Spiritualism and Mediumship

^Jbb: Should be a great talk tonight.
runner: filled with anticipation :)
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Thor: hello all
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mirabai hugs WiteLite

^Joyful^: hugs to all
Welcome to )Gaia*Friends(
happy to see so many friends here tonight

Relax as we begin to breathe together
breathing in love and breathing out peace
relaxing to a deeper level
breathing in love and breathing out peace
see your energy reaching to the members of the group and growing
deep breathes of calm come over us
as our energy builds.

^Joyful^: I help connect to those in the spirit world
for the benefit of those loved ones in the physical
I come from a mediumistic family. Coming from
several generations of British Spiritualists, my family moved
to Indiana during World War 1. My own calling to mediumship
Came in my 30's when a loved one passed into the the
Spirit side of life.
I have studied spiritualism a good deal of my life
^Jbb: I'm really interested in your experiences ^joyful^

mirabai: Do you think it is genetic joyful?
^Joyful^: not necessarily
I think prior to this incarnation I decided that I needed a
supportive family for the work I wanted to do here

I offer information tonight on Spiritualism and Mediumship.
For those who may not be aware of the origins of Spiritualism.

I will begin with the Swedenborgians
Emanuel Swedenborg was a scientist philosopher and theologian in
western Europe
He began to have heavenly visions as he called them
In 1745 he published "In Heavenly Arcana"
In that work he stated that the Christian Church as a Spiritual
Entity was ended.

He went on to state that the highest purpose of human beings is
to achieve conjuntion with God through love and wisdom
In 1758 one of his followers Robert Hindmarsh started the Church
of the New Jerusalem, which is still in existence today.

Moving forward to the 1800's
Andrew Jackson Davis "The Poughkeepsie Seer" at the age of 19
began to communicate with the spirit of Swedenborg
In 1847 through the knowledge of Swedenborg, Spiritualism was
In 1848 2 young girls Margaret and Katherine Fox began communicating
with a spirit which haunted the family home.
It was later investigated and confirmed that the person who sent
them rappings to communicate was indeed Charles B Rosna
a peddler who had been murdered and buried in the cellar.

The following year the first public demonstration of mediumship
was presented in New York City.
Home circles began forming in all areas of the county
and eventually the country.
1855 was also the founding of the Free Thinkers Association in
Laona NY
This was the beginning of modern spiritualism
In 1852 Spiritualism was taken to Great Britain by a Mrs. Hayden
And it spread to the rest of the world
The national Spiritualist Association of America began in 1893

In 1918 Sir Athur Conan Doyle came out in support of Spiritualism
as did many other educated and respected persons
During World War I Arthur Ford (1896-1971),
a clergyman from Kentucky
began seeing the casuality list of the servicement in his unit
before they were killed
He also reported seeing a bright light over their faces before
they went into combat.

Ford was not a Spiritualist
he was a traditional Christian Minister
after the war he searched to learn the answers to what he had
experienced. His search eventually took him to India
and he was a student of Paramahansa yoginanma
you may have seen or read "Autobiography of a yoga"
that is his book

Ford learned to alter his consciousness with breathing techniques
that he learned in India.
He learned that he could go into a trance totally leave his body
and a childhood friend would take over and communicate
information that was meaningful to the sitter or audience.

Not all mediums work in trance
Ford returned to the US and began public meetings
He was welcomed to many well known and respected gatherings in
the US and Europe

Jbb: I think it amazing that Swedenborg had such insight back in the 1700's.
^Joyful^: I think Swedenborg was a 100th monkey
It was probably in the collective consciousness and he wrote it
down and spoke on it
But it was taken seriously because he had already established
himself as a great mind of the time
Arthur Ford has written 2 books on his work.
"Nothing So Strange" was one of them.
mirabai: 100th monkey?
^Joyful^: the 100th monkey is a sociology term
It means that when the 100th of a species learns something
the rest seem to know and practice it too.
^It is as if they learned it by osmosis
It is a global learning that defies reason
daysi: Like the "proper" use of a knife and fork.
^Joyful^: In Fords book " Nothing So Strange"
he talks about his early days with physical mediumship
and the grueling scientific investigations that mediums were
subjected to

Made me think of the Inquistion at times
In 1944 Helen Duncan was put on trial in London
for her mediumistic activities

World War 2 was piling up the bodies
and the church was feeling threatened
About that same time there were several frauds exposed
and people lost faith in physical mediumship in general

^alex^: wasn't she actually accused of being a spy due to the accuracy of
her reading?
^Joyful^: yes she was
Arthur Ford did decipher the secret message he gave his wife
and she signed a statement saying so
After which the church made her renounce it
I have seen the handwritten document
In it she declared that he was accurate and even if she later
renounced the message as being true it was
Ford knew what was going to happen when she went public
and he did the best he could to protect the truth

As of 1980 there were more than 180,000 Spiritualists in the US
and Canada Great Britain and New Zealand as well as Australia
have a great many as well
If you want to know more personally about Spiritualism there is a
website that lists churches by state

^Joyful^: also the First Spiritual Temple in Brookline MASS has an
excellent web page http://www.fst.org/
Some of the many topics covered there include:
What is Trance Mediumship & Channeling?
Life in the Spirit World, and
Helpful Hints on Consulting a Medium or Psychic
What to Look Out For and How Not to Get Cheated.

My personal web page is http://www.Geocities.com/Athens/oracle/3157/

Spiritualism relies on Principals rather than dogma or creeds
the original 5 principals are
Parenthood of God,
Brotherhood of Man
Communication of Sprits and the Ministry of Angels
Continuous Existence of the Soul
Personal Responsibility

These were channeled through the mediumship of Emma harding Britten
They are reported to have come from Andrew Jackson Davis.
If you recall he talked about him channeling Swedenborg
So you see one does not stop working for the great knowledge when
they leave the body

Jackie: does one have to have an open mind after death as well as before
death to go on learning after death?
I mean if one has a closed mind or doesn't believe in life after
death do they still learn after death or what?
^Joyful^: well states of consciousness do not change because one leaves the
physical body. It is best to understand the power of the mind in creating reality
They experience their beliefs
According the Arthur Ford
If one has a traditional belief in heaven and hell they
experience that until they ask the question isn't there any more
Jackie: ok but if one doesn't believe in reincarnation then
they never come back?

^Joyful^: that is always a choice
so often they jump into a new skin suit because that is what they
are used to. They try to recreate what they were

daysi: ... or when they come back they are really shocked!!!
^Joyful^: it was funny to me because the closed minded people are the most
anxious to return. Remember not all realize they have left their bodies in the first

^alex^: explain difference between mediumship and clairvoyence....please
^Joyful^: alex claivoyance is seeing with the third eye
mediunship does not always include clairvoyance
often it is clairaudience or clairsentiense
I think there needs clarification on the difference between
psychic reading and mediumship
^alex^: so...mediumship comes from without and clairvoyence from within....
^Joyful^: good way to put it alex
psychic reading uses the mind of the person reading
they gather and relay information from the energy field or aura
^Jbb: ^joyful^: I find myself not taking on any identification with any
group per se after the experiences I have had in my life. Rather, those
experiences were more than humbling unto themself to remind me of how much
I have to learn and let go of.
^Joyful^: a mediums job is to get away from his or her own mind
and allow those in Spirit to communicate

Jackie: Can a clairvoyant see into the life of anyone they want to see,
even without permission? seems like invasion of privacy to me.
^Joyful^: good questions
Jackie there is psychic etiquette
and hopefully you would only deal with one who practices that

Jackie: I think some clairvoyants get a charge out of being able to look at
others to see if they are telling the truth or not.
^Joyful^: I did a mediumship reading for a woman whose son had passed to
spirit in a motorcycle accident
During the reading the connection between the 3 of us was so strong
that her son was able to communicate directly with her
I heard nothing of the information
I was not in trance at the time either. That is psychic etiquette
^WiteLite: the boy came through you to speak with her mother?
^Joyful^: yes and the mother was open enough to receive the information
directly I was acting as a battery for them

Jackie: what about seances, table tipping, trumpet speaking etc...is that valid?
^Joyful^: I have seen it happen without tricks
mediumship is exciting
^WiteLite: is everyone able to do this? or just a select few?
^Joyful^: but it also opens the door to the frauds
unfortunately there are many who want to take advantage of others
and will use tricks to do it
There is lots of excellent info on the web about the old days of

^alex^: hmmm...isn't there something about being cautious to allowing other
spirits to use you as some can come thru that aren't of the "light"?
^Joyful^: alex it is best to learn to recognize and understand energy
before trying mediumship
Some learn more easily and faster, but everyone can learn it
Again it is best to learn about energy first
Jackie: yes, one should always call for the highest contacts only.
^Joyful^: Do you know of Esther Hicks?
she channels Abraham, a group soul...excellent material
I will add this to those of you who are practicing
if it doesn't feel great you don't want it
The energy you are looking for is warm and loving
If you don't recognize those qualities send them on their way
with love and prayers
miKron: I think it would be worth mentioning group energy and in these
excelerated times we are all learning from it ~!

^Joyful^: There is a simple exercise you can do alone
rub your hands together and then take them apart
move them back together until you get the feel of a ball of
energy in your hands

Jackie: whew...rubbing hands together and taking them apart gives me
chillbumps. should I feel a solid ball of energy?
CalamityJane: sometimes I when in a restful state my whole body vibrates
with energy .. intense energy.. what would that be fore
^Joyful^: when we evolve our energy lifts
higher the vibration the closer we are to God
^Angel^9: joyful, if a person dies angry, resentful, cold,will that
person's spirit feel like that to the medium?
^Joyful^: Angel9 I have worked with many types of spirits
and they are recognizable
the information begins as evidential
so that the person I am reading for recognized who they are

Susanrose: Before attempting any type of communication with
spirits, know 2 things: Just 'cause they are spooks, doesn't make them smart!
Remember, that spirits may also be there for YOU to teach them, rather than
for them to teach you!

The second thing is always purify before attempting communication.
Throw about yourself cloak of protection
that is found in the thought of the Christ... or that which you
feel is the power of divine love.
I have visited the Lilly Dale, NY, "Home of Spiritualism"
many times since 1967, and every private reading
started with a prayer.

To also protect from lower astral manipulation,
never attempt séance-like
activity while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, because
no one is THAT good. (smile)

It has been nice to see everyone here!
Thanks to Joyful and all of you for
your support!!!
miKron: i am just so thankful that so much consciousness is moving toward
peace love and light~!
^Jbb: Thanks ^joyful^
^WiteLite: well thanks for the presentation joyful :)
^Joyful^: thanks Susanrose, you have a good group here
love to all and I hope you have wonderful dreams.