Living a Spiritual Lifestyle

<Susanrose> While we are waiting for others to join us,
Can we go down the list and say where we are located?
I am in Pittsburgh, Pa USA
<Hein> Oslo, Norway
<Shane> I am in Hutchinson, Ks USA
Dreamie is in San Jose, CA
<tharani> I'm in Toronto
^alex^ is located in North Pole, Alaska
<WindRyder> I am paza, New Mexico
<thefool> I'm from Israel,
but I am in freezing London UK
<rama> - Australia
<WlfSpirit> I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia
<basil> Maryland
<^alex^> welcome ashtarrose!
<AshtarRose> I love you guys, I come in here whenever I get the
message that this room is open
Dreamie sends a swirl of rainbow colored light through the room...filled with love

<Susanrose> I am starting now....Nov. 2 1997
Welcome to #)Gaia*Friends(
Let us all breathe together.
Breathing in Love
Breathing out Doubt
Breathing in the Peace and Presence
of Spirit.

All seeking the bliss of the sacred moment.
All feeling Divine life force energy.
Be there Now!
I behold the light within YOU
Let it shine unto the world

The topic tonight is "Sharing our Spiritual Life Style."
The Cynic will ask us what do we get out of it?
What causes us to leave the walk of the "norm" to
embrace a spiritual existence?
How have you experienced this spiritual lifestyle?

While thinking about the answers to these questions,
I will share with you some of my ideas. Then we will get back to those
question with your comments at the end of my pasting.
Alex and Basil are also here to contribute their thoughts on how
our different life walks help us in a practical way to "do life".

Spiritual people listening to their inner drum beat.
are called a cult at worst, eccentric at best.
We often must hide how we think, how spirit has rewired our nervous systems.

Others cannot believe that there can be value to a way
of life that has no rules, no catechism or dogma, no where to
pay dues, and no one to answer to in authority.

To explain the warm fuzzy free floating freedom that we
who attempt an Enlightened awareness, an article was printed
in the New York Post, Tuesday Sept. 30, 1997
Andrew Weil, MD (Author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health):

"I insist on making a clear distinction between spirituality and religion.
Spirituality has to do with the nonphysical,
immaterial aspects of our beings-
with energies, essences and the part of us
that existed before and will exist after the disintegration of the body.
Religion attempts to institutionalize spirituality..."

Still, others think us eccentric, out of the normal range.
Is it so bizarre to hug a tree, see the leaves talking to you
as the move in the breeze? Feel and experience the truth
of the connectedness of spirit throughout all of creation?

<Basil>: Most people involved in anything even vaguely
"New Age" are aware that beliefs are met with skepticism.
The orthodox religions fear us, while the
secular world believes us to be crack-pots. Well, so be it . . .
Religion is a matter of faith. Without a clergy capable of initiating
their followers in the mysteries, religion becomes form without function.
Religious people go through the motions without ever achieving a
transcendent experience. Today's great religions must wither and die on the
vine before they can be reborn in a newer and more refined form. Don't
bother explaining this to the faithful unless you want to arouse their anger!

Neither do secular people have use for us. Religion for them has been
replaced by worldly cares: family, home and job. They might seek a
surrogate for religion, like pop psychology. But this is far as their state
of consciousness will allow. This is why they are referred to as "sleepers."

Our response must be to walk in quiet confidence that we are more than
we appear. The world of man is a shadow play illuminated by Spirit. We
earnestly seek God. Yet we do so with humility.
<Dreamie> we dont have to prove anything to anybody

<Basil> We walk in silence. Never
do we criticize those of faith, or even those of no faith whatsoever. We do
not violate another's state of consciousness by insisting they believe.
Tolerance is our watch word and our way. All will be united at the Source.
It's inevitable.

<Susanrose> Thank you Basil!
<Dreamie> that was great basil...
<AshtarRose> just got back from an awareness March on D.C.
Blessed be Meet me in D.C.
it was wonderful 800 people standing in a circle
so much love everywhere so many paths
<Susanrose> Ashtar: I would love to be in a 800 person circle... great vibes!
<basil> Many paths, yes. The synchgretic approach to religion
is being criticized by clergymen everywhere.
Yet the synchretization of truth is inevitable.

<Dreamie> I told a priest two years ago that I was God
talk about surfacing anger
<Susanrose> bet you suprised him dream

<^alex^> It is so easy for us to get caught up in the everyday
occurrences of our lives...that we often forget to give over to Spirit
in all things allowing Spirit to guide us and being thankful for the
messages that Spirit sends us in countless ways.
<Dreamie> yes ^alex^

<WlfSpirit> Every religion holds a truth but not one of them
have all the answers
<Shane> WlfSpirit that is correct
<Dreamie> there is One Truth...God is All .
<^alex^> Yes one Truth with many paths that lead to it...

<Susanrose> I will continue..
I am proud of being a "New Ager"
since I define it as someone who is acting on the belief
they can contribute to the manifestation of a hopeful
future of the planet.

Unfortunately, the disdain and paranoia
placed on the term "New Age"
by conservatives sometimes makes
me hesitant to use the term due to the
misunderstanding of the ideals and people who come under
this general umbrella. Fearful judgments
heaped upon these words can turn it from words of hope to
dirty words of suspicion and fear.

Why to we risk the snickers,
disapproval from friends, family and coworkers,
and place our attention on this spiritual focus?
Last week I brought a wall plaque of "Desiderata" to work
to hang on my know, "Go Placidly amid the noise and haste
and Remember what peace there is in silence".
<Dreamie> :)
<Susanrose> my boss said
I do not go along with that stuff
I said, well, it is just like proverbs
She replied "not a bit like Proverbs"
Funny how an innocent thing like
Desiderata could be seen as something not valid
if it is not biblical
<Dreamie> did you hang it??
<Susanrose> yes, on my bulletin board
<Dreamie> :) well IM glad you hung your picture
<Susanrose> :) there were others who liked it...

<Susanrose> Are there any comments from others
who have perhaps not received acceptance about their spiritual connection?

<Avadhuta> I am called Satan, or a demon
<Shane> Avadhuta you're not Satan nor and angel but both,
which makes you a god

<^alex^> I have quotes of all sorts distributed through out my classroom...
most tell me that my room has a very comfortable feel to it..
the students wonder who I am...
<Susanrose> What are the quotes Alex?
<^alex^> Well I have the "rules for being human",
some from CWG, one from Mark Twain, a Buddhist quote...and many more
<Susanrose> I was an observer in a high school health class room
that had this saying hung above the chalk board:
Every day in every way I am getting better and better...
It is nice the younger generation is being shown some hope...

<tharani> Susan- having been to many places and many people
try to convert me -
I can say that people are quite open to the idea
as long as you can explain to them the parallels that exist
between our thinking and theirs
<basil> I agree with tharani.
It's a matter of adjust the belief to the other's state of consciousness.
Giving them what they can handle.

<^alex^> I think when we consider our attitudes that most of us have
towards life it is one thing that makes us different...we life and the decisions
that we make as conscious choices...
And we allow for others to make choices without it effecting us...
not taking it personal...

<WlfSpirit> if we are what we believe, than we are many things-
But if we are only what we are than life is a school and we are the children
who were brought here to learn
<Susanrose> Trying to speak in the language or terminology
of the other person's comfort zone, to translate it into terms
they can accept is helpful

<tharani> yes Susan - I also think we ourselves need to be open too
there should be an attitude conducive to an exchange of ideas
<^alex^> Living within Spirit means just that to live in a way
that we bring Spirit to our life and within it...
it's sorta like the movie title "first do no harm"

<Susanrose> Thank you for all the comments, I will go on...
For me, a spiritual way of "doing life"
was born out of a troubled marriage. Feeling trapped
and knowing of no other way out, I united my will with the Divine.
That way, in whatever the environment I found myself,
the presence spirit could comfort and support me.

Living in grace is achieved moment by moment,
by choice and awareness of this personal connection.
Living in this bliss and peace, while still going about
the responsibilities of daily life, is what I call
"Living a spiritual life style."

Now that the troubled marriage is over, I still
cling to the very thing that has saved my life,
numerous times daily.

How do I maintain the flow of grace
to the place to practically better my daily life?
How does it better my life?
I know that when I feel the flow of spirit, I am in joy.
when I drift too far, I feel the pain of the parched throat,
thirsting for the quenching waters of grace.

(John Chapter 7 verse 38) "...From within him there
shall flow rivers of living water."
A quote by Florence Scovel Shinn:
"The Chinese say that water is the most powerful element
because it is perfectly non resistant.
It can wear away a rock and sweep all before it."

The river of life force energy must not be dammed up.
or else it will stagnate. The dynamic expression of grace is
in the movement or whoosh of it up and out of our spinal cords,
renewing each of our chakras along the way.

My heroine Pocohontas sings " What I love about the river is:
You can't step in the same river twice, the water is always
changing, ever flowing." Removing blocks of negativity and
false pride is our challenge. The more slippery the conduit of our
spiritual plumbing, the greater the joy.

I will tell you of 2 parables that I never understood
until recent years... they now make more sense to me.

The first is the parable about the people who were
not allowed into the wedding feast because they did
not have on their wedding clothes.

The second is about the women who let their lanterns
go out before the wedding party arrived. They could not
join the feast because they did not prepare their lanterns
with enough oil. (Matthew, Chapter 25)

Putting on the Wedding Vestments is the attention we pay
to keeping our aura, the clothing of our soul, shiny, clean, glowing
and beautiful. Resonating with the Divine. I put on my
Wedding clothes so that I too may partake of the banquet of bliss.
I will not be deflected because I cannot resonate with the vibratory rate.

Preparing sufficient oil in our lanterns is like
the discipline we need to remember to feed our spirit the good
things it needs to keep our flame and light burning brightly.
Thus we can approach the source of all light without shielding
our eyes from the brightness of truth.

How to I refill my lantern, and put on my wedding clothes?
One way is by dancing to the inspirational music of Pachabell
Cannon in D (With ocean

I imagine my aura becoming more and more beautiful
In my mind, peach colored rose petals rain down gently
I am a rose in the forest, giving my scent and beauty
to a world that may no me not.
Even in the aloneness, I hear the sweet reed blowing
my tune amidst the symphony of life.
Even in the aloneness, I hear the sweet reed blowing
my tune amidst the symphony of life.
How do you refill or refresh your spirit in an easy daily practical way?
how do you derail yourself from the mundane rat race?

<Dreamie> :) I irc with my spiritual friends to refresh my spirit
<^alex^>..getting so caught up in the daily life chores...
we sometimes have to remember that there is always that support
and acceptance matter what
<tharani> they say that you can use salt in your bath to cleanse
in the mornings
<^alex^> beginning your day with a prayer or quiet time or
meditation gives a good beginning...and ending it with that as well
<tharani> to take deep breaths
and to value all that comes to you
<Dreamie> I thank the heavens daily for my blessings...I feel that's important
<Gwendy> I always say if I'm not able to watch the sunset
I have not lived that day and pray every sunset
<^alex^> appreciate all that is there if only for a moment..

<Susanrose> Does anyone dance to inspirational music? chant?
<tharani> yes chanting works
<Dreamie> I listen to inspirational music most of the time..even at work
<tharani> prayer and meditation
<^alex^> hehehehehe...that's what I listen to going to and from work and
during the time I don't have students...sometimes forget to turn it off till
class has already begun...
<tharani> intent of good in every action
<basil> The horns and chanting in the movie "7 years in Tibet" caused
in me a spontaneous burst of kundalini energy.
<Susanrose> Yes, Basil, the omms and horns of the monks as
well as the Australian wind pipe.. the digorie du?...
same primordial remembrance of something greater than ourselves
that we are a part of...a mini home coming

<WlfSpirit> I concentrate on my inner shield in the mornings
so as I can walk in the mist of what is around me
as if I were in the eye of a hurricane and concentrate to
surround myself with only that which is positive and throughout
the day no matter where I may bee of what I am doing
I always chant my prayers and blessings
<^alex^> it helps most to be aware of who you are when the "ride"
gets a bit rocky during the day...
<Dreamie> it sure does

<^alex^> I've even found that spontaneously giving a hug to a
co-worker that seems to be having a "bad" day brightens
both our day or just a touch on the arm of care...

<Susanrose> Sometimes sending energy and positive prayers
for others will rejuvenate me... I send healing energy to children at
bus stops that I pass, other drivers, even trees along the way to work...
the energy is refreshed in me and more space is available in my heart
for renewed spirit.

<Susanrose> Thank you for comments ... yes Alex... unconditional love
seems to draw us into a heavenly bliss
This awareness of the life force
energy can be also called living in a state of grace. ( The comfort
zone of many in the traditional religions feel less threatened
when new age terms are translated into their terminology.)

Other familiar terms when speaking of unity of spirit is
the parable of the vine and the branches.
We need to remember to accentuate what we have in common,
in comfortable terms to those who would put our beliefs down.

Trying to not "go astral" or too airy fairy,
may we keep in balance the tremendous energy we balance.
May we do the beauty walk with the attention and focus to detail
that we need in the physical realm. May we wipe the tear,
brighten the heart, quiet the fear, and give knowledge to those in the
dark. Seize the teachable demonstrable moment that presents to you
now. Help the lost child with his/her math homework, advice the
teenager on how to enter the world of the "grownup", give the opportunity
of usefulness to the elderly.

Don't be gazing past the opportunities
infront of your nose to release the grace flowing out of you,
because you are looking for a pie in the sky etheric gateway to open.
Or you are so busy with your latest internet spiritual circuit that
a soul in confusion in our own home is overlooked.

Recently, I was at the computer playing with e-mail and html
and my daughter had a girlfriend over to spend the night
This girl is 18, and was to leave home in 2 days to join the coast guard.
Her parents had locked her out of the house that night
since they are strict and wanted her in earlier.
She was afraid and sad that she was locked out
and did not want them to be mad at her on her last 2 days at home.

This is when my daughter said to me
Hey mom, why don't you show my friend
something from your web page to help her?
Stunned with the obvious, I thought
<Dreamie> :) heehe
<Susanrose> am I so busy with the trappings of spirituality that
I cannot see to heal and give hope to this dear child
who sits before me, ready to begin a new life?
So, I had her read about the miracle of flight
and keeping your plane above stormy weather, before you decide to land.
Then I showed her her energy
by having her put her hands and inch apart and feel the springiness
we then built between our hands a love ball of golden energy,
and asked the angels to add to it
to give to give this dear young girl a going away gift
of love to take her to a new life. She cried with the emotion of it
and the experience blessed us both
<basil> nice :)
<^alex^> very nice
<Dreamie> that was beautiful Susan
<Susanrose> Many a reiki master has also shared with me that
when healing others, they are re-energized too.
<Dreamie> we heal ourselves....
<Susanrose> It made me feel wonderful!
<Dreamie feels the emotion
you are very sweet Susan

<Susanrose> Sometimes people who are full of spirit can
overdose in it and become ungrounded... I might mention a bit of caution..

Don't Be a spiritual "Wipe out".. Like the surf board rider who
wipes out when balance is lost, keep your balance amid the rushing
of Kundalini and spiritual forces. Ride the curl of the wave skillfully
demonstrating your focus can still remain in the earth plane.

Laugh with your child and their friends, bake some cookies. Hug alot.
Share the joy with those nearest. Spirituality should not be hard.

"Doing life" this way is a practical help.
Laugh with your child and their friends, bake some cookies. Hug alot.
Share the joy with those nearest. Spirituality should not be hard.
"Doing life" this way is a practical help.

<basil> I like to try walking meditation.
Take each task and approach it with focus and with calm.
Sometimes I can take the meditation through mid-afternoon,
before the pressures of the day finally knock me off perfect balance.
It's nice while it lasts
<^alex^> just because we are spiritual people doesn't mean that we
are different...we just actively choose to live our beliefs....
and that's just it...being the best person that we can be
<Dreamie> I walk my path everyday being true to myself...
being the best person that I can be, the rest simply follows
yesterday's history....tomorrow's a is a gift.
<Susanrose> When I need to concentrate, I use this affirmation:
I focus attention, Breathing into Resonation and Visualization
with my loving intention.
I also like to walk/run at night, and ask the stars for true direction,
just as sailors of old charted their sea course by the sextant and north star.

<^alex^> I spend at least 20 minutes each morning just gazing
out at a beautiful night sky...and thanking for the day to come
and letting my thoughts flow which often come with inspiration
on how to tackle a "difficult" situation.
During the day I take advantage of quiet moments to rebalance
and prepare for the next few hours...
<Susanrose> how do you keep up in the winter darkness Alaska?
<^alex^> To prepare for home and the life that comes with family
I listen to my Indian flutes and then if the house is still empty
take advantage to rebalance again and prepare...
I've learned to love driving to work under the light of the moon...
and appreciate the spreading sun...the sun has a different hue
when it doesn't rise fully in the sky...

<Susanrose> I will go on... thank you for all the comments...
The following was sent to me from Elaine, a reader of the #)Gaia*Friends( logs
who could not attend tonight:
Subject: spirituality in our lives

The first obstacle I had to overcome with my quest for
spirituality was my much loved husband. Being raised a staunch Roman
Catholic, he found my openness to explore other philosophies
(especially Eastern) a little foreign to him.

I'm certain he was convinced that it was just a
passing fancy for me. Yet, as I continued to read more, and practice
more, and talk more about my thoughts on spirituality, he came
around to at least taking me seriously.

As for friends and family, I've
been very fortunate to have my beliefs accepted as my own.
In fact, my experience with sharing my beliefs with friends is
that they have also been on their own spiritual quest -
and we find much delight in sharing ideas. As I continue to change
my perception of the world around me, I gradually find it easier to
put my beliefs into practice. Ordinary day-to-day things that would have
driven me crazy, now just don't bother
me. I'm finding peace, and as my peace grows,

I want to share it.
I certainly don't want to convert. Just share. If what I say makes
sense, then great. If not, then that's ok too. We're all on our own
different schedules regarding spiritual evolution.

I believe that each one of us has a very important impact on
the "big picture". Our thought patterns (beliefs, energies, etc) truly
make a difference to our planet. Each one of us makes a difference! I find
that extremely exciting and I'm very thankful to be alive at this time.

Many thanks for your work on coordinating this group, and may you
continue to grow in spirit,

<Dreamie> lovely
sparks igniting more sparks
<tharani> I find that living so that I can make the life of others
around me easier makes me feel very fulfilled
<Dreamie> :)
<Susanrose> yes, tharani
<tharani> to give support where it is needed and to show love
<WlfSpirit> People learn from me through example,
because of the integrity of my own life and spirit.
I move into the world with confidence and wisdom
I am always open and learning tools of knowledge
and I share these tools with my sisters and my brothers

<tharani> to understand where people have come from,
to accept and to allow them to grow

<Susanrose> I walked into a Halloween party last night to see some folks
on the floor trying yoga positions... they were amazed when I told them
how the energy could be moved up to give them a greater sense of peace
and bliss than just holding those positions.... I guess I was placed at the
right place and right time..the universe seizes teachable opportunities for good....

<basil>religion has an organic quality about it.
It is born of a master, lives a natural life span corrupts and dies.
Only to be reborn again, in a new and more refined form.
<tharani> I think here perhaps we need to differentiate between faith
and religion
<basil> The only thing wrong with today's religions.
Is that they are old.
<tharani> because I look at religion as a system of ideas used
as a framework to live life a certain way
<basil> It's time they die and are reborn in the teachings of a new master . . .
in my opinion, for what it's worth :)
<tharani> but what we have in common with all the others is the faith
<^alex^> tharani...I think that you are right...
there is a difference between faith and religion...
<tharani> religion should not be of consequence
<^alex^> tharani...agree
<tharaja> basil: I say to each their own

^alex^ whispers somehow there is a rumor among them that I'm psychic...
or a witch...or something...I find it rather amusing
<Susanrose> Alex... if your children were teased about your witchy ways,
it may not be pleasant for you.
<tharani> Alex - I myself am 21
I think people of my age and younger sometimes have a problem
accepting it because of the stereotypes created in the media - it becomes "corny"
<Dreamie> I know sometimes my daughter *hates* my spirituality
she's thinks its a bit much, at the ripe age of 10 going on 20,
that I listen to my music, light my incense...act like a goof ball
<^alex^> heheheheheh...dreamie...I know just what you mean!
One thing that I have become very aware of is that our youth
have a "need" for learning Spirit...they are curious and will look
at all is up to us that are on our paths to give them guidance...
and to do it in such a way that is non-threatening to their beliefs or their families...

<WlfSpirit> I feel that I am very lucky as my little girl who is 10 years old has a strong medicine and
I am grateful that I can teach her things of the mysteries so that she is not frightened.
<Susanrose> what is a strong medicine wlf spirit?
<WlfSpirit> she is already experiencing deja vu and astral travel
and she has strong medicine dreams as well.
It is the medicine woman in her who is awakening.

There is an excerpt from a message I received in meditation when
asking for help with acceptance of my spiritual path.
The address for this file about the acceptance you may need as well
can be found at

To give an excerpt of the file in parting:
Some of the women and men, when they hit
spiritual progression, they get on a fast current,
a fast current of spirit that sweeps them along.

They are like race horses at the starting block
jumping into every thing that they think will aid
their spiritual progression even further,
and in this city we know there are many.

So, in gaining acceptance of your quest would it
be better to pace yourself, slowly taking just one step forward.
Then say "This is where I am, this is who I am,

this is where I want to be". To shine with the love of where you are,
to stand firm and fast in clear resolve, and let it sit for a while,
and then take another step forward,
when you feel that the time is right.

This is what many may need to
learn how to do, if they choose to value the
acceptance of those in their life that mean so dearly
to them. But, if in taking the one step and standing
true to who you are,

and doing as I say does not
work, then it may be time to let go with love.
My daughter, at this point, you will sleep well at night.
You will know that you did the best you could,

You will have peace with your decision. There will be
less confusion in your heart, in the hearts of those
in your family, should it come to this, if you do
so wisely.

And when making a decision about whether to
stand firm, on your one step, just say to yourself-
"Is this something that through my belief or
my behavior would aid me in manifesting love through
form? If clinging to the belief, the behavior,

the concept would aid you in manifesting love
through your form in the best, most blissful
expression that you could, then hold firm.

Hold firm. But, if you question whether or not,
it would help you manifest love through form,
then maybe you're standing firm for the wrong thing.
...Thank you my children.

<Susanrose>Namaste! I bow to the light within you!
Thank you for attending #)Gaia*Friends(.
May this and other channels of conversation on the internet
serve the highest and the best of humanity.

<tharani> thanks Susan :)
<Hein> Have a good night all, its bedtime for me. Namaste!
<basil> I must be leaving. Peace and blessings to all.
<tharani> thanks Susanrose goodnight all
<WlfSpirit> bye bye and thank you
<Avadhuta> sweet dreams all
^alex^ gives everyone a warm hug and bids everyone goodnight.