Spiritual Street Smarts - Developing Accurate Discernment

<Susanrose> WE NEED to relax now.
Breathe together, and create a group mind
Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns

Breathing together,
We breathe in light Breathe out fear
A Coming Together A Group Intention
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Feeling our connection to the air, the wind the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life in the web of GAIA,
our mother, our earth.

Hello! My name is Susanrose, and I am coming to you from
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am 44 years young, single mom,
Lightworker, and registered nurse.

The topic tonight is "Spiritual Street Smarts/ Psychic Self-Defense"

For the part 30 years I have been in and out of a variety of spiritual explorations.
To mention a few, would be Charismatic Christianity,
Course in Miracles, Edgar Cayce/ Search for God, Church Universal Triumphant/ Prophet,
Wiccan, Goddess, and Earth Based Spirituality.
I will be drawing from a variety of sources to present this material,
as well as personal experience in becoming "Street Smart"
in surfing varieties of spiritual pathworkings.

About 4 years ago, I befriended a man on-line who said he was some kind of Masonic leader
involved in centuries worth of magic to help heal rifts between the genders.
Pretty fascinating character. Some other folks in the CompuServe New Age Forum
also became friendly with him.

Before we knew it, however, we were conducting protection light circles on his behalf.
He had a persuasive belief that the hundreds of years worth of enemy spirits
were doing battle with him and his noble Masonic brothers, and he needed our help.

His drama was larger than life and appealed to the imagination.
I am sure the man meant no personal harm to others,
but it is something I should have realized was not in frequency with my
best good. Sometimes when things sound "off" like this,
it is time to get out that 10 foot pole and blessing the person, put a good bit of distance
between yourself and the person/situation.

By allowing yourself to get pulled into spiritual battles.
you will drain your time, attention span and energy into a whirlwind of psycho-babble.
It was a confusing time for me that required Reiki treatments and prayer
to help me disengage. Because there are no mistakes,
I believe I needed to learn that lesson that truth is simple,
and the closer the energy is to the source, the more it de-mystifies and UN complicates!

<sandie> simplify
<Susanrose> :)
If any of you sweet helpful souls are becoming
involved with the gymnastics of fighting legions of gloom, beware!

While all spirit is ONE, (The Course in Miracles talks about no such thing as duality),
there are infinite varieties of aspects of the ONE that are here because of free will.
These aspects are slivers of the source that gives us the ability to play
at how we wish to create our reality. Sometimes attention to these aspects
can get us so spun around that we can hardly catch our breath!

So don't complicate your life my playing with the slivers if glass
that litter your floor after you break a mirror. You might get hurt.
Recycle the shards so that all is transformed into wholeness again.

Recall that the greatest spiritual leaders in history kept the focus simple.
Jesus taught in simple parables and said the greatest of all commandments
was to love thy neighbor and to love God.
He spoke to the woman at the well on a heart to heart level.
He washed the feet of each of his apostles.

Meet each person in your life greeting the glow of spirit as it is manifest everywhere.
Think of Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Buddha. All had one to one simple expressions of love.
None bothered themselves with elaborate rituals of protection from psychic attack.
Any if anyone should have been attacked by Legions of Darkness, it should have been them.

Kind of reminds me of the panic many nursing students felt when
given the task of deciphering a complicated IV flow rate, based on the hourly deliver of a drug.

This fear is unnecessary. Once you know the formula, it is easy.
You tape it to the back of your calculator, and you rest assured,
that when you need it you will be protected and safely give the right dose.
Truth is simple, keep the formula close to your heart. All spirit is ONE.
Be the difference that love makes. All the chips will fall into the right place
with this understanding.

Yes, recycle the splinters so that all is transformed
into wholeness again.

Like our immune system offers internal physical protection from disease,
our aura is our first line of defense. Our energy is protected
by strengthening the auric field. It is our best
calling card to help the universe keep us placed at the right place
at the right time involved in the right activity.

The following was advice given to me during meditation about how
To prepare for my work day:
"When starting that work day, think of yourself as a spiritual boxer
with great big powder puff pink boxing gloves on, so when you land
your blows they'll be soft to the person you're boxing with.
By covering yourself with light or taking the three to five
minutes in the morning to surround your day with
blessings, you will be like tying those big pink powder puff
boxing gloves on your hands.
Take the time to connect the spirit, put on your
spiritual finery in your aura before you step out. Do this
and not only will those around you not mind being hit by
your powder puff boxing gloves, but you will also save
yourself a lot of sore knuckles."

Another technique for "putting on" your spiritual finery is called
"The Tower of Light". I think this may be what Christ meant
when he said that in order to be invited into the wedding feast,
you must put on your wedding attire. The feasting inside is the
reward for the time you to dress in your auric spendor.

The technique:
"The Tower of Light" use to be a closely guarded secret that some masters
had saved for their students. The benefits include a strong aura, spiritual advancement,
defense against psychic attack, increase in self confidence and focus.

In order to help realign to wholeness when feeling the need to de-fuse
from psychic disturbances, try the following exercise.
I will go slowly so that anyone who wants to do it as I explain.
You may want to stand, or sit very erect now:

Tower of Light

1. Breath deeply and evenly

2. Progressively relax your entire body

3. Stand erect without stiffness arms at sides

4. Visualize all about you a ellipse of intense bright blue light.
This egg of blue light extends about a foot from your body.

5. When you can visualize this light around you,
visualize slightly above your head and not touching, a globe of
brilliant white light.

6. Concentrate on this light so that it becomes brighter,
like burning magnesium

7. Be aware of these two images: the cooking blue egg in which you
are entirely contained, and the intense white globe over your head

8. Aware of the bright globe over your head,
aspire to the highest good you are capable of achieving;
realizing it represents a part of the true Divine force

9. When your ready see that dazzling globe sending down
glittering white light, this light floods your aura and at the same time
completely permeates you, coursing vibrantly through you

10. Continue this formulation for some time,
as long as you can effectively concentrate on it.
The light has formed a pillar of Divine protection.
Repeat this prayer aloud:

The light of God surrounds me
The love of God enfolds me
The power of God protects me
The presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I AM, God is, and all is well.

11. Let it fade from you consciousness,
KNOWING it has NOT faded from reality.

For more help, a purification of the home and your
surroundings may help.
Get rid of any item that links you to a psychic drain.
Achieve more focus by limiting distractions. (For example,
bathing, abstaining for a day or more from sex, red meat, alcohol,
and of course, pot.}

I recently purchased a candle Scented with frankincense
and sandalwood that has had a very nice effect in my home.
Select incense or candles that imbue a calm spiritual feeling in your home.

Wear a symbol that is sacred to you.
After a heartfelt prayer, and "Tower of Light" Bathing,
light a candle or incense burner, go to every door and window in your home.
Draw your sacred Symbol in the air at each opening to the outside.
This can be a Star of David, Cross, Pentagram or whatever you feel is holy.
Speaking aloud, proclaim yourself to be in perfect alignment
with the energy of that holiness.

As like attracts like, suggest that only beings that are harmonious with that
energy will now find your home comfortable.
If doing this with another, ask your partner to lovingly sweep out
the unwanted vibes with a broom or peacock feathers,

or even a small tree branch. Bless all those energies that leave.
Never clear an atmosphere with out asking something else in it's place.
Filling the space, ask angles and light beings into your home to guide you.

Leave the incense burning until out.
Relight the candle with each daily evening meditation
to reinforce the presence of good in your environment.
Give thanks to the high spiritual energies that now share your surroundings.
Energies in your area?

I might also mention that like attracts like,
and there are law of resonance that will help you avoid
troublesome people places and situations.
Keeping your own vibrational energy in the positive may
be your best defense,

since the those who cannot resonate with
where you have placed your reality will be deflected.
I may do a whole presentation on this someday, but for now, if there
Is anyone who really wants to follow up on this, there is a great web
Site that scientifically explains how resonance works at:

<sandie> I have been using the invocation of light
that to clear a crystal, as well as to clean my furniture
and rooms.
<Sunshine-> :)
<Susanrose> OK....

The second part of my talk deals with the "Spiritual Street Smarts" necessary
when attempting intuitive skills such as divination, or listening to inner guidance.
When you hear a voice within your mind remember it could be one of 4 things:
The true voice of God-Spirit.
The voice of your own subconscious mind.(your own thought forms, beliefs)
The voice of the environmental influences (peers, conditioning from your culture)
The voice of an astral entity.

The true voice of God-Spirit.
The voice of your own subconscious mind.(your own thought forms, beliefs)
The voice of the environmental influences (peers, conditioning from your culture)
The voice of an astral entity.

According to Susan Shumsky, author of "Divine Revelation",
there are 9 tests to prevent psychic deception.
I am drawing from her book now
(Thank you, Susan for permission to quote her highly recommended information.)

Test 1: The Feeling
When you in contact with Spirit you will feel uplifted, loving, peaceful,
whole and unified.

Test 2: The Inner Knowingness
When you have no doubt , your sense of knowing just KNOWS,
you are in contact with Spirit.

Test 3: The Challenge
Test the voice by asking whether it is coming from God.

Test 4: The Name
See who the message says it is from. A personalized aspect of God
will come to you in the form you feel the most trusted.
To a Moslem, the name may be Allah, to a Christian it may be Christ, or Mary,
and Hindus may hear Krishna. Personalized aspects of God are within you.
You may believe them to be outside. It doesn't really matter.
You are a part of God. The beings who come in the name of God are messengers.
They speak as if with one voice, the voice of truth.

Test 5: The Signal
This is a physical sign that you have entered a divine space.
You have been moved to the very soul by a sermon, music,
scene or view, you have felt a physical sensation such a goose bumps,
tingling, heat, a rush of energy. You may have had tears of joy.

I (Susanrose) have experienced a surprise jolt when I message
is coming through in a dream, which awakens. These are signals that say:
Pay attention because what you are experiencing now is the truth.
Visual Signals are lights, colors with your eyes closed or open

Auditory signals are Celestial music, Ommmm, wind chimes.
Olfactory Signals are sweet fragrance, flowers, roses, incense,
fruit, when there in none in the room.

Any comments or experiences of this????

<sandie> also guidance in dreams
<Sunshine-> with me, it is just a knowing
<^Jbb> Ringing of ears can be of significance, too.
<sandie> goosebumps
<Sunshine-> love those bumps
<Susanrose> yes, sometimes I have a shiver
run up through me...most of you have seen it
or felt it when you have held my hand in a circle...(smile)

<sandie> The phone ringing to get my attention,
a divine connection, is quite an experience!
<Susanrose> hey sandie, tell us your telephone story!
<sandie> I was sitting an meditating at home
saying that I wanted more than anything
to be in contact with divine intelligence.
With that thought being spoken off my lips
the phone rang, this is at 1 am
when I picked up the phone,
no one was there, and there were no hangups.
I had instant hairs up on my neck when the phone rang.
<Susanrose> :) did it scare you or make you happy?
<sandie> The phone is a symbol of communication
I got what I asked for, I knew God was calling
It felt profound
<Susanrose> neat sandie!
<sandie> several more times, if I have a dream
that I need woken up from, the phone will ring to get my attention
and no one is ever on the other end
I always say to myself, oh that's God calling!
The ringing phone would certainly be a signal.
<^Jbb> spooky woo-woo
<Susanrose> Thanks Sandie!
I am finally getting enough trust to NOT
pull the covers over my head and hide
if I see something in the dark (smile)
I am putting it out to the spirit guides
that I am ready for visions,
that I have enough faith now to see them...
<^Jbb> For discerning Spirit,
intention is everything....
the feeling, the tone, the quality of contact.

<Susanrose> Back to the other tests:
Test 6: Awareness
You should not be in trace, but fully conscious when in contact.
It is not necessary to let anything take over you.
All the divine beings are already within you.
An exception to this would be a message coming through in a dream.

Test 7: The Quality of the Voice
A messenger of God will speak with great clarity,
sometimes poetically, sometimes humorously,
but always loving natural tone of voice.
Voices from the lower astral may be flattering,
coercive, pretentious, manipulative, melodramatic.

Test 8: Quality of the Message
The message will inspire and comfort.

Test 9: The Result
This is the last test, used after you have finished.
Ask "How do I feel?"
If you feel exhausted, you have not been talking to
Divine inner presence. Contrast this to the revitalized feelings
you have when you have felt a unity of
Being with the flow of Spirit.

The third and last part of the presentation is protection of
your life's direction from the thought forms that you encouraged.

There is a saying that when you run with dogs,
You will pick up fleas. So when you surround yourself
With people or situations that are not healthy for your progress,
You make opportunities for bonding to the wrong things.

An arc tread is an astral filament that attaches
two people together.
It can also attach people to things, pets, places, money, etc.
The fleeting touch will soon thin out and fall away,
but the deeper, repeated attachments
can and do take a lifetime to break, if then.

Examples are
An example would be a dependence or addiction to a substance.
Staying in an abusive relationship. Letting your heart break over
And over, yet not being able to walk away. Obsessing and overly
Concerned about the approval of another.

The reason is the deepest contact two people can make is a sexual one.
After all, they are sharing their bodies with each other,
and sharing the fluids that flow through, to say nothing
of the astral, mental and spiritual fluid.

The most fleeting of sexual contacts
will result in a very strong arc thread.
If you are strong-willed you may
be able to break them, if not, you will find yourself returning
to that person again and again even if you
do not wish to do so.

These cords or ropes need to be cut for the good of all.
Here is a Psychic Tie cut Healing Prayer:

I call upon (name your divine teacher)
To cut any and all psychic ties between myself and (fill in the blank).
These psychic ties are now loving cut, lifted, loved, healed, released,
and let go
Into the light and love and truth.

I ask this through the power of Love, (the living Christ)
I feel the energy moving through me
I am now FREE!
Thank you God and transmuting powers.
And so it IS.

Sometimes the thought form invading your successful destiny
Is one you helped empower. Realize this and undo it with
A thought form healing prayer.

I will give you 2 examples of thought forms that can build and
Build, and then can adversely affect your life's direction.

The first is:
One day your boss or coworker criticizes your competence on the job.
Instead of seeing what you can improve, and then brushing it off,
You dwell on it. The hurt feelings escalate as you tell your friends
Or loved ones of your disappointment, Then you tell other co-workers
About the unfairness of it all. Great, you got some sympathy, but now
You have dozen of people adding to the thought form that you started:
"Trouble on your job"
Pretty soon you are jumpy and sensitive. When your boss is moody
Or has a bad day, you imagine you are about to be axed. You start to
Look for other jobs, to relieve your anxiety. Looking for rejection,
You find more.

It is possible you could change jobs and even have to drive further or
take a pay cut to get away. Before you let it get to that,
try daily thought form busting for a week, then see if you really feel the
same way.

Another example of a thought form that got out of hand is
Involved in sensuality/beauty. While I am all for looking your best,
an example of taking on the persona of a "babe" or a "fox" can
undo the serious respect that could be held for your life purpose.

And when your reign in babe-dom fades, all you will be left with is the bobbles
your sensual enticements. A few years ago I bought a book by Dianna Brill,
who's subtitle was "How to Get Dressed in Just Under 6 Hours".

This is a prime example of how the thought form of being a "babe" went amuck
and took over a person's life. (Like Marilyn Monroe.) As you get some
rewards and attention out of this behavior, it feeds and grows and grows.
You become a prisoner, a bird in a guided cage, or a princess in a tower,
Living out your life as your thought form directs.

To undo this,
Not only do you have to undo posing yourself as ultimate fox,
but you have to wait till all the men you have enticed cool off their
desirous thought forms for you, or are enticed else where.
To aid this process, tell as many as you can that
you have found a new spirituality and are going on a vision quest
to resonate your true purpose. This will stop the day dreams about
what a sexy dish you are.

We will now do the thought form busting prayer
If any of you have a thought form you wish to dismiss,
for whatever reason, join in with me.

You might like to print what you type in it
and put it in your holiest book for extra love to the wish.
Here we go! Repeat aloud....

I invoke (divine teacher)
to hear my prayer, to strengthen me by helping
eliminate any false or unbalanced beliefs,
concepts, thoughts, or vibrations
that do not reflect the light and truth of my divine being.

I discharge any and all thoughts such as
(fill in thought)
and am instead lovingly healed and lighted in divine love and light.

I AM enlightened, I AM strengthened, I AM forgiven.
I AM enlightened, I AM strengthened, I AM forgiven.
(repeat until you receive your clear inner vibrational signal)
I AM free and open to embrace positive,
life-supporting energizing thoughts of
(fill in the new direction...success health, etc.)

I AM now in balance, I AM in control
I thank you God and SO IT IS.

Thank you all for sharing this evening and this topic with me.
Realizing that there all no accidents, may we all learn
and grow from the strengthening of our wills, as we
overcome any psychic deception and walk free in the light.

Virtue is my shield and understanding is my
saber, for my defense is in Thee, my God.

<deGoanna>Yes! so mote it be
<Susanrose> thanks deGoanna!
<deGoanna> :)
<sandie> virtue is such a wonderful shield,
I will make that mine also, I love it!
and understanding cuts through fear
<Susanrose> Understanding is Luke Skywalker's light saber.
That was a quote from Edgar Cayce's "Search for God"
study group book
<deGoanna> thank you susan, until next time!
<sandie> goodnight
<Sunshine-> see ya
<Susanrose> Good night Jbb, Cyber, and
{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}} to all!