Novale smiles as she sees her old friends here :)
Susanrose changes topic to "Novale: releasing 1996"
LadyNada envokes a Blend of Loving Energies into #)Gaia*Friends(
Sunshine- sends blessings to all
wolf: showers the room with lapis lazuli rays of joy

Susanrose:Well thank you all for coming...
poetree: Thanks for keeping an open invitation for us.
Susanrose: Novale, please tell the folks here what your theme for tonight
is, where you are from, and your background with hypnosis ..if you could... :)

Novale: HI guys :) Tonight, we are going to work a bit on releasing
our old way of thinking, giving them up to Spirit's direction.
I am an Hypnotherapist practicing in Indiana for about 5 years now.
Sometimes we use our rational thinking to examine our lives
where we have been, where we think we would like to go,
and spiritual beings, living in this finite body
we do not always know, the larger picture.
We do not know which "unpleasant" experiences Spirit will use to
grow us into the Light, and which very seemingly pleasant experiences
are lessons to be let go of.

So tonight, we will let go of our rational ways of thinking about
these things, and offer our past year to Spirit,
so that we can walk into the New Year pliant and joyfully ready
to accept all that is best for us and our Universe :)

Novale: As we begin...know this..that the words I speak, are only words
you can change them, re arrange them, create other images which please you :)
You journey this path tonight, it is your own...allow your Self to create it.

Novale: If you have some nice music, maybe a candle?
You might want to set those up now and relax a few moments.
Relax into your chair.
Let your hands drop now and feel heavy.
Take some slow sweet breathes
breathing all the way into yer belley
feeling every muscle slack and submit, giving way
let your face muscles drop...
and feel the weight of your body in the chair
your breathing slower harmony with your heartbeat
there is just a slight smile...your feel cozy and safe
feet heavy, grounded on the earth
surrounded by light, feeling warm trusting, knowing
thoughts roll away now, just the smile remains
and if you will, join me.

Novale: we stand together in a clearing
tis a cool evening...sounds in the distance fill yer heart with
pleasing sensations
the sky above you looks magnificent, so many stars...
almost like looking into forever.
We'll walk around just a bit, seeing a place,
near the edge of our clearing
where there is a path leading down
almost like stair steps, little plateaus.

Novale: shhhh. very quietly and slowly
you step to the first plateau
as you stand, you breathe slow and let memories come to you
not calling, not judging them, just let memories float through
from last December
Remember it, knowing that salient experiences will flow through you
People you knew, places you visited
Let them flow through with no attachment to them
Who were you then? who stands with you?
As the memories flow through...look :)
There at your feet
tis a small pine cone that's fallen from somewhere
pick it up...feel it in yer hands, tis rough and prickly
a gift for help you remember last December
keep in your pocket...smiling, knowing that the cone remembers
and holds your memory treasured.

Novale: and slowly begin to step again
to the next plateau beneath you.
Relaxing here...remember January
Let the experience flow through
How you felt about yourself, your achievements, victories, lessons
that you recall
They pass through your knowing
and as they pass, you relax even more
breathing slow and wonderment at all you've forgotten
which now quietly sneaks back in.
Spirit has given you another gift
Some symbol
slowly look around until you find it
I can feel your smile you place the gift into your
pocket with the cone.

Novale: Your shoulder drop a bit more
Your breath is slow, and more confident
as you step again to the plateau of February
February's events pass through your thoughts,
faces of people, special words drift past.
You can remember the they slide through and remind you
as you remember.
Spirit presents you with mementoes...a token of who you were then
and you keep this one also

Novale: Calm, peaceful knowing pervades
as you step once again down to the next plateau of March
Remember the weather of March?
How it felt to be in your body then?
The people that surrounded you?
Let it all float by...
and smiling, trusting your knowing, being grateful for march and
all its learning
Another treasure comes to you
a small secret gift to remind you
gather it carefully, and place it with the others
markers of your journey.

Novale: Step again, more boldly now
breathing slow and smooth, your heart opening in gratitude for all
that's been given you as you arrive at the next plateau of April
comfort surrounds you.
as you remember the coming of Spring
how it felt to approach springtime.
emories gliding past yer sight, feelings passing through your
People, places...words, bits of songs.
You've come to expect your little treasures now.
You know right where you will find the gift
and tenderly, placing it with the others.

Novale: You step again, sure and strong to the next plateau.
May rushes through your being
the feeling of may, its turbulence...its joys flood your consciousness now
and the gift comes to you again, sweet and sure...
this embodiment of May
Your pockets feel so full!! so much you had forgotten,
so far your have journeyed!
Keep your new treasure carefully, in another pocket, a special place.

Novale: Almost springing, anticipating you step again to June.
Letting the warmth the newness of Spring...all its beginnings pass
through your knowing, and you find another token.
It brings a smile to you, and you save it as well.

Novale: stepping solidly, with sureness and hope to July
a rich plateau of memories.
People, places again...feelings all drift over you.
The gift, the token of your place comes readily and you tuck it
away with the others.
Smiling to aware of the process your have traveled
As you step again into the heat of July, a broad and wide plateau,
sounds of memories, rushes of feelings...pass over you now
and easily, you see the perfect token to mark this month in your

Novale: as you step again strong,
full of trust to the next plateau of your journey,
Standing still and quiet and August greets you.
Remember how it felt to be in August...its trials, it joys.
Collecting your memento...packing it away tenderly with the rest.
Smiling at the seasons past, happy you were there....grateful for
all that was given to you.

Novale: surely step again, down to the next plateau of September.
Tis cooler, busy...September marked many things for you.
Remember the season changing? the growth culminating in September?
Let all those thoughts, wash over you.
Bits and pieces of your awareness...
Your Spirit speaks so clear, so grateful are you as you are given,
yet another token to carry your story with
a deep breath passes through you...filling you with warmth.

Novale: September fades and you step carefully to the next clear plateau.
Arriving in October, adjusting to the shift.
Colors, places, people all wash over your sight.
Magically, the token comes to you.
Another treasure to remind you, who you have been,
all that you have learned.
and you keep it carefully...with the rest of your treasures..

Novale: stepping the plateau next of November.
let the breath flow smooth as you remember your family, your friends
the challenges of your November.
Time is sweet, she leaves you yet another token, a treasure...a
piece of November that you carry along.

Novale: Full and step again,
finding yourself on a broad plateau... the month of December
its feeling of closing..its celebration.
So much has December, so near its memories
and December's gift comes clear to you..a sacred gift
so far you have come! so much you have learned
Your heart, your pockets are filled to overflowing with the gifts
given you, the people who have taught you.
The lessons you have conquered.
The questions you still face,
and as you stand on this last plateau
Take a few steps forward.

Novale: AHHHH.... a beautiful fire
A large and strong flame burns before you.
Surrounding the flame are stones, in a circle.
You feel warm and sure,
as you step and stand at one of the stones.
So far you have much you have learned,
and you have treasured it tenderly.
Held onto it
You can see now a bit too tightly perhaps.
As the feelings of your past months drift over you.
You can see adjustments, more understandings
tis time now to release them.
To empty your that they can again be filled
and so carefully you bid farewell to your old understandings
Reaching into your storehouse,
Take your by one
and toss them into the beautiful flame.
If you feel moved to share with us as you do..please speak :)

Novale tosses in a mismatched sock..a memory of arguing with her children
and knowing there has been growth in her family.

LadyNada: well I had a cat as my item for June,
so I changed it to a stuffed cat :)
Susanrose: I am turning my pockets inside out... good bye 1996!
to be ready to receive new treasures...
MaryGrace: The hardest thing for me to throw into the fire was a chaff
of wheat, symbolic of my loved ones departure from earth and
rebirth in heaven this month.
LadyNada: a little sad.
Novale: tis sometimes hard to let go...
LadyNada: its hard to throw the good things in there too... to move on

Novale sees the flame grow brighter as we shed out past
burning away all that has been, leaving clean and open hearts
You'll have to climb back up that hill you know
...back up the hillside ok?
you can rush if you want!! hurry!!!

LadyNada looks back at the fire
Wonder smiles.

Novale bolts up the path, waving her friends to meet her at the top
embracing them one by one as they reach the peak of our hillside
Sunshine- joins Novale

Novale: remember the clearing?
Satyr loves chases. Satyr runs after Novale.
Novale: how closely did you look? look again!!
LadyNada: yes.. I saw a tree near it, near the edge of clearing
Novale: Tall trees..and my! water! I hear it
Wonder: I see a clear pond
Novale beckons all to the pond
Novale: and reaches in, Splashing her face, flicking water at her friends
MaryGrace dives into the pool of bliss and swims into Now.

Novale smiles.
I'd like to close real quick...with a short story for you all if
you don't mind.
buffy: no..don't mind at all.

Novale: I won't bore you with the details, many of you know them already
but I spent Christmas Eve and Day in a local county jail
and as I considered my year past.
I wanted to erase that experience, make it that it hadn't happened
go back and create the perfect Christmas for my family
but it WAS perfect
Given to Spirit..everything in our life is according to plan :)
Novale smiles and thank you all for joining me here at the peak of our
year..ready for receive all the blessing of the one to come :)

LadyNada: starting with a clean slate
Sunshine- thanks Novale for the enlightenment.
Novale: get that for yourself :) give yourself a warm hug for it!!
Wonder: wow.... Novale... thanks for sharing
LadyNada spins around in the clearing.
Susanrose: Thank you for a wonderful session tonight Novale...
wolf puts his hands together before his heart and bows to Novale: Namaste
BellStar: Novale you did a wonderful job.
Susanrose: Novale... I really appreciated tonight...
someday I hope to take some classes on hypnosis too!
Novale: its a wonderful skill to learn..and something you could all do.

See Novale's Professional Site at "Soulfire Hypnotherapy"