Forming a Spiritual Circle

Many of you know me but for those who do not, allow me to introduce myself:
My name is Kathleen. I am a Self Proclaimed Metaphysical Teacher
as well as a channel for Mark.

Before we begin, first a word of thanks to  Susan Rose  (Arianna)
for inviting me here as your quest speaker. It is an honor - Thank you.
And while we are at it, my special thanks for all those

Tonight's )Gaia*Friends('s  topic is, "Forming a Spiritual Circle."
It was mutually agreed upon by
both Arianna (who is, SusanRose) and by Cosmeta.

The idea has been presented that perhaps the most sought after element
having to do with IRC chats and in particular with the NewAge
and/or spiritual ones is that people attend them
because they do not have anywhere else to go.

That is to say, in our own personal lives,
we do not have any avenue to experience the world of spirituality directly.
I say otherwise. I say, "If Mohammed cannot go to the mountain,
then mountain shall come to Mohammed."

Some say that creating a "Spiritual Circle" is a  task or that it is best left to
leaders. This may be so. Then again,
some of us are born natural leaders and others become so.
However, when it comes to the realm of spirit
that particular scenario might be altered.

We may set out to conduct a meeting (i.e., a Circle)
with all the intentions in the world of being
that leader or that guide and then, as it so often happens,
someone else ends up being the
leader or that guide, or that channeled personality.

So that perhaps the most important ingredient in forming a Spiritual Circle
is the setting aside of personality and of ego-plays. For in a Circle,
in a true Circle all should be equal.
Not so in days gone by when the word Circle meant having a Seance'
in which one person, usually the "Medium" was at its center.

I am also not referring to our more modern-day groups
whereby the similar occurrence takes place using as it were, a "channel."
Note: Both are instances whereby the audience
actually is giving up or giving over their energies
to that designated individual. Not so with a Spiritual Circle
where none gives up but rather all add to ...
not any one person but to the *idea* or to the *ideal*
assigned to that Circle. Implied here is the notion that people come together
to form a Spiritual Circles because there is a common
thread or a common bond that runs through.

Traditionally, or ideally, a Circle is composed of 12 people in number or more.
Yet were we to consider the whole array of reasons why people create Circles,
then any number will suffice.

The biblical passage that comes to mind is, "Where two or three agree, there
shall Spirit be." Paraphrased, of course :).

<Susanrose> Jesus plus the 12 apostles are 13...
just enough for the usual sized living room.  :)

<Cosmeta>I say this with a smile because one need not be a
Christian in order to have a Circle.
 Matter of fact, it is my opinion that ideally a Circle should be comprised of
different peoples from all walks of life. Be they male and female alike.
Before we can get to this point, however, the Circle needs to be in place. And
so, we return to the Topic: FORMING A SPIRITUAL CIRCLE.
And we ask: How is this done?
We ask: Where do we begin?

That is to say, we ponder: Were there no Spiritual Circle and *YOU*
were the one who wised to start one, (and yes, in your own home),
just how would you go about it?

I am a simple person by nature. A family oriented person, I am.
And my approach to this is also simple. Or, perhaps I should say,
it was simple because I did it and had a successful
Circle for well over seven years.
And so, my answer to our immediate question is: In order to form a Spiritual Circle:


Now, here is my idea. And in order to gain group participation,
I will ask you to follow my line of thinking.
It is this:
We are going to pretend that we are going to form a Circle.
And we are going to do it right here and now.
And so I will ask you to pretend that we are planning
in the same way we would plan for a house party
or the way we plan were we to invite over some dinner guests.
That's right: Dinner is our Theme!

<^SunBeam> sounds interesting:)

<Cosmeta>And making Preparation is the name of the game...
The first thing we need.. the very first item on our list of agendas, is going to be,
nay,...will *have to be*,  having the desire to want to do this.
Not as easy as it is said and done---hey. Because for many of us... making the time
for this, ... deeming it important enough for us to do ...
getting through all the negative feedback from family and friends,
is perhaps the hardest thing to accomplish. Because for many of us
who have karma with this... that is exactly the first hurdle to overcome.
Namely: DOING IT!

<ladynada> my granny would be against it
so we'd have to work it out

<Cosmeta> Who here, would like to start a spiritual circle with me?
<Hein> I am
<^SunBeam> I would like to cosmeta:)
stars offers to help....
<DoriM> I'll help Cosmeta

<Cosmeta>First and foremost.. we need to decide in whose home
 this is going to take place
<stars> offers her home
We shall conduct this Circle in Stars home
I will come over and help you move the furniture.. ok

<DoriM> purify house first,then guest list
<Cosmenta>ok.. we have an organizer among us
<^SunBeam> we could call our friends by phone
<DoriM> phone and email guests

<Susan Rose>  Many people are not lucky enough to know
the type of spiritually inclined people to start forming their
guest list.  Any suggestions for them?... (Other than meeting
them on the

<Cosmeta> run a local add
<DoriM> posters all over town
<Susanrose>  Well, maybe not ALL over town.  How about some
well placed flyers on bulletin boards or taped conspicuously at places
likely to be seen by those you want to attract?
For the past 7 years I have held an annual spiritual  gathering.
Then I put the flyers in New Age Bookstore "free" racks,
at Vegetarian Stores, Health Food Stores, Centers for Holistic
Therapy, and give dozens to friends who attend other spiritual
groups, to pass them out at their gatherings.

For a smaller, first time gathering,
Your ad could be something like this.
"Spiritual Circle now forming.  Metaphysical topics
and meditation  weekly in  South suburbs.  Call for
more Information."

If you are shy about giving out your phone #
then ask the bookstore manager if she will refer
interested people to you.  If you are having trouble
getting the cooperation at home, offer to facilitate the
group at the bookstore, perhaps right at closing time for
privacy.   This would be good advertising for the store as well!

For years I was on a fast track of going to various new age
happenings.  I was seeking the right magical group, and I was
sure if I found it,  profound experiences would open me up
to greater heights.   Most of the time, I was disappointed.

I can remember pouncing on a speaker
at the end of the lecture, pressuring her a bit to tell me where
people are meeting who could do more with the information
she talked about.  She was of no help.

As I turned around
and watched as the room had emptied out, I thought DUH!
The opportunity here, was not the teacher, but the audience!
If I could have thought to stand up before they were all dismissed,
and say something like...
This has been truly inspiring!  If anyone would like to meet me
for coffee we adjourn, please meet me in the back of the room.
I would like to discuss working with this material, and share
our experiences in group gatherings after this class.

So I guess the point of the story is... we all have the same magical
juices flowing through our bodies.  If we find a few others with the
interest and desire to pursue a spiritual circle, then ANYbody can
do it!

The God/Goddess All that IS has given each of their creations
the same ability to contact higher powers for inspiration and sharing
this refueling energy with others.  If some gurus or channelers seem
to be better at it than you, it is only because then have given more of
their attention to practicing an open awareness to this source.

So, once you found an few interested spiritual seekers,
Lets continue to talk about what we might need to do next.

<Cosmeta> needs some nice soft music
<DoriM> yes, candles and incense
<Susanrose> Clean house... :)
<stars> Nag Champa... is excellent incense..
<Cosmeta> I like to take a shower or bath before a meeting
<DoriM> distilled water too
<poetree> :)
<DoriM> we all bring something
<poetree> white roses from garden... each bring something to offer
<Cosmeta> good. good an offering
<Susanrose> If the facilitator provides the beverages, it works
out well to ask the people coming to bring a snack to share.
That way, the more people that come, the more snacks you have.

<Cosmeta> how about taping the session
any objections to that idea
<^SunBeam> yes that is very good cos
<Susanrose>  I have found that if people verbalize what they received
in meditation, they often forget what they said quickly.  Taping and
transcribing that tape would help them consciously process the message
they delivered that was of particular importance to them.
<^SunBeam> what about pillows, maybe we are doing meditation also
<DoriM> I have pillows too
<Susanrose>  Yes, if you are short on Pillows, ask those
you invite to bring one.  That way more can be on the floor than
can fit on your couch.  :)

<^SunBeam> what about like a leader?
Guide us in this sacred haven

<Cosmeta> we can all teach sunbeam
<^SunBeam> yes true
we will teach each other then!
<Cosmeta> Since this is a newly formed group we shall let spirit guide us
a group usually evolves into itself.  We shall expect changes..
<^SunBeam> we ask everyone there names
I think we should take turns at leadership
<Susanrose>  sometimes rotating the site of the meeting
does not work.  I am thinking of my allergies to dogs and cats.
I need to be in a smoke free, no animal environment, so that
is why the meetings are usually at my place.
perhaps you could meet at the library...
Sometimes Unitarian Churches or Quakers (Friends) will
welcome you to one of their meeting room for a very
inexpensive fee.

<Cosmenta> clubs. .knights of Columbus, the elks, homes,
etc. .. banks even.. ~smile
There are many places that rent out rooms
<Susanrose>Also, I have found some people like to host the group
because they do not drive, and don't want to ask for a ride
to get to others homes.

<Ladynada> We need to establish the intention of the group.
<Cosmeta>what are our intentions
shall we have a meditation group?
or a healing group
<Susanrose> recharge our batteries!
<DoriM> healing group one week meditation the next week
<stars> why not both?
<^SunBeam> okay I agree
<Cosmeta>we could have the healing section near the end
to give meaning and purpose
<^SunBeam> it is like to say this group gives us a chance
to get into touch with spirit:)  with love and infinite:)
How about a time to speak of who we are?

<Cosmeta> I think that should be at the beginning
to go around the circle, clockwise
<Susanrose> You could call this process the one minute
"check in" , so that people could see where each person
is coming from, who is bonding with you in that circle.

<Cosmeta>  Going back to the analogy of the dinner party....
Within the meeting itself, we can have appetizer, main course, then desert
The appetizer is the pre-preparation
The main course the discussion and/or meditation
The desert shall be.. oh. let me see.. Feedback
that is to say.. while the meeting is still in process
at the end, we could serve some lite refreshments
that is to say, after we come down.. so to speak..
all in favor?
<^SunBeam> oh yes of course:)
<DoriM> water yup!
<Cosmeta> we need water for those in trance
time to bring them back down. so they can drive home safely
<^SunBeam> time to get them into present again
<poetree> hmmmm
I would never have thought of these things...
poetree thanks
not the before and not the after
experimenting etc

<Susanrose> The main point we should remember
 is to not be afraid to try to lead a real group.
This can be as complicated or as simple as you want to
make it.  I can remember when I was a brownie in girl scouts.
We sang some song about friendship in a circle, and then
sent a squeezing your hand around the circle.  When it got back
to the first person who started it, the meeting was over.

"Do not be intimidated by thinking,
who am I to start a circle?  I am not a teacher!  You do not need
the initials of Ph.D., or MSN or what ever!
You can always as for a volunteer to lead a book
review of some spiritual book  if you want some
content to present.

 Goodness knows, we all sure have
read enough of them!  Just a few paragraphs about what
they took away from the book that had a special meaning,
or hit a chord of truth in them.  I seem to gather spiritual
video tapes.  If you  have some, invite friends over to watch
them with you... or cue it up to the best parts.

It can even be simpler than that...
You can just call it a mediation circle.
Just start with a poem, a prayer, or an invitation to
higher powers to guide and protect you.  Then play
an inspirational song.  Amazing Grace for Christians,
Or some eastern chant or even We all come from the Goddess.
Some of the Best inspirational songs I have found in Disney music.
Whole new world from Aladdin for example.  Top 40 also has
some gems like "In a Distance", One Moment in Time, and Reach
(By Gloria Estefan).  Then follow with a quiet instrumental for about
15 minutes.  So not be afraid of silence when the tape stops.
 Sufficiently prepared, in a circle of love, you can jump into the void
and be bathed by the wordless peace you find there.
<Steven> a reaching and a touching through the heart

To stop, someone peeks at a clock for an agreed upon time
and clears their throat or jingles a chime or whatever.
Get quiet and share the feeling of being one
with the presence of spirit ...

<Cosmeta> it can be that easy
<stars> I'd suggest some chanting or vocal work to bring the group
into a dimensional oneness, or toning...
<Steven> some breathing yes
<Cosmeta>yes.. breathing
<stars> and some grounding food afterward - not sweets...
before you send everyone back to their cars...

<Susanrose> There is no reason to be alone in this, unless you want to...
<stars> yes, no one needs be alone unless they choose that path...
<Susanrose> have a democracy in your group but remember,
if it is in your house, you have final say... :)
if you are in the flow,  the door will be opened for you to more help.
The universe works with a rolling stone, so if you want to start
a spiritual circle, the circumstances will present themselves to aide you.

<Susanrose> I have received some private messages from some who
would like to do a mini cyber circle, like what they would do in their homes,
if our group were there.   Since it is late, who would want to join me?

<^SunBeam> I would love to
<stars> Here? now?
<Hein> Well friends, it's late here in Norway.
 I will make my pray for mother Earth tonight. I send
yall my LOVE and LIGHT se yall next time!

<Susanrose> Ok, we will proceed with those who have
remained.  please take some deep breaths...
Feel  the air rushing into your chest
Renewing your hope, re oxygenating your red blood cells
We joins hands with each other
^SunBeam joins hands with Susan and everyone else
 Think of all you love
See the love you feel as a golden orb infront of you
Imagine that all of us are doing so
Push your golden orb to the middle of the circle
so that like building a snow man
We are all putting the light of our love into one golden orb

<Susanrose> place your hands on the computer screen,
if this helps you reach through to us.
 Remember that if even 2 or 3 are following me
our energy is connected
 with the center of the universe.
We are microcosms of the Macrocosm.
As within, so without.

<Susanrose> I take the light orb. and we will pass it around the circle
 starting with Angel 9
You take the light and hold the light
 and give thanks for the light

<Susanrose> and now to Sun Beam
 Here is the ball of combined light energy to you
 take it
 hold it
 feel it
 give thanks for it.

<Susanrose> then passing this sphere to Avadhuta
 then Passing the love and light to Godwin...
Going round the circle to Lady nada...

<ladynada >passes the golden globe to poetree
<Susanrose> All the love we feel, and all that is added
we generate more and pass through poetree
<poetree>knows all are part of the one..passes the golden orb to stars

<Susanrose> moving the sphere to Steven...
<Steven> feel the love
love into it
know this is what we all seek.........OOMM
<Susanrose> yes Steven, you know this is so!
<ontheweb> MMMMmmmm    I am aglow  and I return it to SRose

<Susanrose> All excess energy we release to the heart of the mother
<stars>.. I release
the ball of light to penetrate the lives of all who might need it's energy
to manifest the greatest good...
<Susanrose> we heal all the points that need our help
No less that the trees and the stars we have a right,  a divine union to be here
Thanking the forces nature
the flow of spirit
Our love, our recharging, and our strength.
Thank you everyone.

<^SunBeam> smile thank you Susan !!!
<Cosmeta> Well.. I think we have done a great job here tonight
Dear )Gaia*Friends(
That to which I have given, I have freely given.
That to which rightfully belongs to
you, I now return to you. That to which is mine,
I now call back to me.
And that to which is God's
shall forever be. - God bless. -
This session has ended. Go in peace!
<poetree> looks in Cosmeta's (cyber) eyes.. thanks.
<Susanrose> Thank you Cosmeta for leading...

SusanRose, once again I do thank you for having me
as your guest speaker. It has been a pleasure.
Likewise, I do thank all of you for attending and for
making this evening a success. Thank you.. thank you all.
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