Life After Kundalini

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I see you guys all the time you're like a big family...
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AshtarRose hugs everyone
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<susanrose> Welcome to all the new folks gathered tonight.
It is nice to see well over 20 people here from around the world!

<susanrose>This will be the second class that Gina has lead
on the subject of Kundalini.

The first was:"Awakening the Kundalini"

Welcome to the follow-up discussion:

"Life after Kundalini"

Go ahead, Gina!

<^gina^>For those of you who don't know me...
I am Gina Allan and come from New Zealand.
<ShamanGem> nice to meet ya, Gina
<^gina^> I am qualified to teach this topic
after having reawakend the Kundalini in 1983.
Since that time, it's been learning to use the different levels of consciousness.

There seems to be a lot of myths surrounding the Kundalini
and what occurs during the most active energetic time.
Also What is there for us after the event?
Are we so changed that we no longer are the same human being
as prior to the event?

It sometimes amazes me that people have this idea of how one
should act after Kundalini. We are still Human beings.
The only difference as I see it is that we are more "Being" than human.
Still lets start at the beginning.

Once the Kundalini has been up to the top of the crown
and kissed that chakra into life. After the thousand petal lotus
has opened to the sun. After the Blue pearl is seen to be seated
within the center of the lotus, shining and bright. What happens now?

I will not go into the description of what takes place within
each chakra as that topic has already been covered.

However, after the energy has come up the spinal cord it kisses the seed.
That seed which was the original beginning of each of us.
The seed then begins to change in shape and grow.
This is the beginning of your spiritual body,
the light body that you are now giving birth to.

I think its a wonderful process that we get to witness,
the birth of that which will continue to exist long
after the physical form has faded away.
How then are we feeling during this process?
How is the mind influencing the brain?

<^Angel^9> how do you know when Kundalini reaches crown?
<^gina^> It gives one the feeling of euphoria of being light, of knowing
everything of having all the answers
<^Angel^9> wow (I certainly do not feel like I know everything)
<^gina^> Of having the biggest headache you could ever have *smiles*
there is a problem if you decided at that time to go out and share
with the world all this new knowledge
There is a great need all through your spiritual growth to balance
and ground yourself

You need to look at the different ways in which one can activate Kundalini
energy work...healing and working with electrical equipment
trauma...physical and mental
meditation, healing

After the Kundalini healing is part of the spiritual growth
as are clairvoyance, clairaudience and feeling spirit workers
Is the brain still capable of producing all the daily needs?
Can one still process and carry out normal work.?
Some people seem to go off the rails at this point.

<Susanrose> A few folks may need help reintigrating their
practical life with their new found awareness.
One book on this topic is Spiritual Emergency.
Also, there is support via the Spiritual Emergence Network
More questions are answered on kundalini awakening.

Remember the statement in the bible, "many are called, few are chosen".
This is due more to the fact that people think
they have arrived at their destination
rather than seeing it all as an on going journey.
The awakening is more like the beginning of a new sort of journey.

Maybe you need to learn to be in the silence.
I believe it to be the start of the real journey alex
I feel that until that time we are busy learning to be human
now we are leaning to be HUMAN BEINGS

When the brain opens to all the new information,
we go off out into the world to teach our truths.
What occurs?
We usually get knocked onto the seat of our pants.
I believe that one should wait for all to become still.
Your truth is a truth so deep seated
that you don't need another person to qualify who and what you are.
You will be called to work.
You don't need to go out and seek it
Nor will there be a need to advertise yourself to the world.
No matter where you are ...those who need help from you, will find you.

<metaRev> isn't it possible to be called by spirit
w/out the Kundalini experience??
I feel I have been called to work
with/for people, but do not recall having a Kundalini

<^gina^> if you are called by spirit
you will have had the experience in this or another life time
It is needed to heighten you awareness
To open you to the higher planes of consciousness
To enable you to go past the physical ego
After I had completed the Kundalini experience I was very aware
of people saying it was my ego out of control
I decided that if God or spirit wanted me to work
that they would bring the people to me, and they did.
<Dreamie> :)

<^gina^> and is the work being placed before you
it can take place in the sleep state
<^WiteLite^> how would it happen if we are sleeping?
<basil> It does happen during sleep.
You may recall it the next day as a dream.
<^gina^> its one of the few times that humans can be contacted without the ego
<metaRev> Ok, I feel I have touched God in meditation, same thing??
<^gina^> yes

<^gina^> the trouble with the word Kundalini is that we all have
the old idea that one needs to be a yogi sitting in the snow
on a mountain staving to death

<thefool> Gina I remember a dream where I had my consciousness expand
beyond the world... it was a very strong dream for I awoke after it ..
<^gina^> how did your mind feel in the morning?
<thefool> a friend was explaining something to me in the dream and
we did a meditation and after that it was amazing ...
and in the dream everybody came and bowed to me ,
and I said there is no need to bow, I am like everybody else...
<thefool> was that a Kundalini experience?
<^gina^> sounds like you got a gift from spirit
thefool was a very valid experience

<Krishna> I have heard Kundalini can be dangerous and
you should be under a Masters guidance..your thoughts?

<^gina^> I went through the experience without a physical master...
I heard those thoughts later ...after the event...
I think that the only thing dangerous about it is the fears
that a person holds within themselves...

I think the fear thing was there to hold back humanities
evolution rather than help it
it is truly the beginning of real life
and it the greatest thing that can ever occur within us...
I was both interested in what was taking place...
as I did not know at that time
and felt like I was on a great adventure
I must say looking back that I would go through it all again

<CNH> you stated earlier about having the experience in this
or another lifetime - that implies a carryover effect, is that correct, Gina?
<^gina^> yes it does Larry...all you can achieve in this life time will add
to the next life time. The more conscious you become now
the greater the help in the next life time.
The memory comes back very fast
and it also reactivates within you....
Then it returns all the conscious past life times to you to use to help others.

<Susanrose> I used to subscribe to a magazine called "Guideposts".
In it were many amazing stories of people who had a certain
cosmic moment where they experienced a peace that passes
all understanding. For example, a man holding onto a tree during
a hurricane with water almost sweeping him away, suddenly is transported
from fear to bliss. Afterwards, the experience changes his life
as he no longer questions if he is alone. He sees life differently
and is a blessing to his family and community.

The terminology may be different, but that life-changing knowingness
that permeates the being is like a crown opening with Kundalini.
So yes, metaRev, you can be called to divine awareness with
the same results as those who have had this awaken via Kundalini.

In my experience of Kundalini, it is a spiritual awakening to this
knowingness, but it has a certain electrical component.
There are shivers of electrical current running up and down
your body. Kind of like when you hear a really moving song
and you get a shiver and goose bumps at the beauty of it...
but alot stronger with Kundalini. It is a gift because it gives
you a physical confirmation.

I recall a similar situation when being in a group of
Spirit filled Charismatic Christians. Most of them spontaneously
broke out into speaking, singing or even clucking in "Tongues".
It was a nice physical confirmation that yes, they had indeed
touched into a realm beyond what could be normally explained.
Some of those who couldn't join in were disappointed, and
hoped the "gift" would come to them as well.
So what I am trying to say is the ultimate knowingness need
not be accompanied by all the bells and whistles of the
various paths. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
When the heart is ready to accept, the knowingness is able
to awaken. But when the awakening occurs, it is unmistakable.

<^Angel^9> is this true: the only difference between us and Jesus is ... awareness??
<^gina^> I believe so
I believe that all can do what he did
<gwynnyth> he said that himself
<Tremellan> I don't think that's so surprising as Jesus was human.

<Katy> is there a way to speed up the process to achieve this?
<^gina^> one would not want to fast track their growth...
as you learn and change then you take within you the answers to live's problems
I think its really a gift to the self to bring in full consciousness.

Each life time your life gets easier to live.
All that you need to work with is supplied,
and the gifts...seeing...hearing...feeling...spirit are a by product....
You are all then channels for spirit
I feel its a waste of time trying to be a channel when
its your awareness that needs to be heightened
then spirit will channel through you when its needed

<^Angel^9> could I have had a Kundalini awakening
and still be so unsure about it?
<^gina^> I would say yes angel dear
sometimes we don't understand what had occurred
<^Angel^9> oh good
<^gina^> When I went through it I had no name for it
<thefool> Ok Gina , so my Kundalini is supposed to be awaken, after that dream?!
How do I reach the same conscious widening while I'm awake ?
<^gina^> by using it ...working with it....knowing that all you are...
all you say...all you do is for the greater good of the whole...

<MiDN> Does it help with astral projection, telekinesis,
and such things? or produce?
<^gina^> no they are products of physical phenomenon
We tend to go between physical and mental phenomenon.
The head learning is physical the heart is spiritual.
The spiritual is all there when you need it.
All we need to do is learn how to use the gifts,
and if there is a need to hold on to them...
then you will soon learn that they keep changing on you.
<rama> why?
<^gina^> because humans tend to want to hang on
as if that's all there is...there are many levels to consciousness.
As you learn to walk the paths the change gets more subtle.
There is no one way or one path.
It is really up to the individual.
Once you learn to use a gift then it becomes a part of you...then it changes
then everything changes
<rama> why does it change?
<^gina^> because you keep changing
nothing is static you know this rama

<^alex^> it seems that as our Kundalini is awakened
then it's a process of our awareness expands
so do we and by that we well as our perceptions....
and when we feel the spirit within we feel the peace and the love
<^gina^> The healing has changed within me many times

<Rob> I think it seems to change...because our viewpoint changes
<^gina^> while I agree that our truth or perception changes rob...
so does the energy levels within us. This in turn
changes the levels of consciousness

<rama> how can it be Gina when you don't own it in the 1st place
as you do not exist at all in the omnipresent one who owns and has all
<^gina^> rama unlike you I believe that we earn the right
to our consciousness and all it brings into our lives
<rama> who am I in omnipresent oneness Gina?
Who are you? Do you exist?
<^gina^> Yes I do rama
<froggy> knowing yourself will conduct you to simplicity,
key of serenity, key of love and happiness

<^alex^> so after we have reached this point and life
suddenly seems different but not...we continue?
<^gina^> yes we continue
however we continue in a manner that allows us to select how we wish to be

<^gina^> One can activate Kundalini in different ways.....
energy work...healing and working with electrical equipment
trauma...physical and mental meditation
<Santino> what did you mean by electrical equipment?
<^gina^> I have found that people who have worked for long periods of time
with computers..electronic equipment power lines etc. seem to be the natural healers
and have a certain way of looking at spiritual growth
<Santino> that sounds like me, hehe
<^gina^> I believe that you take within you some of the energy of the electricity
I came to this conclusion after talking to many people
in these fields of endeavor

<^Angel^9> In 1987 when I had that huge energy disturbance,
I was working under high power lines and frequently riding lawn mower
and the vibrations were so intense. plus I had the Sony Walk Man in my ears
<^gina^> that could have been the reason then angel :)

<ShamanGem> Gina would you comment on the physical symptoms
one may experience as a result of a Kundalini/spiritual awakening?
(i.e. pressure, headaches, etc.)
<^gina^> the first three chakra will heighten all the physical experiences
if you have emotions to deal with then the energy passing through them
will make them react emotionally and physically
the solar plexus made me laugh and cry at different things
the heart was touched by the energy and then it went on up through the throat
and into the head chakras

<ShamanGem> I know what ya solar plexus
became very active and uncomfortable
<^gina^> the throat chakra demands you speak your truth
<ShamanGem> working through blocks I suppose
<^gina^> blocks are uncleared emotions
We all have to deal with them
the head chakras open us up to the higher levels of energy and truths
<^gina^> head pain is common

<ShamanGem> but the physical. symptoms will subside eventually?
<^gina^> I found that sending healing out to the world..
the old, the sick, the children of the world, to the planet, to countries in need
allows much of the energy to be channeled off
<ShamanGem> YES!! that certainly helped me
<^gina^> this in turn aided the comfort of the body

<^alex^> so this is like taking the energy and creating in the positive?
<^gina^> yes. Energy when blocked either during the Kundalini
or just when you are changing levels will create pain within the body
Best way to have no pain is use the energy in a unselfish way
<ShamanGem> good advice : )
<metaRev> so, being an electrician by day
(in regards to what you said earlier) gives me an edge on healing?
<^gina^> yes metaRev and also it will have made you feel the call to God

<susanrose> An observation that when sensing excess energy
is that it can be released by putting your hands on the ground
and sending the energy through the soil
to the core of the earth (grounding)
<^gina^> yes
<ShamanGem> good point, Susan
* ShamanGem hands susanrose a Rose... @>}--,-`----
<susanrose> :) also, eating and drinking afterwards
reconnects to the physical
I heard that working with the soil...
as in planting or digging in the ground is good too...
Remember the saying...
Before enlightenment, Chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment, Chop wood, carry water.

<^gina^> I teach people when there is to much energy within them...
take off shoes and walk outside on the grass...hehehe no use if there is snow
water is also a good grounding
<ShamanGem> I feel that cool/cold water works better than warm/hot
<CNH> walking on the grass: would that be passively grounding,
or does intent also play a role?
<^gina^> yes intent is important in all you do...however
one needs to use the energy healing is the best way

<^alex^> when you are opened...does the vibrational frequency of things...
are they felt stronger?
<^gina^> yes and they continue to change and get stronger
however there comes a time when you may think you have lost it...
This is not the case.

It is just that you have integrated it into your beingness,
until the next inflow of energy. It is a part of you.
Each inflow of new energy will take your level of energy
up slowly to higher levels.
Thank you all for coming

<AshtarRose> Thank you Gina
<CNH> thank you, Gina
<metaRev> Thanks Gina :o)
^Angel^9 thanks from the bottom of my great big heart Gina
^alex^ sends much love and hugs to Gina with much thanks!!!!
<Santino> thanks Gina
<Susanrose>Blessings to Gina, and all who joined us at #)Gaia*Friends(.