The Four Elements

<Susanrose> Tonight's topic is: "The Four Elements" hosted by Paza.
While we are waiting for the arrival of others,
we are sharing wher we are living:
<Dove> NewYork, USA
<Aixa> Texas, USA
* Sunshine- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
<Susanrose> Sunshine is my real neighbor...
I am also in Pittsburgh, as well as the )Gaia*Friends( web page
being located at City-net, a local Pittsburgh internet providor
Frater is here from Norway, .... a prize to Frater for being up real late for this!
It is hard for those in Europe to attend, since it is in the middle of
the night for them.
<Andrea> B.C. Canada
<whtrose> Texas
<^puma^> ((((((GINA))))))
<Susanrose> Gina is from New Zealand.... That was just
a small selection of those gathering here. And now, I'll turn the
discussion over to Paza.

* Paza welcomes all to this edition of #)Gaia*Friends(
Tonight's topic is "the 4 elements"
But first let me tell you a bit myself...

My name is Mike Gradman and I am a 20 year old in my third year as a
Computer Science and Math major at New Mexico Tech.
I am known as "Paza" on Internet Relay Chat.
Since Feb. 1995, I have been traveling down a natural spiritual path
devoting myself to provide emotional and spiritual advice,
teaching, and healing to those who seek it. I work with ethereal energy
In various ways, such as through and in auras and crystals.

This session focuses on the most important energies I work with,
The four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. Some people consider Spirit the
fifth element. We'll be examining each of the elemental forces and their
characteristics :).

The way we'll be doing this is talking about each of the four elements in turn....
starting with the element which represents the direction of East...air
and then proceeding to Fire (south), Water (west), North (earth),
and then what many consider to be the fifth element: spirit (center) :)

I'll introduce each element with the appropriate stanza from a poem I wrote
called "In Harmony with the Elements"
Let's get started. East : The Element of Air :)

Feel my refreshing breeze caress your skin,
Let me fuel your ships as you explore new horizons,
Rest and dream peacefully on the clouds which float in me,
Swiftly, I blow the Sands of Time along the Sacred Path.

Air is the first element most Circles use when invoking the directions....
When working with magic or ethereal energy, air has some specific qualities
which help deal with the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels
usually with Air, I tend to think of an eagle flying in a clear blue sky
this makes it easier to see the characteristics
Physically, Air energies usually give person lots of energy..
to where they know no limits and gets their adrenaline flowing :)
which helps them enjoy what they are doing :)
Emotionally, you may feel very playful from Air energies :)
more importantly a sense of freedom
like the graceful wings of the eagle allowing him to fly over the land with ease
which gets us into the spiritual aspects of air :)

often in meditation, we may like to let the spirit roam
almost in a sense of wanderlust
just wanting to explore wherever we end up :)
where we can learn valuable lessons
so in general with the element of air, think of being carefree and full of energy
like the eagle :)

<Steven> do you use prana Paza?
<Paza> Steven: I have never been quite able to understand
the term "prana" except when it deals with Aura energies..
but if it covers all kinds of ethereal energies, yes
I actually work with the energies of the elements themselves
with a lot of the work I do
<Steven> you may like my web page

* Paza will continue....
with the second element in the Circle.....South, the element of fire
I bring you warmth and joy in a blaze of glory,
Let me provide you shelter from the harshest winter storms,
Use me in your rites and ceremonies,
And I will illuminate your spirit!

As with air, fire has its particular characteristics...
think of a torch which fuels you ...
for this direction
and the flame is calm, but bright and glorious :)
physically, Fire represents strength
and pushing hard to go beyond your limits.

Unlike air, where you just ease past your bounds
The emotions for Fire are very powerful...confidence, drive, and courage
by working with Fire, you can overcome stress with the "brute force"
of these lion-like emotions

Spiritually, Fire is where you commit yourself to a core set of beliefs
and in some Circles,
probably refers to the part of an Initiation ritual where you give an oath
to formalize that commitment
so with fire, if you think of the torch, that will always keep you going :)

We come to the direction of West, the element of Water...

Flow along with me and you will live peacefully,
Drink me to quench your thirst in the cruelest desert,
Listen to me as I shape the land,
And I'll take you safely along for the ride.

The keyword here is "flow"....
as it underlies the element's major characteristics
Physically, water allows us a chance to relax or rest the body
and staying within its limits...
as well as a place of refreshment, water quenches our thirst

Water is the place where you don't try to force things to happen,
but letting events happen on their own.
It is also a place to be calm, and take it easy
the spiritual aspects here are very closely linked with the emotional
by trusting your intuition and higher self to let things happen
and allowing meditations to develop their own flow
so you may be guided where you are meant to go
<Thena> my intuition only ever gets me in trouble tee hee
<Paza> Thena: that happens to me too sometimes,
that is where discretion sometimes comes in
<Sunshine-> maybe it is ego not intuition
<Frater_A> thena: give your intuition time to develop
and it will become more true

<Susanrose> Water...emotions...fluid... cleansing....
<Steven> we have an us that is made up of the feelings etc.
we like to think of as the feeling us etc.
this is the emotional body
<Steven> water is spirit
<whtrose> water is consciousness
<Susanrose> water is unconscious too
<Paza> the freshwater stream flows, and sort of has a mind of its own
to purify and cleanse us :)

<Susanrose>Water is in the west, like the sunset... helps us in parting,
endings. You cant stand on water... unless you are a master :)
yet it is strong enough to carve the grand canyon...
<Dove> must be why there are tears at endings
<Sunshine-> :)
<Paza> Dove: yes :)

<Steven> ah! how about this
In meditation, I had an incredible cry
In each tears drop I saw a saint sitting
this tear represented each world.
it was very freeing
* Paza once had an experience where he saw the waves of an Ocean
at sunset and he cried the tears of this ocean in a very important time
of emotional cleansing......
it allowed me to release held back emotions and move on

<Paza> the fourth element in the Circle
the Direction of North ---> Earth

Rejoice! Your labors have reached fruition.
All of your hard work in the fields has paid off,
Enjoy the bread, fruits, and wine which I have grown for you,
And celebrate your Union with me.

This element has many aspects.....think of a very big fruit tree
The tree has roots which grow deep down into the soil :)
Which represents having strong foundations....
grounding , on the spiritual plane
and the tree being tall means growth and progress.

<Susanrose> Thank the earth for giving us solid footing in the world
of form. It gives us something to stand firm!
<Paza> nice stable growth without uncontrollably floating away :)
Emotionally, earth energies nurture and protect us :)
Just as trees care for us and protect us from the hot and cold
also a sense of community results
from the interconnection through the soil
of the plants and physically, Earth represents health and fertility :)
and nourishment
the apples of the tree keep us physically healthy :)
giving us the necessary sustenance we all need to live :)
So all aspects of Earth are described nicely through the fruit tree :)
* Sunshine- sends roots from her feet deep into mother earth
for grounding

<Susanrose> north and earth are at the position of midnight
on the wheel of the circle.... they are a place of mystery....
we call on the north star for direction when we call from the earth
to that which guides the sailors across the oceans.

<Paza> Gaia is the Goddess of the Earth :)
Who this channel is named after :)

<Paza> if there are no questions, we now proceed to the Center....
...the element of Spirit :) where everything comes together :)

I am all there is in the Universe,
The energy which transcends time and space,
Call on me in the toughest times,
And I will be your guiding light.

Here balance and love are the key
Spirit works with all of the elements to obtain a perfect balance
as we are all different, we each need are own blend of the qualities
of air, fire, water, and earth
hence the need for Diversity

As we all are Spirit, we are One :)
so Spirit underscores Oneness and Diversity :_)
which need a perfect Balance to achieve Love and Peace :)
<whtrose> yes, the many facets of the One Diamond

<Paza> hence the Circle of the Elements teach us a lot
we can apply in our lives on all levels :)
and to live Naturally _with_ the planet, rather than against it
(against as in pollution)
So the best place to live is right here :)
with each other.. and "In Harmony With the Elements"

<Paza> Balance is definitely the most important
(and sometimes hardest) goal we should work towards
* Sunshine- thinks balance most important

<Paza> closing questions or remarks?
<Susanrose> As without, so within, we ask for the cooperation
of the elements of nature without... we ask for the elements in our body
to harmonize for perfect health
Remember that we are not more than 2 cells thick,
away from salt water fluid in our bodies
so we are still very much like the ameoba,
swimming in the primordial ocean
<Paza> and sunshine
* Sunshine- thanks Susanrose, grateful for teaching :)

<^Dove^9> Thank you Paza :) Well done :)
* ^Angel^9 hugs my cyberson {{{{{PAZA}}}}} squeezing tight
frater_a thanks :)
* Paza *group hugs* everyone :) are all wonderful! :)
<whtrose> kudos paza
<Aixa> Paza... thanks. a great presentation.
<Steven> thanks paza, nicely done
<Andrea> Thank You presented the information
in a clear and interesting way..well
<Mara^> Thank you for inviting me tonight, the presentation was lovely.
I am looking forward to applying what you have presented.
Goodnight all.