Transforming Fear Into Love

<Arianna> Breathing together ....
Breathe in light Breathe out fear
A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......
Deep Feeling our connection to the air, the wind the water, the oceans the
fire and molten lava the earth, the soil, and the pulse and hummmm of all
life in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.


<Arianna>I should like tointroduce Pranaflow as our facilitator for tonight.
Pranaflow, better knownoutside IRC as Lawrence Dayan,
is the founder of Consciousness by Design,
a company specialising in personal development seminars. Before moving to the
US in 1993, Lawrence built up a large clientele in London, working with the
Glass Jar Technique, a meditation system which he developed from his own
pioneering research.

On a personal note, I want to say that I have enjoyed using his 5 min
relaxation tape, and that I have been assisted in broadening my connection
with the Goddess.

Before Pranaflow speaks, a few words on the format for #)Gaia*Friends(.
As you may have noticed, this changes from one week to the next. The launch
on Sep 24 was like a gathering around a campfire, where we all told our
spiritual stories. Subsequent weeks were on Magick, and Right Use of Will,
and the Emerging Goddess. They were more like a TV studio show
like Oprah or Donahue, where we had a set topic with audience participation.

Tonight, if you will, imagine you have just paid $200 to attend a
transformational seminar.(smile)

Okay... over to you, Pranaflow <S>

<Pranaflow> Thank you, Arianna. First, I would like to say
it is an honor and privilege to be invited to facilitate
a guided meditation amongst such a distinguished
group of Lightworkers. Although I have often run
seminars with over 100 people, the quality of energy
from this group is truly awesome. There are only
a small handful of us in this room, and yet I feel
I am among spiritual giants.

Actions speak louder than words,
and tonight we are not just going to talk
about transforming fear into love.
We are actually going to hands on do that very thing.

I realise that while some of us are new
to exploring consciousness, others have been
around the block. There are some who have
spent time and money training in one form of
therapy or another. As a result, there is naturally
a vested interest in certain belief systems
regarding the transformation of fear into love.

Whatever your current beliefs,
I am inviting you to put them aside,
and experience this evening with an open mind.
If there is anything you find yourself disagreeing
with, I ask you to hold that thought peacefully...
for it may change by the end of the evening.

One belief is that you have to get in touch
with feelings in order to transform them,
and that to avoid feeling them is a form of denial.
Well, that sounds plausible, until you become aware
of just how powerful emotion energy can be.
The human body is protected by a biological intelligence,
set up to protect the internal organs from the damaging
effects of fear, hate, anger, resentment and depression.
Biological intelligence keeps this kind of energy at bay,
while waiting for us to heal it. So, if you try to heal
emotions while feeling them, you're at odds with
biological intelligence. That's why healing methods
such as rebirthing take time.

If you suppress negative emotions, eventually
they will lead to arthritis, diabetes or cancer.
However, if such emotions are expressed, it is
very traumatic for the body, and the energy is
released into the environment, where it can attack other people.
We can always recognise someone else's emotional state
by the way the atmosphere changes when they walk into the room.
And so, just as we would choose not to dump toxic chemicals
in rivers and oceans, let us avoid dumping negative emotional stuff
onto others. Instead, let us learn to transform such stuff
into something beautiful and nourishing.

Tonight we are going to deal with the
fundamental negative emotion: fear. And we are
going to transform it into love. Furthermore,
we are going to transform it without feeling it.
The method we shall use is called the
Glass Jar Technique
and involves using visualisation and breath
to transform the energy of fear, into love energy.
And the transformation will take place
outside our bodies, in an energy field we harness
between our hands. It is likely that many of us will
feel highly energized after this process,
and there will be plenty of time for feedback and
sharing after the guided meditation.

Before we start, I would like everyone
who hasn't already done so
to obtain
a small glass of clean water (either spring water
or well-filtered tap water). I will allow 3 minutes
for this before continuing.

While you're all getting your water, I'll put in a plug
for "An Hour's Rest In Five Minutes".
That's a five-minute relax tape designed for anyone
with no time to relax.
<Arianna> The relax tape is one that I used with a group of about
50... It was well received, and the production quality is flawless.

<Pranaflow> Okay, let's begin.

Find a comfortable position
And allow your eyes to gaze at the screen, half-closed
So that your eyes are relaxed, yet you can still follow the text.

Without trying to do anything, simply intend to relax
and become more aware of your breathing.


The more deeply you breathe
the more relaxed you feel
And the more relaxed you become
the easier it is to breathe.

Become more aware of your body.
Allow your body to feel the way it does
and whenever you need to change your position
to feel more comfortable
allow yourself to do so.

In your body, feel free to be the way you are.
Feel free to be the way you choose to be.

Become more aware of your thoughts.
Allow your thoughts to wander through your mind
Some louder than others
Some so fleeting you are hardly aware of them.

In your mind, feel free to be the way you are.
Feel free to be the way you choose to be.

The purpose of this meditation
is to transform Fear into Love.

Imagine now that all the Fear in your life
is represented symbolically
as a colored liquid in a glass jar
towards your right.
You can see the jar,
the color of the liquid,
and the liquid level in the jar.

Let all thoughts about fear
flow out of your mind
and into the jar.

Let all past fears
be in the jar.

Let all present fears
be in the jar.

Let all unknown fears
be in the jar.

Now, reach out with your physical hands,
with your palms a few inches apart,
so that an energy field forms between your hands.

Using both hands,
bring this energy field
over to the jar of fear
and pick up the jar.

Bring your hands towards your face
so that you can breathe into the fear jar.

In a moment, we are going to use breath
to change the color of the liquid.
We are going to change it into the color of love.

To see the color of love, visualise a jar on your left
containing a colored liquid
symbolising love.
Love of all kinds.
Every kind of love you have ever experienced
And every kind of love you have yet to experience.

See the color of love.

Now, visualise the color of love on your breath,
as you breathe into the fear jar.
Let your breath transform the color of fear
into the color of love.

I will allow you time to make a complete color change.

Keep breathing

Keep feeling the energy field

Okay, now that the color change is complete
You are holding a jar of love.

Using both hands,
bring the energy field over to your glass of water
so that you are holding the glass
in both hands
fingertips slightly apart, not touching
so that the energy field can flow through the glass
and into the water.

Let the energy flow fully into the water
so that the water takes on the quality of this energy.

Now, drink the water slowly.
Feel each sip
as it enters your body.
Let some of the water linger under your tongue
so that you can fully feel
before swallowing
the energy of love
growing in your body.
Drink every drop.

Now put down the glass
so your hands are free to key in your comments
for feedback. <S>

*** Action: kuch shivers in delight
*** Action: DreamGirl sends love to the Universe.....she's feels absolutely
<DreamGirl> ;]
<tori1> That was wonderful Pranaflow. Amazing how you did this typing as if
you were right here!
<DreamGirl> I like the visualization technique of the emotions, and
transforming them.....into the color of love.....then placing the love
energy into the glass of water to drink....How Divine, Pranaflow!
<Pranaflow> Thanks, DreamGirl
<Suzanne-> That was..marvelous Prana! Thank you! :)
<Arianna> I like the breath work Prana...! Next time I do this, i must buy
some special water for the occasion! :)
<luvlight> Whatever water was used, became holy water :)
<DreamGirl> Water is pure, and Love is pure....
<Arianna> I had the color pink for love....
<tori1> i had dark blue for fear and violet for love
<kuch> I had blue for love and red for fear
<DreamGirl> My emotions have different colors....depending on the emotion
<ladynada> The colors that came for me were red for fear and metallic gold
for love. My breath was like gold-dust going into the jar. Afterwards
I gave a few water drops to my cat on her paw <S>
<Arianna> I want to do it again with a glass chalice. The roundness of the
chalice is a symbol for the womb of the Goddess, which is the cauldron of
<Pranaflow> Marvellous idea:)
<ladynada> Prana, when I first put my face over the jar of fear, it smelled
nasty for a second
<Pranaflow> Very vivid, ladynada. Did the smell clear up completely?
<ladynada> I only smelled it for a second
<tori1> feeling the energy was unbelievable
<ladynada> took a long time for it to change
<Suzanne-> me too lady it seemed forever.
<Arianna> we are conditioned into thinking that we are not powerful, that
is why it took so many breaths to change the color
<Pranaflow> It only takes time and effort to change when you work from a
personal perspective. When you allow God(dess) to do the actual work, and
channel divine energy on your breath, the transformation is swift,
effortless and complete.
<DreamGirl> God is within us all......
<tori1> there any meaning to how full you saw the jar of fear?
<Pranaflow> The liquid level is a measure of the amount of stuff you have
been carrying around
<ladynada> mine was half full of red yucky stuff. I put the fear that makes
your adrenaline rush in there along with the fear of uncertainties about
the future
<tori1> wow...lotta stuff :]
<tori1> thank you so much pranaflow...that was really great
<Arianna> Thank you Prana, we are lucky to have this experience....
<kuch> ditto
<DreamGirl> I'd like to learn that one....

<Pranaflow> The Glass Jar Technique is a free gift from God(dess). It is
possible to learn how to use it alone, with time and patience. That's how I
had to do it, and it took me ten years to really "get it". However, there
is now a more efficient alternative for anyone who values their time. My
company, Consciousness by Design, runs LifeStyling Seminars. In the seminar
we develop a strong connection to the Divine Source, which brings
empowerment to all aspects of life. We go beyond transforming emotions. We
also transform habits, attitudes and beliefs. The Glass Jar Technique is
used to heal relationships and allow them to work as best they can. If you
are running a business, you learn to quickly develop the qualities
necessary to make it a huge success, worthy of God(dess). You become the
person you need to be to achieve total fulfillment in life.

<DreamGirl> Thank you Prana.....what an excellent visualization
technique..... ;]
<luvlight> Thank you Bless you all*ways, Pranaflow
<Pranaflow> Thank you, luvlight

<Arianna> There is a schedule for upcoming topics on the web page but
while we are all here, I will tell you of the next few weeks
OCT celelbration of all soul's night, the topic will be:
Life After Death: Sharing your Near Death experiences
as well as True Ghost Stories
I would also like it if anyone has any medium abilities
to give messages from loved ones from those who have passed over.
Nov 5th: A Full Moon Light Circle
Creating sacred circles
to be led by the triple aspects
of virgin, mother and
Luminere, Starr22, and Arianna
<Pranaflow> Which one are you, Arianna? <g>
<Arianna> I'm the old wise cracker of 41.....crone
<DreamGirl> hehehe....
<Pranaflow> LOL
<Arianna> Nov 12: The Aquarian Age:
What is it? are we here?
<luvlight> we are here :)
<Pranaflow> Ah, here we are!
<Arianna> A reunion of the hippies/flower children to bring forth the
spiritual values of the late sixties to a bright and wonderful NEW thousand
years of harmony!
<Pranaflow> And may we live to enjoy them all <g>
<Arianna> Those are the plans for now.... I need the help of an astrologer
or 2 to help explain the cusp of the ages Piscean to Aquarian. Please send
them to me at
<DreamGirl> Thank you Arianna....It's nice being fortunate to participate
in such a gathering of wonderful people....Thanks for inviting
<Arianna> thanks dreammmmm
<Suzanne-> Thank you!
<luvlight> thank you all
<DreamGirl> Bye......Love and Light to all!!
<Arianna> Thanks for coming everyone. May you walk in Beauty.......