Dropping Illusion - Connecting to Spirit in the NOW

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns

Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans

the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.


[Leva] yes...
there are as many ways to know the Truth as there are beings
even if teaching is the same, it is you,
individually you learn from it, in your own way.
allow me to stress, one way is not necessarily better than the other
do not be like a tube
when you pour water in a tube, it flows out of the other end
so some people, when they see new concepts, they reject the old ones
this is not necessarily a productive behavior
but it's not necessarily the opposite either
if you are like a bucket
you can be filled with knowledge
on the other had if you are like a drop of water
you can immerse in the ocean of knowledge
and yet you can simply sink the bucket into the ocean
i am not done yet

[Leva] listen
there is a very good quote that i would like to show you
it is very much how i feel.
From "The Teachings of Don Juan:A Yaqui Way of Knowledge"; pages 82-87.
The first enemy of a man of knowledge is Fear. A terrible
enemy--treacherous, and difficult to overcome. It remains
concealed at every turn of the way, prowling, waiting. And if
the man, terrified in its presence, runs away, his enemy will
have put an end to his quest. Once a man has vanquished fear,
he is free from it for the rest of his life because, instead of
fear, he has acquired clarity of mind which erases fear.
And thus he has encountered his second enemy; Clarity. That
clarity of mind, which is so hard to obtain, dispels fear, but
also blinds. If the man yields to this make-believe power, he
has succumbed to his second enemy and will be patient when he
should rush. And he will fumble with learning until he winds up
incapable of learning anything more.
<Susanrose> wow , thank you for that quote Leva!

The topic is: Dropping Illusion - Connecting to Spirit in the Now.
To my Friends :
Every week I try to figure out what our topic could be,
and what has been turning up in my mind lately
is the idea about dropping illusion.

Growing up Roman Catholic meant lots of sacred symbols,
saints, ritual and rosaries.

Trying to find my OWN type
of spirituality that made me feel more worthy,
I latched onto Women's Spirituality/Divine Feminine.

As a promoter of this spiritual path for the past 6 years,
I now surprisingly find myself overcome with a sort of restlessness
with the chosen pathway I am claimed.

(So much so, that it is even part of me reclaiming my
birth name, Susanrose, and laying down my priestess
name, Arianna.)

Some of you from IRC have at different times
"called me" on the observation that this, like many other
types of religion has lots of Illusion to wade through to
get to the essence of the ideal.

While Illusion may be
beautiful and appreciated, I began to wonder if
I was over-invested in the illusion without
touching the face of the divine in the sacred moment
of the NOW...

In order to help me sort it out, I have asked
all of you to gather, and more directly Prem and Leva
to share with me how they see this question.

Comments...from others as well?

[ashana] i have been noticing this theme in my life lately
just this morn, wanting to hand over all the so called things
i know ect, back into the universal mind ... done
<Susanrose> thanks, ash, lifts a burden or two...

[Gawain_] a student asks, "Master, is this stone real?"
The master replies "Of course it is, of course it isn't."
(Is there really an answer to this question *here*???)
The first illusion, is that of having no power over who
and what you are.
[Leva] gawain yes
[prem]The biggest illusion is the sense of separateness
[ACTION] Gawain_ nods head in agreement with prem

[strdst] water's wet, rocks are hard and what is, IS
[Leva] water is hard and rocks are wet, what is isn't
let your eyes be open to both sides, THEN chose
[destina] dropping illusion means seeing things
as they really are, as opposed
to how we want them to be
[Greyhart] That is the hard part, destina.
Seeing things as they really are.
[Infinity7] If you don't choose you could get cross-eyed.
[ACTION] Gawain_ thinks our bodies are illusions,
so if we give up illusions, our bodies must leave us

[papakuch] someone brought up the point. the third option,
of the yin and yang, and that is the line between them
nothing is wrong or right --just is

[Auran] is it really 'illusion' or just wrong interpretation of 'reality'?
[Gawain_] time and space are illusions IMHO
[Auran] and if it is wrong perception,
what can make us perceive this correct?
[prem] wrong interpretation is inevitable from the ignorance
of the separate stance in space and time and individuality of the ego
Auran - uniting with the Source
[destina] awareness and equanimity are tools that can help
[Leva] destine: be open to another side of this
[destina] yes Leva?
[Leva] destina: yes. remember, clarity of mind is almost a mistake.
[Gawain_] most of us need time and space at this particular
juncture to learn or experience something
[destina] how so Leva?
[Aiki] The Indian masters call the relative Maya....
but this maya had stuff..so they granted the relative 100%
and the Absolute 100% and they live 200% of life......
Lifes awareness is evolving so dropping illusion means seeing new levels
[ashana] every thing is a fabrication....
[Leva] destina: clarity of mind means that you see things clearly.
it doesn't mean you're looking at ALL things.
[ashana] no one thing is more illusion than another..
it is just what works the best for u
[papakuch] yes ashana-the reality or the illusion is 'just for you'

<Susanrose> As a priestess of a full moon circle,
I often called the direction of center, of Spirit.
The calling went like this:
you unite us with the above, below, within, without,
the Cosmos, and Etheric....

Thinking about that RIVER OF SPIRIT, I have been
humming the part of a song that keeps playing over and over
in my mind.

Talks about washing Illusions away.
Is it possible, that even me, witchy high priestess of Pittsburgh,
(smile) has come to a day that it is time to day down some of
the pretty illusions I have tried on and GET REAL with SPIRIT?

Here is the song, sing along!...it is the quest of many
Every night I say a prayer, in the hopes that there's a heaven.
And every day I'm more confused as the saints turn into sinners.
All the heros and legends I knew as a child
have fallen to a distant place.

And I feel this empty place inside
So I pray, I've lost my faith,
Show me the way....
Show me the way..

Take me tonight to the river and
Show me the way.

As I slowly drift to sleep,
for a moment dreams are sacred.
Close my eyes, and know there's peace,
in a world so filled with hatred.
That I wake up each morning, and turn on the news,
and find we've so far to go.
So I keep on hoping for a sign
so I wake, I just won't know..

Show me the way. Show me the way.
Bring me tonight to the mountain
and take my confusion away.

And if I see your light, should I believe?
Tell me how will I know?
Show me the way, Show me the way
Take me tonight to the river and

Give me the strength and the courage to believe
that I'll get there some day.
Please! Show me the way.

Is there anyone who has been able to
connect in the now with their divine essence?
..without the trappings of the rules of religion?

[destina] hmmmmm, this song is familiar :>
<Susanrose> jump in anyone
[papakuch] I think there will always be a sight tinge
of the old trappings
[Greyhart] What you're talking about sounds a lot like
the meditations I've done.
[stars96] illusion/// powerful subject, Susanrose....
we need the mirror of each other to pierce
the veil of illusion/delusion
[Luciluna] agree, stars96

[papakuch] without the old tinges we wouldn't be who
we are-unique to the universe
[Infinity7] yeah
[ACTION] Gawain_ follows Spirit, sees Spirit leading the way
[Andremeda] yes..i speak with my higher self sometimes..
[Infinity7] yeah, meditation

[Leva] Susan: this is not a simple to answer question..
it is much simpler to just do it. :)
[Gawain_] : )

[Leva] "good" and "bad" are just labels amongst many others
that we place on things. those labels help us in our worldly lives.
they can be (don't *have* to be) a stumbling block in the later progress.

[Gawain_] are you able to pierce the ocean while you still have gills
[Leva] gawain: why not?
[papakuch] we need out illusions to get thru them
and on with our divine purpose
[Gawain_] don't you have to leave this place
to put illusion behind you
[Leva] gawain: yes and no

[Gawain_] material things are actually just energy, empty space..
we pretend they are solid
Susanrose, you have to question all things, in time.
Otherwise spirituality stagnates.
[Luciluna] Agree strongly, Greyhart

[Leva] prem said, "energy is an aspect of consciousness"
[Leva] please remember that
[Greyhart] That is why the non-mainstream religions
are doing so well now.
[prem] and one mode of energy/force of consciousness
is the support of infinite silence
[Greyhart] The mainstreamers don't question.
[Leva] "There is no Absolute Truth!" <--
if you look at this with your heart, you may feel IT!
[Leva] absolute exists by not-existing, it's our awareness,
which is paradox.
[papakuch] we are in this dream together
[atman] hmmm (buddhism says there are 4 ultimate truths)
[Leva] atman: question even buddhism
[papakuch] very true leva

[prem] star22 is marked late
her punishment is a group hug {{{{star22}}}}}
[Gawain_] ((((((((((((((( Star twenty two )))))))))))))))))))))
[ACTION] Star22 is ROFL !
[ACTION] papakuch sends {*{*{*{*{ < Star22 > }*}*}*}*}
[Andremeda] <<<<star22>>>>
[ACTION] Star22 thanks you for the nice welcome *love*

<Susanrose> Thank you everyone!
Kind of reminds me of the humanistic ideals of the
John Lennon Song: Imagine...
Image all the people living for TODAY...
[Infinity7] You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
<Susanrose> :) Infinity
<Susanrose> one more time...Kind of reminds me of the ideals
of the John Lennon Song: Imagine...
Image all the people living for TODAY...
"Imagine there's no country it is not hard to do
nothing to kill or die for
imagine all the people, living life in peace
you may I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...."
The song, show me the way, mentioned,
"As I slowly drift to sleep, for a moment dreams are sacred."
Let me share with you my dream.

[prem] please do not interrupt Susanrose's dream

<Susanrose> :)
I dreamed I was walking along a creek
on a path that was very crowded
All the people on the path were walking
downstream, as the creek flowed.

The creek was a familiar happy creek
from my childhood
than ran through a park and
eventually empties into lake Erie.

I noticed that the other side of the creek
had a path too that was very crowed with people
also going the same direction

On the side I was walking were allot of
gurus, people from eastern religions
men wearing turbans, women wearing saries

on the other side were people of western attire
who were mostly Christian.. I saw the family
I was born into, my parents, etc, on that path

I then thought to myself,
What the heck am I doing on
this side of the creek?
My loved ones are one the other side

I will cross over a bridge, and get back
to the other side
I crossed the bridge, which was crowded
with people going back or forth.

I felt happy to be on the side with the familiar
people. and them I noticed

that not only were All the people going the
same direction, but the creek itself was moving
that way

I then noticed the people who
did not need a path at all!

Some were playing right in the water
walking downstream gradually in the creek....
laughing and splashing and
turning over stones, looking for
salamanders and such.

I thought this may take too long,
and I might slip and fall in the water if I did that.

Then I saw a few really holy people who
were walking on top of the creek water
who did not need to put their feet on the
slippery bottom of the creek bed.

They were few and seemed detached,
filled with holy thoughts.
And I didn't think I was up to the
miracles they could surely perform.

So I was happy
and I was content
to join my family and friends
in the western culture

To walk along with the flow of spirit
As we all need to travel to union
with the larger body
of water (spirit) as we should....

Maybe the dream was telling me
it matters not your path,
as long as you realize you must

[Gawain_] Susanrose: wonderful!!!!! : )
[prem] thank your for sharing that Susanrose
it is a very beautiful experience
[ACTION] papakuch \\\//\\//\\\\||||LOVES Susanrose||||////\\//\\///
[stars96] there is a western way to enlightenment Susanrose...
and contrary to popular eastern beliefs, you do not need
to leave your beloved family and friends to become enlightened...
that is what I get from you dream....
plus, many are travelling the same current...
the stream continues in the same direction..
we are all going to the mouth of the river...
<Susanrose> Thanks stars, everyone. :)
[atman] I have been told that all is not what I believe it to be
[Leva] buddhism teaches to question everything,
that means questioning buddhism itself
clarity of mind is almost a mistake
[atman] hmmm (almost, but not)
[Infinity7] Then you should also question asking questions.
[Leva] atman: YES
[ACTION] atman worries about whether or not to question things
[ACTION] atman worries about worrying
[Infinity7] don't worry atman, be *happy*
[atman] or maybe I question the questioning :)
[Leva] atman: in the end it's our INTENT and WILL
is what brings us there. but if we're not careful,
stagnating thinking can slow down this process.
[strdst] leva: stink'in think'in

<Susanrose> before I introduce Prem,
who has agreed to contribute
some ideas at this point.....
<Susanrose> I just want to say to ATMAN:
NEVER worry when you can PRAY
When you Can't pray, they you better Worry!
<Susanrose> At My Request, Prem has agreed to
add the topic here, let's listen to him...
[prem] A good question is WHY do we have illusions
and the answer is ...
We are evolutionary beings ....
Humanity is a transitional step.
[atman] hmmm, vipassana, what I practice,
focuses on teaching householders
[prem] This evolution is two fold soul/consciousness
plus the form or body
[atman] it's better than TV
[prem] when we come into the body we have a
prior evolution of many stages, and
we receive the stamp of our family, religion we are
born into, nation ,culture, race and environment
each of these things limit us
but that is too be expected

[atman] I have been taught that true meditation
has nothing to do with illusion

[prem] what was appropriate at a prior stage is no longer so,
but it takes an effort to free ourselves of those habits
for example, when we were hunters we would feast on a kill
because we had no storage and knew not when the next food
would come
now that it is not a problem and greed for food lowers
the consciousness, disturns the sleep spills the light
the fundamental principle of evolution is that all can change
but in a way governed by laws (we don't necessarily know yet)
once we accept that our nature can change all is up for review

[cosmos2] evolution in some worlds is not the ability to change..
.It is the process of change.
[prem] the hardest things to change are so called good habits
because we do not yet see the need to be free of them
and be conscious and choose collaboration with the Divine
[Lt_Warior] ooo nice point
[prem] but change can go towards unity or away from it
it is inevitable in the evolutionary sequence
that we have the sense of separateness.
This came in the involuntary phase of progressive
self limitation, but now we are on the way "home"
to oneness.

[stars96] Prem, piercing illusion...
that is a powerful topic for tonight..
.how does one know when one is encircled or ensorceled in illusion?
[prem] this oneness is our essential nature but we must recover it
at first we take it as an ideal then increasingly
it becomes an experience as our soul replaces the
ego as our true center
[ACTION] Gawain_ stands up and applauds...
Nice Prem *big smile*
[prem] when one is out of illusion the question does not arise :)

[ACTION] papakuch sends {*{*{*{*{ < prem > }*}*}*}*}
[Leva] prem: yet if you ask no questions,
that doesn't mean one is free from illusion
[prem] we have limited sense of time and space
[stars96] then... pierce the illusion of the question with an answer... :)
[prem] surely leva I agree, but when one is free one knows it
][stars96] and if you have no answer that is an answer
[Leva] prem: let us pray this is true
[Gawain_] when one is free one knows ALL
[prem] when one is the true individual, the eternal and unique soul,
one knows it
[Star22] is it possible to know all in this physical embodiment?
[prem] then one is no longer an individual but a universal-individual
[prem] star22 yes , and more
[prem] many have achieved it already

[stars96] once one is the 'eternal and unique soul'
one has responsibility to assist his brothers and sisters,,
wouldn't you agree Prem?
[Leva] individual is one with universal without a clear boundary.
[Gawain_] without ascending prem?
[prem] responsibility yes, but the assistance is unique to each soul
[papakuch] weather we know it or not we are all in 'process'
to do just that - to see thru the illusion
[prem] for each soul know there is no such thing as other,
only otehr centers and souls of the one Soul and universal being
[Star22] seems as tho everytime you have a shift in consciousness
and compare the new to the old..the old
can seem as tho you were believeing an illusion
[Gawain_] nice point Star22 : )
[prem] right star22! it is a spiral process

[prem] we rise and have to bring that higher consciousness
into the lower level, that peace and light below is our base to rise higher
[Luciluna] It is important to be grateful for what came before,
for its contribution towards the now.
[prem] and that higher light and consciousness
and peace allows greater change in our lower nature
[Leva] star22: THEN there comes time when you abandon
TIME, then OLD and NEW are irrelevant..
ALL co-exists. illusion merged with the truth.
[Lt_Warior] sometimes being one with all --
the result of healing the illusion of separtaion --
is not a nice place to be, you can feel all,
and know the pain of all on earth...simultaneously...
emersion in the oneness can be very unstabalizing.
[prem] Luciluna gratitude is the main door to the soul,
all that has been before, al lthat we are will be fulfilled
by the next step
[Leva] lt_warior: the pain is an illusion also
[prem] Lt_warior yes, and to make that bearable
three things are needed: equanimity, wideness and plasticity
[ACTION] Lt_Warior wonders then if Leva has felt it
[Star22] leva...even in this physical experience...
can time actually cease to exist in that scenario
[Leva] star22: yes
[Leva] star22: because this is NOT a physical existence..
we *think* it is. but it is a purely spiritual existence, even now.
[prem] star22 we can be united with the transcendent,
out highest self the same highest self of all
[Gawain_] leva: is there such a thing as cosmic law?
[Leva] gawain: yes... it states that there is no law.
[prem] right leva the physical is not separate from the rest of reality
[ACTION] Lt_Warior hopes prem will explain the three things,
equanimity, wideness, and placidity

[Star22] yes prem elaborate on that if you will : )
<Susanrose> tall order for Prem!!
[Star22] heed

[prem] equanimity means equal mindedness the ability
to recognize that all has its place and that we can chose calm joy
as our recation to every event, the causeleess delight of self-existence
[prem] when we find a reaction which is not that,
we stop and find out what part of the being is reacting
and fill it with peace and acceptance of its state
the wideness is of consciousness, it is wideness of possibility
of recognition of other viewpoints
[ACTION] Lt_Warior has wrestled with that one for
awhile prem, the question is if choosing calm joy as your
reaction to the horrible suffering in the world is really the thing to do
..is that not choosing one over the other...
going to the polarity of pleasantness

]<Susanrose> finish the third..prem... (plasticity)

[prem] Lt_warior one chose calm joy and at the same time
works to make the suffering go away by eliminating its cause
[Leva] lt_warior: it is a treacherous illusion to overcome.
[Lt_Warior] and avoiding the reality...in favor of some
spiritual peace that is induce thru perception and rationalization
rather than reality?
[prem] the third is plasticity: the flexibility to change
instantly as needed by the transformative power
[prem] it is this that leads to physical immortality as a consequence

[Leva] some illusions are anchored to your VERY heart.
[Leva] what is plasticity?
[Star22] rationalization isn't involved all is accepted
[prem] no, lt_wariro we do not avoid it but rise above it
and so doing change it first in yourself so it cannot occur
[prem] leva started above - plasticity is the flexibility to
instantly respond to the Divine and to no other force or being.
[prem] The body dies from small rigidities
[cosmos2] What makes evolution of spirit so unique is "control"
as we can voluntarily move to infinite levels....
yet while we feel the flow and use the flow as mean's
of voluntary exploration and voluntary change,
sometimes the flow itself carry's us away as we become
so close to the process its self it seems there is no need
for voluntary control. What we then have is a unification
that is so close that the very process of a harmony in evolutionary cont
[prem] until it cracks
yes comsos when we are in harmony with the totality
we cannot do something which hurts anyone
or anything because it is ourself
[prem] but it must be a living experience not just the thought
[Gawain_] always prem : )
[prem] in the beginning the thought helps us to choose
[prem] the ideal guides us

[Star22] prem: so when you are in that reality..
the things Lt_mentioned are an illusion is that correct?
[prem] yes and no
[prem] first know that it is the Divine that suffers in us
[cosmos2] Just like then...When I had the thought
I was actually on control of the movement....
.but whil in the process....It didnt feel Like I was voluntarily
controling it. (that probably why it came out the way it did.) :)
[prem] there is nothing but That one
[Lt_Warior] believe me the divine suffers,
and to connect with it, and the whole world at once...
and beyond...is alot...!!!
[prem] and in that unitary consciousness one knows
why the events are like they are, but still works to change
so even the illusion of suffering disappear.
After all pain is only delight to strong to bear :)
[prem] venst <- events
[stars96] In the clear, concise, oneness of spirit,
there IS no illusion... how to maintain that identity..
there lies the rub....
[Leva] keep in mind this important thing: it is your INTENT
that is executed by your WILL that expand your awareness,
and thinking that *may* stop you from accomplishing it.
While "reformed" thinking may remove the block,
without the proper INTENT and strong WILL, nothing is DONE!.
[prem] star96 ultimately we work and strive,
but it comes as an act of Divine grace -
we canot do it only strive for it
[stars96] quote courtesy of Carlos Castaneda... :)
[Leva] stars96: yes :)
[stars96] we cannot do it?
[ashana] is it a soft striving or a hard striving?
[stars96] I beg to disagree....
[prem} soft

<Susanrose> Thank you Prem, I am going to enjoy editing
this log to reread everything that was entered!

<Susanrose> Thinking about Swamis who can do amazing feats,
it seems like they have some kind of transcendent connection
that evades human definitions..
Osho, Swami Rajneesh, described how he felt
when he fully awakened: "The past was disappearing-
as if it had never belonged to me...as if it were someone else's story.
..All scriptures appeared dead and all the words that had been
used for this experience looked very pale, anemic.
This was so alive- it was a tidal wave of bliss...
I felt a throbbing of life all around me, a great vibration almost
like a hurricane : a great storm of light, joy, ecstasy...
The whole universe became a benediction."

[prem] "The world express a foreseen truth,
obeys a predetermining will, realizes an original formative
self-vision, it is the growing image of a divine creation"

[Gawain_] Grace is required IMHO : )
[strdst] awareness is a gift of Spirit....
it is a gift and not a brass ring to grab.
[Leva] strdst: no, it's a brass ring to grab
[stars96] but you have to be fast to grab it, strdst...
[Leva] nothing is a "GIFT",
you hope for a "GIFT" and you won't get it, you must EARN it
[Gawain_] we weren't created by the law but by love
[stars96] there are no gifts, except the gifts from your
own higher self... and that you are entitled to.. so... no gifts....
[Gawain_] love is grace
[strdst] leva: intention of awareness is only another
demand of the ego
[prem] love is the source, and way and goal of the universe
[Leva] strdst: soul intends, ego wants
[ACTION] Gawain_ loves prem
[Gawain_] : )

[Leva] strdst: you can intend while without desire.
[prem] :)<3
[strdst] what soul gets.... is a GIFT
[stars96] what soul gives... is a GIFT
][stars96] :)
[luvlight] Effort and Grace are Intimately Connected
<Susanrose> all spirit is one...
[stars96] what soul is entitled to.. that is a true gift
of the self to the self... and all souls are entitled to
enlightenment as they seek it...
[cosmos2] "words are crude, but its a challenge
to render them limitless" Steven Quirk
[ACTION] Gawain_ doesn't feel all that powerful down here in illusion
[Lt_Warior] truth can be known, but never shared in a simple
one liner with any real affect.
[Lt_Warior] pls do
[Gawain_] I need the support of Spirit
[prem] ignorance is NOT bliss
[ACTION] Leva nods to prem
[Gawain_] I ask for the support of Spirit
and for help for every situation
[Leva] strdst: you're correct and wrong.
[Gawain_] I Am not the doer, but Spirit in me is the doer
[Leva] let our eyes be open to all sides so that not to
be in a way of our INTENT and WILL
if you are CLOSED to JUST ONE side,
it may be the side where you INTEND to go.

<Susanrose> ahhhheeemmm ( clearing throat )...smile....
Lastly, I want to paraphrase a little book called
"The Impersonal Life",
published by DEVORSS& Co.
It is a channeled message from the I AM
presence of the author, written in 1917.
[ashana] yes Susan please
[ACTION] luvlight has the book the impersonal life
for many years now
<Susanrose> Maybe it can help us who are looking
for that simple connection to divinity within...

"To you who read, I speak.
To you, who many times have obtained a glimpse of that
TRUTH, only to find when you tried to reach it, that it
disappeared, and was but the mirage of the desert...

And here you are, my soul, weary and hungered, not
knowing where to turn,
To you, I AM come.
I AM the true bread of life, are you ready to partake?

If so, then sit up! Still your human mind and
follow closely My words:

Who am I?
I who speak with such authority?
I AM you, the part of you who IS

And always knew, and always was.
I AM your self, the part of you who says
I AM is I AM. I, your divine self.

I am NOT your human mind, nor intellect.
They are but the expression of your being,
as you are the expression of My being.

They are phases of your human personality,
and YOU are a phase of my Divine Impersonality.

Now, if you are strong enough to bear it,
If you can put aside all your private personal
fancies, beliefs and opinions, which are but the
rubbish you have gathered from the dumping
ground of others;

If you are strong enough to cast them all away,
Then My word will be to you a source of endless
joy and blessing

Are you ready? Do you want to stop
wandering in the desert and cross over into the land
of milk and honey?
Do you want to go?

If you wish to feel me, you must quiet your senses.
Sit quietly in a relaxed position, and when wholly at ease,
let your mind take in the significance of these words:

"Be Still- and KNOW - I AM - God"

Without thinking, allow this, My Divine Command,
to penetrate deep into your Soul.

When every cell of your body thrills in joy to this command,
it obeys, and every vagrant thought hovering in your mind
splits off into nothingness.

Then, as the words reverberate through the caverns
of your now empty being;

Then the KNOW-ing begins to rise
on the horizon of your consciousness...

Then you will feel the swell of a wondrous strange Breath
filling you to the extreme of all your body,
causing your senses almost to bust with the ecstasy of it:

Then there will there come surge after surge of a mighty,
resistless Power rising within you,
lifting you almost off the earth,

then will you feel the Glory,
Holiness and majesty of My presence."

End of Quote from "The Impersonal Life"

In closing, if there is anyone who would like to try
5 min. of silent meditation right now with me,
Please type in the affirmation :
"Be Still- and KNOW - I AM - God"

after 5 min. we will regroup to share experiences and
say good night... :)

#)Gaia*Friends(][Gawain_] Susanrose: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Susanrose> :)
[papakuch] "Be Still- and KNOW - I AM - God"
[ashana] be still and know i am god
[Leva] "Be Still and know that I am GOD"
[Gawain_] Be Still - and KNOW - I AM - God
[prem] have to go now, night all, it is late for me
[luvlight] "Be Still - and KNOW - I AM - God"
[Star22] Be Still- and KNOW - I AM - God
<Susanrose> BE STILL and KNOW I AM GOD
[stars96] be still... and know.... you are GOD....
<Susanrose> you too stars..
[strdst] "Be Still- and KNOW -I AM - God"
[ACTION] Gawain_ shuts his eyes for 5 minutes

[SERVER] Susanrose has changed topic to SHHH for 5 min of silent meditation
<Susanrose> peeeking with one eye...
[Gawain_] Susanrose: flow is soooo nice : )
<Susanrose> 5 min are up but if anyone wants to continue meditating ..
just keep going cause the IAM has been waiting a long time for some of us
to recognize the presence

[ACTION] luvlight gives thanks to I AM Presence!
[ACTION] Gawain_ gives thanks to I AM Presence : )
[ACTION] Leva gives thanks to I AM NOT Presence as well.
[Star22] I AM the Love and the Light
[Star22] I AM nourished and protected by the Light
<Susanrose> I give thanks to the I AM
and to the faith building rushes of energy that course
through my body in validation of the significance of the recognition...
[ACTION] papakuch fades away for just a little
while-getting his light to shine brighter while he goes
in peace and love and sends all the same <3
[Gawain_] I Am the Light of the Heart
[Leva] I am all that there is and all that there isn't
and all that I do not know yet. I AM.
unconditional love is one true love
[Gawain_] I AM Light Light Light
[Gawain_] I AM Love Love Love
[luvlight] I AM Presence, I honor you all*ways
[Leva] may you be inspired and not imprisoned
by today's experience.

<Susanrose> The light of love surrounds us,
the power of love protects us,
the presence of love watches over us,
where ever we are, LOVE is!
[SERVER] Susanrose has changed topic to open to chatting

[Gawain_] I AM Presence, Thou Are Master
[Gawain_] I AM Presence, Clear the WAy
[ashana] thanks u Susanrose, and the I AM presence
and all the I am's in this room :)
<Susanrose> Thank you everyone for being with me in this...
[ashana] namaste

[Star22] heheh yes thanks to you Susanrose : )
[Leva] there is a point where all of us are ONE
<Susanrose> i feel mellowed out now...
[ACTION] Leva gives a gigantic *hug*
of compassion to Susanrose
[Lt_Warior] thanks Susan, prem...all I AMers!
[oriona] thank you Susanrose
[luvlight] I AM Presence became us AS us!
[Gawain_] Thanks Susanrose big hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

[Leva]let me share a poem, with you, in conclusion
<Susanrose> sure Leva
[Leva] imagine saying it from your I AM.
that's not Leva saying it
it's from within each of you
<Susanrose> ok

[I AM]
I walk where no man has crawled before.
I guide myself and am guided in One's Eye.
I run without fear where no man has walked before.
I was consumed in flaming pains of life, so I died.
I am dead; there is no Ego to be in pain.
Warmly taken in One's hands, we rest.
Within One's truth-love essence we strength regain.
In a new shining being One puts us; she does it best.
The being that I am shines.
For One sacrifices himself
One drop at a time, each being she makes.
One is Many; one drop in each of us.
There are Many drops in the ocean of One.
Once again I have an Ego now,
But I also remember being One.
I throw myself into the extremes.
From Life to Death and back to Life.
I live HARD; push comes to shove.
I seek the Balance to Create, knowing
One constant truth that is Love.
I have loved you before.
I love you now.
I will love you always;
It's what my Death and Life are for.
[Leva] ---end---
[Leva] love to you all
[Star22] did you write that leva?
[luvlight] ===LOVE=ALL*WAYS={@
<Susanrose> That was great Leva, I am glad it is logged
I am heading off for the night...
Good night to all, have fun with the channel, see you next week.