Magical Experiences

<Arianna> We are ready to start.....
Take a deep breath....

God/Goddess - All That Is
please bless this night
and all the souls gathered.


We come together as a group mind
with group intent
for spiritual growth.

<Arianna> I will now start the program. It will be followed
with each of you being called on to tell your story if you have one.

WHAT IS POSITIVE MAGIC/ MAGICK? The word magic usually refers
to slight of hand tricks, such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat,
or card tricks. To distinguish from that sort of magic, some people
add a "k" on the end of magic. This type of magick refers more to
affecting a change in your environment, or a shift in your perceptions,
that is what you wish would occur. (Negative magic, such as blasting,
cursing of others, or sending out lower level spirits to do your bidding
is SORCERY. Tonight's discussion will be only about POSITIVE MAGICK,
meant to heal, help, transform, inspire, or uplift your personal situations,
others, or the world condition.)

To keep it simple, we will be using the words magic/magick
interchangeably, but the second explanation will apply.

How have others answered: "What is Magic/ Magick?" The following
list of definitions is found in a very good book, "True Magick", by Amber K.
(ISBN 0-87542-003-6)
"Magick is the Art and Science of causing changes to occur,
in conformity with will."
"Magic is the art of effecting changes in consciousness at will."
"The work of magic involves transformation, and the first
transformation is the shift of perception."

In August, 1993, Hurricane Emily approached the eastern coast
of the US. The area around Virginia was particularly in her path.
To be sure, there were prayers from many residents, ARE/Cayce
headquarters, as well as the 700 club, which were in her path.
So by defining magic as effecting changes in accordance with
will, there were many types of magic to be utilized, to lessen the blow.

Examples of positive magick from traditional Christianity include:
prayers, rosaries, novenas, masses. Also, the lighting of votive
candles, appealing to various patron saints. Some of you may
remember saving a bit of palm from Palm Sunday, to burn during
a bad storm, for protection.

Examples of positive magick from the new age/metaphysical
path include:
Surrounding the situation with love and light.
Sending positive energy through meditation
and visualization, singly or in groups.
Affirming the positive outcome to affect
it's manifestation.

Examples of positive magick from the
wiccan/ ceremonial magick path include:
Calling upon the forces of nature,
earth , air, fire, water.
Energy raising through, chant, dancing,
repeating a short poem, first slowly,
and then faster and faster until the
energy is released.
An example of a poem might be,
"In this work, we are one.
What we will, will be done."
This energy raising is called a cone of
power, and is targeted to the situation.

On the full moon of August, 1993,
a magical circle of men and women
raised our loving vibration in a group AUM
to target the consciousness of Emily,
and ask that she change her course.
Surprisingly, the hurricane never arrived
on land! She made an about face,
and lived out her natural life at sea,
without harm.
The following month was a message
that came through to that circle.
It was from a divine inner presence
that we call Goddess. I have pasted
<Pranaflow> it here as follows:
"I'd like to talk to you about last month,
where you did a lovely magical working.
It was to aid the many, many people, land,
plant and animal life with the redirection of
the hurricane Emily.
What went right with that magic, to make it
work so spectacularly that night?
I assure you that while many
types of hopes and dreams were sent to Emily,
your magic did help her find the final motivation
to turn around and return to the sea.
So what went right?
First, of all you had a group of people
who entered into the work in a loving, cooperative spirit.
There was an asking of permission
from the spirit of Emily
to help her and redirect her lovingly,
to her highest progression.
There was a joining of natural forces;
as you united your will with
the will of the universe, and the will of divine evolution,
and the will of all the etheric beings
that you gathered there to help with your magic.
It did go so right.
I want you to always remember that as an example of what can happen
when so many things are put into the right path,
and so many ingredients are mixed at the right proportions.
One thing I wanted to remind you
that was totally missing that night.
There were no lingering doubts or fears of anyone in the group.
So many times when you work your magic,
or you try your positive affirmations or visualizations,
(or whatever you want to call it),
while you are visualizing it, you are negating it at the same time
with your fears and your doubts....that perhaps it will not work.
You are not trusting that " this or something better" will indeed occur.
Not only is there doubt, there is fear that it won't work.
There is also fear that if you do this publicly,
that others may see that it did not work.
There may also be some fears of some newcomers
who come across your magical group,
who may fear the unfamiliar.
Fortunately, none of these little fears were present
with the group that particular evening.
All were very calm and comfortable.
And because the hurricane didn't affect you immediately,
and you personally had nothing to lose if it didn't work,
you were able to send your full attention to it.
And then, let it go, drop it and get a good nights sleep,
putting it out of your mind.
This is how I want you to approach all your magical works,
as well as your positive affirmations.
To affirm it. To be calm. To be comfortable.
To know that your will is working in a unity
with the will of your guides, with My will,
with the will of good and divine evolution, to bring it to pass.
With no fears, no lingering doubts, let it go, and get a good night's sleep.
This is how you should do your magic, and see what kind of results you get.
The spirit of Emily is now at rest, and she wants to thank you
for the love and the good wishes that you sent to her."

<Arianna>Living a magical life can be complicated. Magical symbols,
ornaments, secret words of abacadabra. But, living a magical life
can also be as simple as waking up in the morning and affirming:
Today, will be a GREAT DAY!! and then acting in accordance. In conclusion,
remember when attempting even positive magic, please remember
to include these words:
This or something better, coming in a form I recognize as good,
For the highest good of all concerned,
As it is one with what we are here to do.
If you all remember this, I will sleep better at night. :)

That was my story. Any questions or comments?

<ladynada> ;) I think Pat Robertson may have taken all the credit..... :)
<Arianna> To be sure, there were others doing magic too, from many religions.
<occult> Arianna: How long had the group been together... that met with
<Arianna> I started the group in feb of 1990. It is a women's full moon circle
but on this night men were invited too and we were all friends and
very comfortable working together. There was a presence of loving trust in
the room.

<Arianna> I want to thank Pranaflow for helping with the pasting
into this box. It seems that when too much is pasted, the screen
freezes or becomes mixed up. Any other questions?

<occult> Arianna... how key would you say, knowing each other was?
<Arianna> it was very key but I have seen that peace marches
and demonstrations attended by strangers can be very effective.
It depends on how the intent of the energy work is perceived by
all to be one that they can believe in.
<occult> Because Trust is there.
<Arianna> Yes, trust is why you are attempting the magic.
Trust that the ideal is good. Trust in others in your magical group.
This helps establish a group mind.
<occult> Arianna... just how far would your group take this?
<Arianna> There needs to be a presence of love that all can feel.
<ladynada> Arianna: so then you do not really need a leader, as such?
<Arianna> We have done magic to help lots of world problems. Since all
spirit is one, all souls are equally powerful. There is not need for a leader
except one who will offer her home and and buy the candles and
vacuum the carpet :)
<occult> A leader can help focus.
Arianna> A leader in this type of energy work needs to sense that the energy
has been raised to the best extent.
<occult> Arianna: What school of Magick is your group born of...?
I mean, there are very real differences.

<Arianna> then we will go down the list
<Arianna> maybe that will give time for those
<Arianna> to return from the split

JOE4 story is now:
The brain abscess I suffered in January 1994 caused the loss of
the use or the right side of my body, as well as the ability to read and
speak. During the first week after surgery to drain the pressure on the
brain I have no recall. One of the first things I do recall is the desire
to see my children, Jennifer, 9 and Joey, 6 at the time.
The magic began for me after I realized how my family and friends
were around me, Praying?, Wishing?, hoping for my recovery.
I began to see how much I was important to their lives,
and how much they meant to me. This caused my feelings of despair
to turn to hope and determination to recover. Recovery was not as fast
as I wanted it to be, but all through it, my friends and family kept me going,
especially my children, who I have custody of, who both were supportive
during my rehabilitation, helping with exercises, and doing chores at home
that were beyond their age to be responsible for, but they wanted to help,
and seeing their desire caused me to realize how lucky I was, and how
they were sending their magic to (for) me. The long year and a half of rehab
has only been possible because of the magic from my kids
and the people around me.

<Arianna> That is the end of what Joe 4 sent me,
but just a few days ago he got the first job since he was
hospitalized. He was hired as a c++programmer.

Any comments for Joe? He will see this log later...

<pranaflow> Joe, you have my deepest admiration and respect for
successfully pulling through what can only be described as a long
and arduous journey of recovery. Even with all that magic around you,
it took strength, big time.
<wm_____> if ya know yer pointers
<Chomi> I send my love to Joe
<Arianna> thanks
<Chomi> He's a very strong person

<Arianna> welcome to wm_____, we will be going down the list
to share our true stories of magic, miracles or manifesting.

Chomi, do you have a story to share?

<Chomi> Well, my story isn't exactly "magical"
But here goes:
My first try at getting into magic was crushed by my parents.
I guess it was for the better, as I had the wrong idea at the time,
thinking I could zap anyone that crossed my path, or whisper a spell
and get loads of cash! My second attempt at lightworking and magic
was the same way, but I was more careful not to let anyone know
about it. Eventually I left that way, it felt too yucky.

My most recent encounter with magic came along when I discovered
my lynx, a spirit animal that was bonded with me at birth.
He taught me that magic wasn't really just zapping people.
It was the art of changing spiritual energy into events, and vice versa.
It was about love, trust, and happiness, spiritual happiness.
<Arianna> good chomi, you are evolving!
<Chomi> My lynx has taught me many valuable lessons in my life,
and has been very supportive of me.
<Arianna> done chomi?
<Chomi> Almost
<Arianna> :)
<Chomi> We share souls, and I wouldn't seperate from him even if I could.
And I still suffer from low self esteem, but now I'm coping.


<Arianna> any comments for Chomi?
<ladynada> Chomi: the working of events into spiritual energy
is significant to me....
<Chomi> really ladynada? may I ask how please?
<ladynada> I was thinking that attitude can help you avoid making
judgements of events.
<ladynada> if you are able to see the significance of events for learning,
instead of just being bad or good events.
<Paza> lady: I see all events as good because u learn from
everything that happens.
<ladynada> That is not an easy lesson for many, but when they
see us do that, they begin to see it can be something as simple as
waiting in long lines at the store. And some people get all upset about
waiting, but you dont, and you dispel their aggravation by striking up
some chat about something.
<Chomi> I have trouble with that lesson for some reason Ladynada,
I never seem to learn it. =)
<ladynada> :o)

<Arianna> thank you Chomi
we will pass on HOST and Krishna
<Chomi> okay, good night/day all
<ladynada> good night Chomi
<Pranaflow> G'nite, Chomi :)
<Arianna> good night!

<Arianna> ladynada, do you have a story?
<ladynada> ya, a little one
My story is complicated. :)
It had a theme that started 16 years ago, that I
am still playing out. Along the way, however, there
have been many changes. But, some of my dreams
came true and I did not realize until after the fact.
One of my dreams, was that, as far back as 1979 and 1980
I believed that one day, that I and another person
would be speaking before many people, telling people
about how wonderful our Creator is.
This has happened with SearchNet.
Just the other day,
I was looking through archives, of old messages from
the conferences on the networks, and found the ones
where I first met Walter Bartoo in 1993.
I discovered that
Walter was saying then, what he still says today.
Together, Walter and I, have nurtured SearchNet
as a place where many people have had a voice, a place
to feel comfortable,
and assured that it was ok to be different.
It was acceptable to want to love.
It was ok to respect each other in message conferences.
It was ok to not allow ridiculing each other.
It was ok to assert our will to remove those who would
not respect others in the message conferences.
Somehow, looking back, now, I see that Walter (Kortron) and I
ARE two people who speak before many about how
wonderful our Creator is. I have other dreams, goals, and plans,
and I know how to make them come true. All I have to do is follow
my inner Guidance within, each moment, each day, and it will all unfold.

That's a part of my story.

Comments? Questions?

<Arianna> just how did you meet Walter?
<ladynada> I met Walter, by reading his messages in
a UFO message conference.
<Arianna> you two are a team in bringing about spritual growth
through the use of the internet?
<ladynada> Yes, but we started on Fidonet, another network,
very big one, but not as big as internet

<Arianna> if there are no other questions I will move onto Paza
<Paza> i don't know if this is really magick
but I'll tell it anyway
Thursday i was with one of my close spiritual friends Dina
she really missed her grandfather
<Arianna> ok :)
<Paza> then I told her about the channeling i did the night
before of my own grandfather. I asked her if it would be alright
if I channeled her grandfather. She gave me the ok, so I laid down
on the bed and worked my way into a channeling state. Then her
grandfather came through me and told her that everything was going
to be all right. Her grandfather died in feb , by the way.
I imparted dina with his essence so she would not miss him as much
and he would always be with her. This made her feel better emotionally.
Then, Dina asked if I could do the same for her family members.
I did so and Dina sensed that they were feeling better too.
Then she told me to touch those people that her grandfather went to
church with (he was a true christian--friendly, charitable, of the Light)
I sent them his essence and they felt better, and in turn, they radiated
the energy on to the people they influenced.
The energy of love was then passed on to those people they influenced
and the chain of love went on and on until someone sent the energy
into the Earth, to Gaia herself. So I did not only heal Dina and her family,
but also the Earth in the process.

The story doesn't end there though. While I was grounding, I felt
*charged* energy flowing into my hands. I thought I could try to see
if I could transfer energy physically by touch so I touched Dina and she
felt the energy from my warm hands comfort her and flow through her.

So that was the night i discovered physical healing
which is a magick i hope to develop some more.
this was a very emotional night for me altogether and
reveals the potential we all have.

<ladynada> K00L!
<Arianna> Yes Paza, that was wonderful. The magical master Jesus
said what he did we all can do and more. I think the energy you felt
was a bit of what he was talking about. We can all tap into that
and let it flow. The more we give, the more we can receive.
<Pranaflow> The more we give, the more we are given to give.
<Paza> My intent that night couldn't have been clearer....helping out
whoever needs it. My life intent is to be a healer and spread
Love and Light to all...
<Arianna> Paza just so you don't forget to take care of your self too
<Paza> yes--->I am constantly working on that too
<Arianna> well, I will move on now
<Arianna> Pranaflow?
<Arianna> prana is on my phone
<Arianna> his screen is frozen
<Arianna> he wants a min. to see if he can join us
<wm_____> we can AUM together until he returns
<Arianna> a Great Idea for the end wm_____
<Arianna> how about wheel going now
<Arianna> while prana is trying to get back on?
<wheel-> I would just like to say what a wonderful thing it has been
to be a member of #ascension and witness to the wonderful sharing
and learning that has gone on there. Associated channels as well, naturally. :)
<ladynada> it is getting late for me. I've enjoyed this meeting.
Is this weekly, Arianna?
<Arianna> Yes.
<ladynada> Great. I will send you an email about what day/time to call,
and also see you all here next week. K00L. thanks. HUGS all around! Good
night all.
<Arianna> Pranaflow is ready with his story...good night ladynada

<Pranaflow> It was June 1981 in London, England. 3 million people flocked
to the river for Thamesday, a huge festival. Meanwhile I had a seminar
scheduled at the Charing Cross Hotel, right in the middle of it all.
The challenge was to find the perfect parking place, so I affirmed that
I would indeed succeed in that very quest.

As I drove into the area, I could see that, as expected, all the side roads
were full. It was impossible to park anywhere.

Outside the hotel, a police officer was keeping the area clear of traffic.
I wound down the window and said I had a meeting in the hotel,
where could I park? He opened the barricade and motioned me to pull in
right by the revolving doors leading into the hotel!

Okay, so how was that magick? Well, you had to be there to see the chaos.
Also, the seminar was for the Silva Method of Mind Development.
So, if I hadn't demonstrated the ability to find the perfect parking place
I would have lost face! Hence, my survival senses were involved in the magick.
And that brought through more Divine energy than I could normally channel.

<Arianna> well, thanks Prana! I liked that... Argus is next.
<Argus> Every day I perform the magickal act of waking up at the time
I will for myself before going to sleep, without setting an alarm.
This seems easy when I allow myself my minimum sleep time requirements,
but it works equally well when I am very short on sleep. Finally, it is
always interesting to look at the clock to see how many minutes before my
wake up internal alarm goes off. Today it was 8 minutes <smile>.
I would suggest that those who read this try it for the first few times
on a day where oversleeping will not make you late<smile>>. It is great magick!

<Pranaflow> It sure is! Always works for me too.
<Arianna> Now that we are done telling stories, Paza has a poem
he just wrote and wants to share with us. Paza?

<Paza> The House of the Covenant

Welcome one, welcome all,
To a place where you'll feel at home,
Somewhere to cast away your worries,
And get away from it all.
Come here and sit a spell,
We all have lots to tell,
We will make you feel well,
Here in our humble cell.
Join in the Circle of Light,
Feel the warming energy flow through you,
Become One with the brilliance,
Partake in the splendor of the cosmos.
We wish best blessings to you,
And Love and Light too.

<Arianna> As we thank Paza for his poem,we are reminded of the
Circle of light that we share in this channel. May our sprits touch hands
forming a circle of light for all the realms to see. I want to say
goodnight to all still here. See you next Sunday same time, 9pm eastern usa!
<Pranaflow> Nite all!
<Arianna> {{{HUGS TO ALL}}}}
<Paza> {{{{{{{{Arianna}}}}}}}
<wheel-> nite all.
<Pranaflow> {{{{{{{{{{Arianna}}}}}}}}}}}
<Pranaflow> {{{{{{{{{{Paza}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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