Accessing The Akashic Record :

Who Are My Guides? - What is My Mission?

<Ganesha> We will be having a meditation
to Open the Akashic Record tonight.
The Akashic Record is the Place where all events
in time and space are recorded.
It is possible to access the akashic record
through meditation and guidance.
So, first we will set up a space of harmony - peace - wisdom....

We are gathered here together this evening
seeking guidance from spirit.
We ask that Spirit be present and we are Opened
to the Reflections of Our Masters Teachers.
Loved Ones and Guides.

Let Us all Visualize and Imagine
that we are in a huge meadow or field under the night sky.
We are in a circle.
Connected by our co-creative dynamic
and conscious awareness.
We ask That 3 concentric pyramids of light be placed over us
and that the four corners of the pyramids be aligned
to the four corners of the Universe.

We ask that the 4 arch angels stand at the 4 corners
of these three pyramids.
Rapheal to the East.
Michael with his sword of discrimination and dispassion to the South.
Gabriel to the West
and finally Uriel, the Lord of the Akashic Record to the North.
We ask that events, guidance, and timing
that is for our highest and best interest,
accordance with Divine Consciousness be revealed to us
here in this space and time.

We cross out negativity
and bring down the healing power of god in this space.
We ask that we be LIFTED IN 3 Concentric spheres of Light
to The Plane of Consciousness.
That is One Heart and Mind with God.
We ask That Only Love Joy and Truth Come to us and from Us.
We ask that we be lifted in a galaxy
of iridescent light by these sphere to a Great Library in the North.

We are Lifted to the Great Door.
The Door is before Us, it seems so familiar
have we been here before
a beautiful wise old angel opens the door for us
ahhhh ... It is Uriel.
We bow our heads and nod ever so slightly.
May we come in? The door is opened and we are beckoned
inside to this incredible Library.

<Ganesha> Wow!!!
There are enormously high ceilings
and shelves and shelves of every kind of book.
The shelves go on for as far as the eye can see.
We are led to a table.
The table is sooo long.
We all take our seats at this table.
Smaller, younger looking angels come out.
Each of us is assigned a special angel guide
to help us in the Akashic Library.
Look at your angel....say hello and note their features.
We are looking for answers to specific questions we might have
about ourselves, our lives, our guides,
our mission on the planet..

You know what your questions are....
Ask your guide...your little angel...
to go and get YOUR BOOK on this subject.
The angel runs to get our specific book
and brings it back to us at the table...
maybe it is the book of our Mission...
maybe it is our Book of REIKI...
maybe it is our book of guides...
maybe it is our book of former planets and lifetimes.
Whatever...this book is brought to us

now...we will each be spending a moment leafing through our book
and imbibing in a meditative state the messages
contained there for us.
We may want to write some of them down.
Take a pen and paper if guided and begin writing....
maybe you have a book of your guides
and you are getting specific assignments from them.
Maybe you are looking at your mission book
and seeing your planetary mission.
Maybe you are looking at your book of healing and
getting new insight to your process and growth.


This is space for the next 15 min...
for us to share our books and channel to EACH other...
if we feel guided....our truth, our record...

<Ganesha> I will begin.
I am looking at my book of planets.
I live in a land of beauty and love...abundance fills my being.
This is a picture of a long ago lifetime.
I am sweet and happy...
I feel the teaching here is that helping others
to feel beautiful is a way of healing and growth...
something to bring to my present practice.
Anyone else have a book to share?

<LadyNada> I do
Just as you asked the angel to run and get it...
he came back with something like a map
and laid the map out on a table,
and put push-pins in each corner to hold it down
It is my mission plan, and I guess I got carried away!
All I could do is glance at it, and get up and start dancing!
<Ganesha> incredible...are you getting new assignments?
I think I am on the right track, and its almost time to celebrate

<Ganesha>thank-you beautiful sharing of your book and guidance.
LadyNada spins around a few times...
Anyone else have new guidance?

<angel-7> All I got from it was a picture of a beautiful
female angel dressed in gorgeous pink --
the color of unconditional love
<Ganesha> great angel, must be one of your guides.

<thera> My angel showed me a picture of Edgar Cayce,
and said I too am diagnosing and healing,
that is why I have always been in the medical fields,
and my readings are medical. also to show people
(flowers) hope and love, and let them see tears water
their roots for growth and healing.
a single tear makes light shine.
Lean on my God and Know and trust each soul given
what is needed in the readings
<Ganesha> incredible thera, So beautiful

<wunjo> can someone look for mine?
I can never get stuff like this:( but I want to badly.)
<Ganesha> wunjo, try again...imagine...your book
<LadyNada> wunjo, I get that your book is blue and gold
its got ornate design on it, that's raised...
you can run your fingers over the designs
<wunjo> wow
<Ganesha> its your book, ask a question? it open
<wunjo> ok:)
<Ganesha> again...
affirm to Uriel the Lord of the Akashic Record.....
I am open and lifted to the plane of consciousness
that is one heart and mind with god

<deanna> I got a message affirming my mission ...whoa!!...
so much work.. ascending at the point of interface....
into a whole new world...this is something that is going to happen.
to me? to us? is Heart, a merging.....
<Ganesha> GREAT Deanna!!!!

<My-Key-El> The information I am getting is still coming through....
which I am typing into a file
a feeling ,that I am archangel Michael .... .......
<Ganesha> become him, channel him, what is he saying My-Key?

<My-Key-El> the Archangel Michael bids you welcome lightbeings!
and where the heart is there is love
and the golden beam of light will always protect you
the beams of light all cross through the heart
in each of the directions, and in the center
open your heart chakra to unconditional love
and receive attunement
from the stars and the golden light
Call the energy which flows through the universe
to heal you

<My-Key-El> the day of light is here for you to enjoy
and there is much more here in the library which is her for your perusal
and the doors are open for you to explore each of these places
and times as the records keep all of the information
from the "ends" of time
You are protected by the light of me and the other archangels,
also your guides, and fellow spirits

<Leva> my-key that is most beautiful
angel-7 smiles big at cyberson My-Key-El :)

<Ganesha> we are in co-creative awareness and process here...
Love and opening our Hearts to new assignments and awareness
We will be closing our books and giving them back to our angels

LadyNada rolls up her map
My-Key-El returns his book
thera hugs her angel :)
MiaLove hugs her angels with gladness and Love

<Ganesha> and we watch as they are brought back to the shelves
We Thank our Masters Teachers Loved Ones and Guides
and especially the little angels and Uriel,
the lord of the akashic record
We all get up from the table, remembering ...

<adhva> the memory of my book goes with me to my dreams

<Ganesha> we can return here again and again
...gently we open the great door
and step out onto our iridescent carpet of light and
we are instantly whooshed back to our field
we sit in our co-creative circle
in our field
We feel relaxed but enlivened
Lets join hands for one min.
the energy moves around the circle in a clockwise fashion
and connects us
we feel the soul collective spirit
We thank our masters teachers, loved ones, and guides
We thank Uriel the lord of the akashic record
Our hearts and minds integrated healed and made whole
by this experience
We squeeze hands and release
our circle is NOW OPEN for feedback

<adhva> thank you ganesha my eyelids are fluttering
and warm breezes of love waft from my guides!
<Ganesha> Thank-you for the opportunity to show you
the Great Library in the North

<Ganesha> is anyone interested in doing another akashic group
sometime to grow and learn more from the library?
<note: many answered "yes">
<Ganesha> I learned this from a very great Akashic Record Reader
that I studied with 10 years ago
This is a highly spiritual actually burns karma as you do it
When you open past life records in the library,
it brings the karmas to light, and it is a place of disintegration
for these karmas on an energetic level.
When opening spiritually, the energy in the base of the spine
becomes awakened and as the energy moves through you.
you burn the seeds of karmas not brought to fruition

>Tx> thank you all for that nice session.. looking forward to others :) good night

<Susanrose> Thanks again Ganesha, you did a great job tonight!

<My-Key-El> thank you ganesha of the golden light
thera would like to thank Ganesha for a beautiful meditation
<Luckyme> what a blessing to be here tonight

<Susanrose> Good night to all!

<MiaLove> I am glad to have learned from you, Ganesha :)
I am grateful
May You Walk In Peace and Balance, dear friends :)

LadyNada spins around a few times...

angel-7 sends also Love Light Laughs to all remaining on channel
-- and bids goodnight! :)