Activating a Living Light Tapestry

<AriannaSR> (shanadeer) has agreed to lead )Gaia*Friends( this evening.

Her forte is to clear, adjust and moderate the connective
etheric blueprints of the axialtonal lines that run from the human body,
to open up Divine Expression.

In order to receive the most benefit from the group spiritual visualization
that will follow, please review the following definitions.

Future Self - a more integrated level of one's Self, in full Light Body;
holds the patterning for the next steps in one's evolution.

Grid - is an energetic structure used to clear stagnant energies
and hold certain intentions and frequencies. Larger grids are usually
maintained with the help of Angelics and other Divine Forces.

Living Light Tapestry - is a type of grid that was transmitted to Tobin
(shanadeer) from her Future Self. It's purpose is for clearing
of energies, stabilization and programming in of specific frequences.

Love Resonator - a co-created and collaborated magical activational
sculpture developed in the Field of Potential located in Hearthstone
(in the higher astral and acting as a stepping stone for the dimensional
shifts occuring on Planet Earth).

Multidimensional - we exist on all planes, dimensions and octaves of
these. As our awareness expands, we are able to access ourselves to
varying degrees and use this greater awareness to enrich conscious

[shanadeer] greetings all :)
I am your gracious guide for this evening

[Dreamie] :)

[shanadeer] I'm going start by saying a little bit about the
work I do and open the forum up for a little discussion please feel free to
add info or questions at anytime

ok, breath at the moment
this channel is set up with a few specific grids that aid in clearing one of
these grids was given to me by my future self.

The work I have been doing has been integral with irc work.
I have found that accessing energy and new technologizes is aided by
working and sitting on irc.. one of the grids here right now is called a Living
Light Tapestry.. it is sitting on the 'floor' of this channel :)
when we feel ready I am going to activate it
to use in clearing and to see if you can get a sense
or feel of it.

There is a dome over the channel which is accessing 7th dimension
energies and tones.
I'm going to ask right now..that the tones be increased by about a third...
want all of us to sit and see if we can sense any shift.

[ACTION] ori^ grounds
[MIKRON] in our own way we are clearing!!!!!!!!!
love and light!!!!!!!
[ACTION] Dreamie breathes in deeply.....
[shanadeer] for those that have not settled in
take some breaths
open up the top of your heads and relax your belly
the tapestry that is lying beneath it...
is in a neutral position...but in this acts as a grounder and
stabilizer as u begin to relax...I will say a little more about who I am...

Coming into the planet...
never felt part of the indigenous population...
more like an observer and through out my life...
always questioning what was going on here :)
[Dreamie] :)
[shanadeer] and what a time we are having on this planet now? hehe

[ACTION] Dreamie feels light....
[ACTION] Cmyst feels light as she opens unto the peace

[shanadeer] after a lot of recent expansion...and sitting in a period of
adjustment I have begun to access more multidimensionally what this
means is I am in touch with places where I also exist and accessing them
with much less effort.
(and many of us are doing this...accessingmulti-dimensionally)

The benefit of to bring in different energy, frequencies and
We are living amidst great change
[MIKRON] the century is going back to zero!!!!!
[shanadeer] and many people are freaking out
[ACTION] Dreamie loves this energy.....
[shanadeer] and many of the position team members (the general pop.)
don't know what is going on!!! there is a need for clearing technologies
basic clearing of energetic fields
clearing of environments in general
and also in further opening of the heart
and activating unconditional love for all beings.

[Dreamie] :)
[shanadeer]whether u like someone of not isn't relevant
[Dreamie] hehe
[Cmyst] Yes Shana exactly
[shanadeer] ok I'll shut up for a sec :)
[Dreamie] you're absolutely right!
hehe you're doing great shanadeer :)
[shanadeer] and focus more on bringing in...
transmitting energies :)
[ACTION] pa^pa honors the light and love in shanadeer's essence
[ACTION] Dreamie holds her palms out.....
feeling the energies of the Universe
[ACTION] pa^pa is so honored to be a part of the earth and this
transformation right now

[shanadeer] ok
as we sit I'm going to activate and initialize the living light tapestry.
This is an energetic structure that clears.
As I do this I will tell you a very short story from an experience I had the
other night....
bringing the tapestry up through us and up upper dimensionally...
Shaking out excess energies as it goes and bringing it down
with 'captured' energies from 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions through our bodies
and shaking it out
keep it moving up and down as i speak
The other night.... I was out in public a thing I don't really enjoy usually
hehe I don't like being around alot of erratic energy...
[Dreamie] heeh
[shanadeer] especially when I am mutation and going through lots of
shifts cause I feel vulnerable when that is going on....
along with all the energy pouring into the planet!! so...
I tried out everything I knew....
to clear and stay clear
nothing was working well that is...
then I remembered this tapestry so..
sitting in this restaurant...
which I had waited an hour to be seated in..
(running the tapestry up and down)
I initiated the tapestry
instant and total clearing now..
this is a tool I had been given by my future self...

What is the future self???
this is something I have been exploring
in our lives...
when we contact things or beings that are not physical...
it takes a while of trial and error as to whether we should believe in
these things...and even ask if they are real.
so..i have been doing this as well with my future self
lots of trial and error but it seems to be holding as a real thing sits for a
few seconds.
what are Thoth...going on here?:)
is anyone feeling, sensing the tapestry?
[Da-Ra_El] Carsthmonen ianesit opear iniak etea... shrimniaet.
[shanadeer] oh!
[ACTION] pa^pa has felt it for some time and has been active in his
version of it
[ACTION] Da-Ra_El senses it well...
[Cmyst] As I process with open heart and intuition the Truth becomes
closer with each breath
[Ganesha] not sure, but it feels good here
[shanadeer] :)
[ACTION] Star_Wolf can sense it along with the interconnectedness of
the Universe (which he has felt all day)
<AriannaSR> I connect with the Spirit of all!
[ACTION] Dreamie feels glorious!!!
[Ganesha] :) the time is sweet here
[MIKRON] quantum reality we are all connected!!!!
[Da-Ra_El] Thoth... knows all that is. Knowledge and wisdom = Power and
temperance = Brahma
[ACTION] ori^ 's palms are flowing with energy
[ACTION] reality_ feels the tapestry as It flows with All
[shanadeer] great :)
we are ready to try something else!!
[ACTION] Dreamie breathes in the flowing energies of the Universe.....
[Dreamie] mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......
<AriannaSR> lead on shahadeer!
[Dreamie] ears are buzzing..... :)
[shanadeer] :) ok....
[SERVER] Da-Ra_El's nickname is now Thoth
[shanadeer] going to initiate something called a love resonator, I'll
describe it as I go along
[ACTION] Thoth says to himself "this feels much better for now... I think
I shall remain like this for a while..."
[shanadeer] feel free to speak up around adjustments that u feel
maybe needed
[MIKRON] the lesson as stated by huna called manawa {{{{{{{{NOW IS THE
MOMENT OF POWER]]]]]]]]]]]]]
[shanadeer] ok
[Dreamie] :)
[shanadeer] around this channel is a column it surrounds us as i speak
it builds in the column is a flower like a lotus at heart level
step into that place in the center of the flower
[ACTION] pa^pa adds to the energy of the column
[shanadeer] are small fountains
breath and get adjusted
[Cmyst] Love is the KEY to the Journey
[Dreamie] mmmmmmmmm
[shanadeer] the first part of the resonator process involves opening
the heart gently
as releasing any hardness
old pain, fear, doubt
as we begin to release
there are gems imbedded in the column
that go off activating the release
[Thoth] Love forms the keyhole in which we must insert the key, in
order to open the various paths we seek to our Selves
[shanadeer] ....just be with this for a few moments
[WINDWISP4] right
[shanadeer] breath
[Dreamie] <breathing>
[Thoth] In order to open these doorways, in order to pass through them,
we must use what lies to the opposite of this force on our Tree Of Life...
Wisdom, Will. The Will to define which Reality we are travelling in.
We are only as close to God as we decide to create
for Ourselves...
[Dreamie] :)
[shanadeer] allowing your heart to soften and expand
[Dreamie] feeling very peaceful......
[shanadeer] good
[Thoth] Greetings Star_Wolf :) We welcome you back, into these realms
of creation...
[shanadeer] at any time in this process that u feel u need to release
just come back to this going to move on
activating....increasing love vibration
a different set of gems and crystals begin to light up and move around the
stay still
[Dreamie] :)
[shanadeer] see if you can sense the increase in love resonance.
In just a moment I am going to open the trigger point for more love
[ACTION] Ganesha heart is the heart of the Universe..and the expansion
and contraction is in unison to the subtle vibration of love
[shanadeer] (requesting greater capacity and greater
[Dreamie] <breathing>
[shanadeer] now
this is the trigger point
summon to you
the point of love u can remember
when u were the most loving, open

[ACTION] Thoth forces the body to breathe, as the spirit activates the
body once more
[shanadeer] 'in love'
bring forth a moment...a time..a place when this was occurring
this is a handle when u begin to get the handle
[ACTION] pa^pa is the most loving he has ever been at this very moment
[shanadeer] project your heart out towards the column that is in
front of you :)
the resonator column is designed to project it back in a magnified way
so deepen the love
the expedience of loving
[Dreamie] mmmmmmmmmmm
[shanadeer] and bring it home to your being.
deeper, more
sends tones
that which u send out
returns 100 fold
release more to make room if needed
the challenge of opening deep in your heart is that u must clear away the
old pain
this is part of the process
relax your shoulders
[ACTION] StrWolf watches his IRC ghost grace the channel with his
divine presence as we move up to a higher level of love vibrations
[shanadeer] if and when you reach capacity in your heart...
then send love to every cell in your being
we are beings of love
love is the substance that makes up our universe
ecstasy is the vibration of normalcy :)
normalcy being a good thing
meaning it is normal to feel ecstatic
it is allowed
it is who we are
[ACTION] Ganesha is ecstatic
[MIKRON] yes shanadeer the HEART center is expanding !!!!!!!!!!!
[shanadeer] opening the column we can sit or stand and
face in towards this circle facing each other
seeing each other with our hearts
wow I am so glad you are here on this planet
thank you for coming
what courageous souls to be standing on the planet in these times
what magnificent beings
what truly unique and divine beings we are
[Dreamie] w/out a doubt!! :)
[shanadeer] we were called to be on this planet at this time and we
[MIKRON] i send love and light, peace and thanks to Shanadeer, may you
light the way!!!!
[shanadeer] out of love
[reality_] the family of humanity creating a Unified Cup through which
Light and Love will our into planet Earth
[shanadeer] and what a hard path it has been for all of us
[reality_] minus the our..;)
[Dreamie] nothing worthwhile comes easy....
[shanadeer] the courage it has taken us to stand in the light
[reality_] pour
[MIKRON] yes out of love,,,, we have courage !!!!! this cosmic days
[Dreamie] :)
[ACTION] pa^pa sees this as an act of love the coming here for many of
us did not need to return
[shanadeer] so I ask all of u to open your hearts and call out to the
ones that u are still connected to
that did not come onto the planet to bath us in light and support and
now shine on!!!
[reality_] wow, what an incredibly strong Presence here.
[ACTION] ori^ calls in the gold light to shower all around.
[ACTION] Ganesha acknowledges the path of light on the planet and the
light expressed in the myriad forms here
[ACTION] pa^pa sees this as no accident, incredible love her at this
[Dreamie] calling all angels...and sends us love and
light....peace and continue on our paths.
[MIKRON] yes ganesha!!!
[ACTION] Cmyst rejoices in the pure love and light that surrounds us
fills us and returns us to the Source
[Ganesha] I'm and light, thank-you :))))
[ACTION] Dreamie feels the warm love surrounding us....
[shanadeer] opens out the love resonator column
let it dismantle
keeps the living light tapestry below us as a stabilizer

open forum

[MIKRON] the courage is within us all to open, it never really left us
[ACTION] pa^pa sees how the love of the source heals all
[Dreamie] peace and happiness....
[shanadeer] :)
[reality_] Love! for in doing so we fulfill the Spirit of Life, the purpose
of Creation
[MIKRON] thank you shanadeer for facilitating the shift of the
[ACTION] pa^pa sees the light in shanadeer and honors its presence
[ACTION] pa^pa sends his deepest and most loving regards to shanadeer
[MIKRON] love and light honor to mother Gaia and to all here!!!!!
[ACTION] Cmyst acknowledges the divinity within us All
<AriannaSR> Thank you shanadeer for the splendid meeting!!
[Cmyst] and thanks Shana for the journey
[shanadeer] :)
[MIKRON] thanks shanadeer for being heart centered and sharing wit us
[ACTION] pa^pa loves you all and sends you light and love until he may
return to this love circle
[ACTION] ori^ sends shanadeer a beautiful sphere of light.
[shanadeer] :)
[ACTION] reality_ gives Love to the channel and all who share in its
[Cmyst] Peace and love to all
[shanadeer] same here...bows out <3>>>>>>>>>>>>
[MIKRON] nameste to all!!!
[StrWolf] thank you all for this de-light-ful circle
[ori^] good night all
[pa^pa] good night all i love you
[reality_] keep your hearts open to the experience ofOneness. Namaste
[MidN] night
[MIKRON] peace !!!
[Cmyst] Good bye beautiful spirits
<AriannaSR> good night friends!

[Special Note]

Information about (shanadeer) and her work were
lovingly added after the Mach 31st meeting of )Gaia*Friends(
in order to enhance the spiritual understanding presented.

The leader of )Gaia*Friends(, March 31st session is Tobin Eckian
(shanadeer). She has been sharing art processes and guiding
groups and individuals since 1984.
Her working background includes both traditional and
nontraditional arenas as a clinical coordinator and art therapist,
conductor of 6 month long Vision Quest
intensives, week long mountain art retreats and
divine expression sessions.

Tobin Eckian (shanadeer) recently completed a book titled
"Image Resonance: Connecting to the Next Steps in Our Creative Process".
The book culminates 11 years of research in the field of
Divine Expression. She is currently working on 2 new books,
as well as marketing her new line of "Living Art"
(A series of activational paintings that act as dimensional

[ PHOTO CREDIT: "Holy" by Tobin Eckian ]