Creating Sacred Space

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns

Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear
A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.

As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our Earth.

<Arianna> WE ARE READY

Creating a Sacred Space:

While light circles can be spontaneous,
and through the good will have very
successful outcomes,

there are general
guide lines that I have researched, that
advise those interested in creating
a healing or magical circle.

Two sources I would recommend are
"The Elements of Beginning Ritual Construction"
by Blacksun, published by Circle.
and "True Magic" by Amber K, Published
by LLewellyn's

To summarize, there are steps to be
taken when facilitating such a circle

1. Establish the area.
If in the physical, the room must be clean and tidy.
You may be entertaining the want
to resonate with the vibrational forces that would
not be repelled by your surroundings.

In cyber gatherings, make sure your computer area
is clean. A lit votive candle and incense burner would
help create the mood of the surroundings. Peaceful
music would enhance the environment as well.
Discourage others from joining our channel
if they have other channels also going
that are not near the same vibrational quality channel
as )Gaia*Friends(

2. Consecrate or purify yourself or the area.
This can be done through taking a shower, bath,
prior to the gathering, deep slow breathing,
a period of aura cleansing, a shifting of consciousness.

3. Declaring your intent, crystallizing the vision of
WHY you want to do the circle now.

Our intent tonight is to share and increase our
love and light,
to utilize the moon ray aspects to
aid our wishes,
and to rest in the
Divine Presence.
We will be listening to our still small
voice and sharing what we hear.

Recently, several have come to me with
their feelings of grief over the recent death of
Rabin, and how this can be used on the inner
planes to accelerate
the peace process
in the middle east. So if you want to
join in with this, add a special wish for
peace and harmony in Israel/Palestine,
during the ceremony.

[seawind] same as JFK
[chakra1] good idea

[Pranaflow] The shock and trauma from yesterday's tragedy...
[Pranaflow] has made it possible, on the inner planes...
the assassination left me in a state of shock and now well as
according to
occult, the veil between the spirit and physical planes has fallen
to meld together diverse opinions...
in a way not normally possible.
Hence, the peace process...
can be enhanced by the assassination.
And tonight, we can all make a difference.
and the ethereal "sting" of this tragic event is still with me now
<Ariannna> Thank you Prana, that is a good way of taking a negative event
and turning it into a positive one of hope

[mark54] thoughts are things ..... so create the continuing peace with your

[Paza] and last night i was very sad
[Paza] prana: i think that this assassination is a major turning point for's either
going to tear people apart or bring them together....through tonight's
ceremony, let's wish
for a coming together of all people in the path of peace...

[chakra1] it didn't hit me till late last night and even more so today
[ACTION] chakra1 is worried about the other negative people who agree with
what the
assassin did
[Danie-] the power of our energy together can accomplish so much more than
any one of us could do on our own... wonderful idea

[Pranaflow] CNN coverage today already shows a stronger commitment to the
process from Israel, Palestine and Lebanon
[ACTION] Pranaflow is still in tears
[chakra1] me too Prana

<Ariannna> Argus also requested that we remember Prime Minister Rabin
<Ariannna> Any comment to add Argus?
<Ariannna>yes, it is fortunate that we are gathered here

[Pranaflow] It is more than hope, it is spiritual action
[chakra1] CNN also shows those people celebrating his death

[Tiphareth] . A healing circle? OK I'll be in that

[ACTION] Tiphareth is afraid that this assassination seems awfully similar to
the quatrain
about the Antichrist's rise to power which Nostradamus spoke of.

[ayla^] i spoke today with friends in Israel
but they are strong.....
they hold positive thoughts for their country
[Pranaflow] There are diverse thoughts, yet work on the inner planes to
create peace is
easier at times of shock such as this
<Ariannna> I will go on
[chakra1] <listening>

Other reasons for circles include
celebrating the holidays, seasons,
praise and worship of dieties,
group magic and energy raising,
special life passages, such as
handfasting (marriage,)
births, deaths, coming of age.

4. Creating a boundary around your space.
This protects those within from
outside distractions, and contains and
concentrates the feelings raised to
be directed to it's appropriate outcome.

5. Calling the Directions
The directions of east , south , west and north
are associated with the elements of air
fire, water and earth.
By "Alerting"
these, we are preparing the subconscious
that important work is to begin.

All these modes of physical, mental,
and spiritual energy fields
are recognized as partners in our transformation.

Other holy ones may be invoked
and holy symbols be displayed to
gain the momentum and support of
those powers you hold most dear.

6. Raising the energy
By now, the group has come together in
cooperative agreement of their intent.
A rhyming couplet is often used, chanting slowly,
then with increasing speed.
This appeals to the inner child, unleashing the
buried energies. The inner child is not a
critic, so the chant can be simple and vivid.

Examples of rhyming chants are:

<<Healing for injured knee:>>
Mary can now move with ease
because she has 2 healthy knees!

Safety Reigns in Pittsburgh,
our loving wishes now are heard!

Lady Liberty, full of Might
Send the Russian's Freedom's light

Sparkling light is our desire
Growing love that reaches higher

[chakra1] i like that one
<<Sent to the White House (smile):>>
Let Wisdom Ring!
Our hearts Sing!

<<To Victims of Airplane Crash:>>
Golden light direct their souls
Guiding light to make them whole.

Other ways to raise energy
include singing, dancing, breathing
techniques, drumming, clapping.
I should be simple to do
repetitive and rhythmic,,
and continued long enough
for the energy to peak

[Tiphareth] Will of water, inner wheel,
I raise your power now to heal!
Love and light a wish to send,
upon this circle of my friends.
[chakra1] :)
<Ariannna> does anyone else have an example?
good one Tiphareth!!

[Pranaflow] Up in the world,
let everyone mount,
with a healthy bank account!
[chakra1] lol
[wheel-] pranaflow: heh, you materialist you. :)
[Pranaflow] hehe

[Tiphareth] I try to raise my power now,
with will of iron and sweat of brow.
May this circle well acheive,
a union for those who we feel grieve

Sometimes however,
a group of serious meditators
are capable of raising large amounts
of energy without moving or
uttering a single word.
The quiet presence is a quality
that can be felt in the room like
slipping your hands into a pair of
fur lined gloves, or wrapping your
naked body in a velvet towel.

Targeting the energy should be
done when it reaches it's height.
It can be directed to it's predetermined
goal, or taken in internally for personal

In any case, when targeting
energy, remember the insurance words:
This or something Better, coming in a form
I recognize as good.


<Ariannna> does anyone here have experience with raising or
targeting energy?
[seawind] yes... I think most do
[Pranaflow] Rhyme helps the affirmation stick in the memory,
and repeat itself over and over to reinforce the power of manifestation
<Ariannna> those who do reikei move energy fields
[Tiphareth] I have small experience with it through my path --
I have little knowledge of connecting properly, it drains me to much
<Ariannna> If large amounts of energy are raised,
be sure to ground the stray energy.
[chakra1] it's difficult to think of something good happening
from an assassination but all those hundreds of thousands of people
getting together was and is a good thing
[chakra1] the amount of energy created there in Israel
and here in the U.S.
[Pranaflow] Energy channeled from the infinite is always safe
r than working with
personal energy
<Ariannna> Tiph: you must come to a grounded place ,
holding to the center of your spirit before attempting this kind of work
[Danie-] What is a technique for targeting energy directly from the Source?
[seawind] intention
[chakra1] or channeled FROM the infinite too?
<Ariannna> we are all part of the Source, so we must claim it
In a nursing technique called Therapeutic touch intention seawind...
.very important word
[Tiphareth] I realize this. I am trying to earth and ground myself,
connecting with the
void and the goddess.
[argus] Danie> 2 steps..collecting and directing
[Paza] sort of like Gnosis....returning to the One.....
<Ariannna> before working with the patient the nurse states
as an affirmation:
[Paza] tiphareth: ditto here....connected with the Goddess, the Void, and the
Vortex (what
connects them)
[Tiphareth] Wow! Massive energy surge felt! Is it just me or am I well
connected and
ready to send now?
<Ariannna> yes, return to your oneness, planting feet on the floor, feeling
the heartbeat
of the earth
<Ariannna> that is the way to center first
[Pranaflow] Tiphareth, welcome to the healing circle <g>
<Ariannna> before energy work
[chakra1] there?

If large amounts of energy are raised,
be sure to ground the stray energy.
This can be done by placing hands on
the ground and visualizing the release of
excess energy. It can also be done by
eating or drinking, running hands under
cold water, reconnecting with the earth plane.
Sharing refreshments with friends gathered
is another good way of coming back to

7. Opening the circle.
Remember to thanks the directions and
all the holy ones and Guardians called in to help.
Be sure to dismiss any minor dieties
so that you won't have thought forms at play
in your living room after your circle has gone
home for the night! (smile)

Is there anyone who would like to share how they create sacred space,
raise energy, or bring their wishes to divine attention?

[Pranaflow] I create sacred space...
by affirming that all space is sacred...
and feeling the Oneness with the Infinite
and radiating that Oneness intensely around me
Negativity is quickly dispelled
[chakra1] how do you define sacred space Prana?
[chakra1] what is it to you?
<Ariannna> Anyone else who can share their experience with entering a sacred
[Pranaflow] Sacred space is defined as a space where only beauty can be made
and thrive
<Ariannna> Sacred Space is home for your soul
[chakra1] i feel my sacred space is within me
<Ariannna> yes, as above so below
[Tiphareth] Sacred space is all around one, it needs no invoking. However,
proper grounding, Earthing, shielding and connection to it, its presence is
useless, as no use
can be made of it.
[Pranaflow] The center of our sacred space is within us
[Knowlana] it seems to help to create an intent for the space... and to
sanctify and
ground the space before inviting the circle participants to join
<Ariannna> yes, that is in the outline (smile)

[Tiphareth] The dedication to a sacred purpose is my main way of invoking it

8. ACT in Accordance.
This means taking action on the material plane
to support the magick done within the circle.
Just don't sit there and wait for the magic to drop
in your lap. Circles are a helping tool for successful living,
not a replacement for it.
If you did a healing circle for yourself, support it with nutrition, rest
exercise, and so on.
If you did magic to win a lottery, you must buy a ticket!
The subconscious inner child as well as the Spiritually powerful higher
self have been directed, but they can't be expected to do all the work.
You are still the vehicle through which the manifestation will occur.

<Ariannna> Any further comments, before we start the actual ceremony?

[chakra1] not here
[Tiphareth] None here

<Ariannna> We will now start tonight's light circle:

Let's close our eyes for a
moment and take some deep breaths.

Allow the stresses of the world,
the world of concrete and steel that
most of us inhabit,

to dissolve and flow from your body
down into the floor and into the earth.

Feel the cares of family, work and
relationships dissolving.

Take another breath, and as you
breath in, feel yourself part of the timeless

as your breath flows out,
again let all the thoughts of the
mundane world dissolve.

We begin our journey
to our truest home, the place between the worlds.

Take a third
breath and when you feel ready,
hum a vowel sound,

and as
you feel that sound coursing through your body,
image that you are creating this sacred circle.

Imagine the shimmering soap bubble.
Like Glenda's Bubble, in the Wizard of OZ.
A prism, changing colors as the light beams
reflect in it.

The sphere is round, warm loving and soft.
Unlike the soap bubble, it is not fragile....

It is pliable and giving, will spring back when
pushed at the edge...
a safe retreat for our consciousness.
a magical orb!

<Ariannna> PAZA: Will you call the ARCHANGELS?

{Paza} I will
We Beseech the ARCHANGELS
to stand at the outer edges of our sphere
to guide and direct our course

Raphael in the EAST
Michael in the SOUTH
Gabriel in the WEST
Auriel in the NORTH

Oh the teachers of the light
help us in our etheric flights
open up the other side
Oh the teachers of the light!






So must it Be!

Now, starting in the East,
Let the essence of each direction be honored,
and bid the directions to stand notice of our Light Sphere!
Argus, will your call East?

Behold the East!
The Dawning of time, fresh beginnings!

The winds of the east,
blowing across mountain, water,
and burning desert,

gentle breezes that stir the petals of the
We Call upon you!

Behold the South!
Oh warmth of the Noonday sun!
Ignite the fires of our will!

Kindle the flames of passion and
courage, as it is one with the Divine Plan
for spiritual evolution!
We call upon you!

Behold the West
Glorious sunsets,
misty twilight, the ending of the day's work
Deep well of the subconscious
diving deep into the waters,
We call upon you!

Behold the North,
Mystical Midnight, silence of the stars.
Rest and renewal.
Dark cavern of the earth, we feel
the heartbeat of the planet.
We call upon you!

<Arianna>As the elements are without,
so they also are seen within
let us consecrate ourselves with these words
and also, if we want, with gestures:

THE EARTH MY BODY (touch body with hands),

WATER MY BLOOD (a flowing gesture from your body),

AIR MY BREATH (blowing out into palms of hands)

(slapping ones hands together, then saluting the universal spirit)

The moon is nearly full.
For many of us, we can see the moon
outside our window now.
There are 3 types of moon essence that we honor:

First, the WAXING, is the time when the moon grows larger
This is the Virgin Aspect.
I am the Virgin Goddess, Bringer of the Beams of energy,
youth, and independence. I give you the enthusiasm and zeal
to accomplish your dreams.
I bid to SEE my beam flow down from the Face of the MOON
and radiate your heart!

Second is the FULL MOON, the time of the brightest
fulfillment of light.
I am the Mother Goddess, Bringer of the Beams of Fruitfulness,
plenty, nurturing abundance. I give you the fullness of light,
to discover an infinity of solutions that will help accomplish your dreams.
I bid you to SEE my beam flow down from the Face of the MOON
and radiate your heart!

The last of the TRIPLE ASPECTS
is the WANING MOON, the time between the
full and the new moon,
when the moon gradually disappears.

I am the Crone Goddess, Bringing the Beam of Completion,
and blessed partings. I give you the patience and wisdom
of experience, the
acceptance life and death, and the hope of renewal.
I bid you to SEE my beam flow down from the Face of the MOON
and radiate your heart!

Let us draw into ourselves
All moon aspects from within and without.

We prepare to lay our wishes
in Her Divine Presence
Gathered here, accepted, fee,
by this act so will it be!







Affirming our own creativity.
Let us anoint ourselves with these moonbeams
and ask here for your special wish for harmony
in Israel/Palestine, or what ever is the wish of your
heart. For all of our wishes, this or something
better, coming in a form we recognize as good,
for the highest good of all concerned

<Ariannna> please state your wish

[chakra1] My wish is for peace not only in the middle east but throughout the
people to be able to disagree without violence...
for the love to prevail. For everyone to be able to communicate at a higher
[asp] I echo your wish charkra
[chakra1] the more who echo it the stronger it can become asp.

<Ariannna> I send powerful pink hearts of love to Israel

[Pranaflow] May the peace process expand from the political arena to reach
the hearts
and minds of ordinary people in emotional pain
[chakra1] :) as do i

[Tiphareth] Wishes go to healing the grief and sorrow energies which are
hovering in
the air of Israel/Palestine. My wind spirit senses the grief, and sends waves
of light to heal
their pain, and to unify with the hope of peace.
[Paza] My wish is for this tragic event in Israel to unite us in love, light,
and peace so we
can heal Mother Earth........and remember that even within the darkest events,
there is always bright Light
[Tiphareth] I echo your wish, Paza.

[Danielle] My wish is for the children of Israel and the world to grow in an
atmosphere of increasing love and peace...
[Pranaflow] May Kissinger's "Grammar of Co-existence" be understood by all in
[novale] I wish for clarity and wisdom as my partner
and I work out the terms of our separating
[Brewski] I wish for world peace

[gooniBird] I wish that the world would learn that violence is not the way to
settle their
[Tiphareth] I shout it into the far reaches of the sky which my spirit now
inhabits, and
also wish for healing personally for a certain person I know, who is
recovering from a bad
experience. I wish her love, light, and fast healing.
[chakra1] I also wish for healing for several someones i know
[Paza] I also wish for healing of the mind, body, and soul, of our dear
friend seawind and
also cleanse the Circle itself........

[arguus] May the ultimate sacrifice of the brave warrior-statesman, Prime
Rabin, ignite the fires for peace and love in the mideast

<Ariannna> We allow our wishes to Moonbathe in the Silvery rays of the Moon's

[Tiphareth] moonbeam sweet of softing light,
stars that shine with beauty bright,
grant these wishes we make true,
as You be I and I be You.

<Ariannna> let us raise the hopes and group thought forms to the etheric
a soft aaauuummm,
as we bow, agree, and accept the help of the natural forces of the
<Ariannna> all together now :) deep breath..
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm
[Pranaflow] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<Ariannna> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm
[Pranaflow] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm
[ACTION] Tiphareth lets out a long
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, because it is easier to hold than an Aum
[Paza] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[Paza] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[arguus] aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


<Ariannna> Release NOW! the energy of this circle is now targeted to our Wish.
[Tiphareth] One light, two and 1 makes three.
I bind these spells,
[Pranaflow] so mote it be
<Ariannna> Thank you, all spirits gathered in this cause! and so it IS.

<Ariannna> In this silence, Do We hear the still small voice within? Will we
take a
moment to Listen?
******Be STILL, and KNOW that I AM here !*****
******Be STILL, and KNOW that I AM here !*****
******Be STILL, and KNOW that I AM here !*****

<Ariannna> and closing our eyes, and we will give a few moments to LISTEN

<Ariannna> One at a time,
Is there anyone who will share with us what they heard?...

Paza] "Welcome O Souls of Light...."
"The time of healing is afoot...."
"Set in motion by yesterday....."
"The Dark has given way to the Light...."
"All will live in the greatest of Golden Ages...."
"Unity and Oneness are with us tonight...."

[Pranaflow] "The greatest gift in a land of Peace is the friendship of
erstwhile enemies"

[Tiphareth] I just got what I feel to be a channelling a while back, from what
I perceived
as the Wind Goddess of the Earth. A voice speaking within me. I tried to
<Ariannna> go ahead
[Tiphareth] I'm not sure if it was true channelling or not, but I definitely
felt a strong
spirit there.
[chakra1] the last thing i heard was

[arguus] the leaving of this plane by Rabin at this time
reminds us that there is work
which each of us has to perform..
.the reason we are here in this lifeform at this time...know
you and each of you
[arguus] that this mission for each of you may be more importan
than the life you live
from day to day
[arguus] so be it

[Paza] a message from the Goddess
"There is shimmering Light being this Dark event in history..."
"It shall be a turning point towards everlasting peace..."
by looking will know why you are here..
"The veil has fallen so that the healing of the world can begin
"Let us all remember the man who was slain.....a bringer of peace...."
"A bearer of the Light....
"The world will follow the footsteps of his legacy...."
"O souls of Light, may you follow the path of peace..
"And pass on the torch of light to others so they too can heal....
[Paza] "...the world of its wounds and bring about the Golden Age....."
"be One with each other and with me tonight and always...."
"the Circle of One is Eternal.....we are all part of it....."
"The Unity of Man and Spirit...."The most sacred of all Circles ....
encircling the past,
present, and the future.....transcending time and space..."
"the circle shimmers in the diverse colors of the rainbow.....
all different, yet all the
same....all belonging to the One me and the Lord and to you too....'
"Love and Light to you, Souls of Eternal and Everlasting Light.....

<Ariannna> thank you Diana
<Ariannna> The Goddess of my heart would like
you to know that the use of the
computer is a gift that can be used to heal help or inspire,
but can also be used to waste your talents
on consciousness stealing activities.
and painful manipulations.
Just as the gift of gunpowder was invented to make
pretty fireworks in the sky, by the ancient Chinese,
the gift was used for pain and power and domination
So too, the electronic gifts that humans have created
should be looked at with the respect
of a gift from the collective Divine
We must raise the means of
communicating with other souls
as a positive place for growth and upliftment
These activities, such as tonight,
are an example of what
cyber love and true intent are capable of doing.
My children I love your hearts, your patience
and your zeal to make the world
the garden it was meant to be.
Good night from the Goddess of Arianna's heart
as within , so I am without
Thank you Goddess for being here tonight
[chakra1] goonight

let love begin with each
step we take

let it begin with each change we make

let it begin with each chain we break
let it begin with each time we awake

we are at the right place
at the right time
successfully engaged in the right

<Ariannna> Argus: will you thank the winds of east?
[arguus] We do thank you for attending our rites
and now bid you Hail and Farewell.

Danielle: will you thank South?
[Danielle] Winds of the South, representing the element of FIRE
We thank you for attending our rites
and now bid you Hail and Farewell

PAZA: will you thank west?
Winds of the West, representing the element of WATER
We thank you for attending our rites
and now bid you Hail and Farewell.

[Danielle] Winds of the North, representing the element of EARTH
We thank you for attending our rites and now bid you Hail and Farewell.

<Ariannna> we thank the Archangels
<Ariannna> The circle is open but unbroken
may the love of the Divine be ever in your hearts!
merry meet
merry we part
merry we will meet again
[Zuidema] peace profound :>

<Ariannna> thanks for coming!
[asp] my friends, I must depart, take care, be wel
l and happy and walk in the light

Sunday, Nov 12th:
Those of us who remember the late 60's
will gather to share memories of the times,
and the spiritual ideal of our youth.

Included will be a discussion of how
we can bring the best ideals of the
"flower children" to co-create the new millennium,
<starting with the year 2000, and the
turning of the AGES>.

[Danielle] Thank you Arianna... for your time and effort to put this
[Tiphareth] It was great, I felt a great power within me
(literally, in many ways ;-)...)
[Pranaflow] thank you all four your input re Rabin
[Paza] thank u all for tonight :)
[Brewski] thank you
<Ariannna> thank you Paza!
[Tiphareth] How do you tell if a channelling experience you had is genuine?
<Ariannna> it does not matter, if the inspiration is true to divine will
[Brewski] goodnight all.
<Ariannna>Good night all.