Our Awards  
  1995 - 2000  


But my greatest award was from my daughter:

 I recall it was Abraham Lincoln who said
 "We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be."
  Beginning each day with hope is a gift I wish to share with my daughter, 
...even on days when it is feels extremely hard. 
  Personal responsibility includes accepting the joys, 
and sometimes the bitter sweet in completing the creation 
of our life and all we can affect.

The persistent will power of a spiritual warrior is needed to choose grace
and awareness of Spirit, in all things, big and small.
We all can't rescue strangers from burning buildings.
Courage is more likely seen in the consistency
that the presence of your love makes in small actions.

Like James Stewart in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life", 
we may not value the power that these small acts make
to better the world. Like the angel showed Jimmy in the story, 
whether you realize it or not, you have the power to create  
great change. The power to heal a hurt. The power to renew hope. 
The power to find joy again after hitting the depths of sorrow. 
We are the difference that love makes.