going to try and get the Buddha Angry"
so. He proceeded to insult verbally the Buddha. He taunted and
huffed and puffed...and said lots of insulting things.
The Buddha said nothing.

This made the Man who was insulting the Buddha More and
More Angry himself. He became bloated and red.
He hurled taunts in a vicious voice
and stomped his feet. Still the Buddha said Nothing
Finally the Angry Insulting Man looked like he was going to
burst. He was so red and Mad. His face was like a big red beet.
He was wildly waving his arms and shouting insults.
He ran off. Yelling and Shouting the whole time.
The Buddha and the Disciples could hear him for a long time.
He was kicking things and yelling.

Finally the Man was gone. The Buddha and his disciples just sat
meditating in this beautiful fragrant setting.
The birds started chirping again.
One of Buddhas disciples waited a while and then asked the Buddha:
"That Man was so insulting to you...why didn't you say anything
to him?"

The Buddha Replied:
"If you cook alot of food and then your invited guests don't eat
it all,.....WHO eats it?"
The disciple replied:
"Well, I guess the person who cooked all the food...Has to Eat It"
The Buddha said:
"So it is with Anger, if you cook alot of anger, and your guests
don't eat it....who does?"
The End

<Ganesha> (and so lets just take this story and put it to the side
and we'll get back to it later)
1. we'll make a list of all our likable qualities....really go
for it....list them, enthusiastic, pretty, happy,
friendly, joyful, compassionate, loving...LIST them all...
everyone MAKE A QUICK LIST of likable qualities...
really go for it

<wolf> forgiving
<three> compassionate, honest, humorous, optimistic
<Dreamie> understanding, can make people smile...
<LadyNada> insightful, empathic, sensuous
<^Angel^9> loving, friendly, good hugger

<GANDHARVA> honest generous, gleeful
<Exxos> yeah, good sense of humour, I guess
<M> funny
<wunjo> down to earth
<^Angel^9> honest, trustworthy, kind, generous
<Susanrose> hopeful
<runner> realistic

<Ganesha> 2. Now we'll take these qualities and meditate for 1 min on
them....Just really affirm them
in yourself and see the strength of these Likable qualities,
loving energy Everyone...identify with your likable qualities
and really FOCUS and meditate on them

<Ganesha> Quiet, one minute ok...everyone has meditated on their
"LIKABLE" qualities...really focused on them
3.Now...we're going to make a list of what kinds of emotions and
interactions come up for us in our relationships. Things like:
Need for Validation....Security....Fear.....Anger.....
all the reasons we get angry at people in our everyday life... make a new list......quickly

<thera> when I feel like I am not being heard
<GANDHARVA> insecurity
<Ganesha> validation is a big one...
<tigress> getting cut off in traffic
<Ganesha> Make a LIST...Be Fearless.....
What are some of our expectations
that don't get met and then we get Mad?
<GANDHARVA> not being heard
<LadyNada> being misunderstood
<thera> illness really bothers me
<wunjo> being yelled at

<Ganesha> 4. Now we ask ourselves:
"Does this Anger that gets brought up because of the unfulfillment
of our expectations really accomplish anything?"

<Ganesha> Do we become satisfied? Do we feel Justified?
What exactly do we accomplish, by this upsetness or anger?
So lets Just put out some basic Premises or Understandings That
Can Transform your interactions.

You can Jot these down or take Notes...
Basic Understandings for Psychological Grounding of Higher Love
1. We can never "EXPECT" things from anybody....if we do we
usually get hurt.
2. Everyone is FREE to act as they will not as you would have them.
3. If this is True....or getting upset or angry is
won't change them
4. We are Upset...We are Hurt....
" LOVE" is the Prime Experience of Life....when we are
Upset....we feel no love....
So we hurt ourselves by ignoring our Prime Experience of "LOVE"
Lets just sit with these Tenants for a Min...and read them over

So we hurt ourselves by ignoring our Prime Experience of "LOVE"
Now...what are some steps we can take to Transform our
Interactions? Here's some suggestions:
1. You begin to feel yourself getting upset.....
STEP BACK.....realize "upset" is caused by your
expectations...Look at Situation....
2. Then when you look at it:.....THINK.....
"What is the Greatest Love That Can Be Manifest Here"
3. Go Back to your Likable qualities...The Loving, The Compassionate
Qualities...Choose to
<Ganesha> come from the FOCUS and STRENGTH
of these qualities...instead of the "UPSET"...
Ground yourself in your strengths.
Take time to practice this: Grounding yourself...steeping
yourself in your Loving, Likable, compassionate qualities...
Now we will open the Floor to an Open Discussion.

<seashel> the Buddhas story was very nice,
and you could use that to twist
around that if you are loving and nice,
you get to BE loving and nice
<Ganesha> we can realize from the Buddhas story the
futility of anger and how it just creates a backlash
<GANDHARVA> by recognizing their strengths in themselves
<wunjo> you get back what you put out :)
"Always search for your innermost nature in those you are with"
<David> everyone is loving and nice... but sometimes the body
(and masks we adopt/adorn) shrouds it all.
<^Angel^9> my current struggle is with the fact that
I know I am lovable and deserve love ...
am divorcing because I'm tired of not getting it
< wunjo> ya I can relate to that one:)
<M> Loving animals is sometimes easier then the confusion
of interpersonal relationships......sometimes feeding a bird
or a squirrel or giving your cat some nip
<Ganesha> M are you saying that relating to animals
may be a way to initially feel our strengths???
<M> yes I am
<Ganesha> wow, thats so cool
<LadyNada> I gave my cat a wet can of food
a few mins ago, she was ecstatic!
<Exxos> I think animals can be very therapeutic...Very calming
<LadyNada> she earned that reward
<Exxos> I love cats
<Exxos> :))))
<wunjo> yes pets are the BEST!!!
<seashel> I can agree with animal being a way to see your strengths
<starseeker> I feel that pets are here to demonstrate
unlimited love and acceptance and friendship
<Rawn> Love can be felt in the whole of creation...
we only realize it where we choose to open up to it...
for some it is easier to open to animals
<Ganesha> so, we can learn this higher loving from animals
what about plants? and total acceptance
<Susanrose> I heard cats teach communication,
dogs teach unconditional love

<Ganesha> I feel total honesty and trust from flowers
<Exxos> I like the honesty of animals
<^Angel^9> I have an angel dog, Goldie,
best little 4-legged creature on the planet
love the backwards spelling of dog ... god

<Dreamie> anything you love and nurture will feed you in return
<LadyNada> today I talked to my mom about aliens, and she got a bit
upset... so I backed off the topic, in deference to her feelings
<Sheeena> Love is inside; all we have to do is feel it
just like breathing, very natural...
<seashel> it might be hard to equate this to plants, but if you care, feed
and nurture a plant and it thrives, it makes you feel good back
<wunjo> yes when my plants are doing great I feel great :)

<Ganesha> so, meditating on the compassionate nature of
all of creation can teach us Higher Love
How do we feel meditating or loving or being open to nature
helps us in our relationships...can it open a higher love...
why don't we feel the same love from people?

<Sheeena> Love unites, ego's fight
<Ganesha> so sheena...the ego is the thing we are transcending
with coming from our strengths
<Sheeena> we all have them & get caught up in them at times

<thera> I usually say silently "I give up my need to be right",
and it seems that the peace automatically comes
<Frater_A> thera: why give up your need to be right completely?
<thera> Frater, its just giving up the NEED to be right
Then the knowing (peace) automatically sets in
I would rather be at PEACE, than need to be RIGHT
<Frater_A> thera: would we not all :)
<thera> Whatever I am usually not at peace with,
I can be willing to see it differently.
Then it changes my perception. Willingness is the key

<Dreamie> can I share something I read about love...and its power??
<GANDHARVA> yes dreamie
<Dreamie> Understand that everything is the essence, energy,
substance of God, all of which is love. Anything that could possibly
happen to anyone on this planet, whether the happening is considered
"good" or "bad" -- is the result of how the energy of love was
used. Love is the greatest power in the universe.
In fact, it is the only Power. All other powers, energies, forces,
and laws are derived from this one creating, sustaining, maintaining pow

If the energy of love is adulterated in any way through thought,
word, or action, the pollution returns to you as a negative
life experience. If you uphold this power, the return is positive.
If you see anything less or other than the Holy Self in others,
even if you are judging another's humanness,
you are transgressing the law of love because all
judgment of others is a self-directed judgment,
a self-condemnation that will be returned

Example: You perceive that someone is ill, out of work, or
experiencing financial lack. If you judge by appearances
and accept that judgment, you are
restricting the flow of energies of wholeness, success,
and abundance within to the degree of the
judgment. And the result will be less vitality, achievement,
and prosperity in your life.
There is only one Self, and to judge another
is to pass sentence on yourself.
<Dreamie> end.
<Ganesha> cool stuff dreamie...where did ya get it?
<Dreamie> my Angel Energy book
<Ganesha> so...if we want to have true prosperity and that's the prosperity
of abundance of love
in our without judgment is a great way?
<thera> don't need to know how
<GANDHARVA> may I recommend a good book
Love and Awakening by John Wellwood (Discovering the Sacred
Path of Intimate Relationships)
<starseeker> is this a new book?
Good quote from the book "It is with the soul that we grasp the
essence of another human being, not with the mind,
nor even with the heart" Henry Miller
<Ganesha> so...soul to soul love is the deeper communion
level of interaction

<GANDHARVA> The book talks about seeing that in others
which is positive in yourself.
<Frater_A> but would it not be necessary to keep some
sort of 'judgment' towards one self to
determine what one need to change in one self???

<Rawn> If we drop judgment...could something truly
be labeled as being positive?
<thera> even labeling something as a positive a judgment
<Dreamie> doesn't have to be positive or negative....
sometimes...things just *are*
<Sheeena> right on
<thera> Just BEING
<Rawn> perhaps just becoming aware of self...
without the positive label is
enough to break judgments in a greater sense

<Ganesha> well, we are actually almost finished here....
before we finish...What is one small thing you like about yourself...
kind, honest, what?
<thera> Ganesha once said something that stuck with me.....

<Ganesha> Yes, Lets all say that NOW to ourselves...
I am the Best I can Be in this Moment!
<Ganesha> I am the best I can be in this Moment
<Ebony> I am the best I can be in this moment!
<Angel^9> I AM the best I can be in this moment
<Sheeena> I love myself now...
<Avadhuta> sheeshh you guys don't know how much I need to hear this
<seashel> I am the best I can be in this moment
<poetree> in this moment, I am the best?
<thera> I AM the best I can be in this moment...and there is only NOW
<Ebony> Life is a gift to be treasured.
<Ganesha> Well, even if we don't say it...we are all being the best we can
be in this moment...
and we are all Manifesting Higher Love the Best That we Can in
this moment

<Dreamie> God....grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot
change...Courage to change the things I can...
and Wisdom to KNOW the difference!
<seashel> Thank you for this wonderful topic
and your love and caring to bring it to us, Ganesha
<wolf> I would like to paste a prayer here if you agree
Ho, Great Grandmother Goddess,
and Great Mystery, Holy Spirit,
Creator of All.

Thank you for the sacred gift of the Life Force.
Thank you for the gifts of your creation.
Thank you for you, thank you for right now.
Thank you for this day and the opportunity
to know you and serve you.
Thank you for your presence always.
Thank you for your unconditional love and forgiveness.

Help me to open my heart and know your unconditional love and
forgiveness and extend it outward and to open my eye
and see your light in all who
cross my path today in loving, unattached service to thy will.
I place my future in your hands and choose to experience
inner peace now, feeling joined and connected with you who
have been always and will be always, and with all those
who have, who do, and who will cross my path, seeing their
light, being a love finder and a love giver opening my heart
to know your unconditional love and
forgiveness and extending it outward.
Ho. May it be so.

<Ganesha> We will end this evening by
Thanking our Masters
Teachers Loved Ones and Guides for their help this evening...
and we ask to be penetrated and
permeated by the Light of Consciousness in our Lives

<Susanrose> Thank you for teaching Ganesha,
So many enjoyed it!