Moon Wisdom - A Tool For Attainment

Stars: Greetings and Blessings, fellow Star
Children! I would like to get started tonight with
a brief blessing and a moment of visualization.
Let us all extend our energy to connect in this
web of space and time. Visualize the beautiful
full Moon against the dark background of the
night sky and stars. Let us ask the blessing of
the Goddess of the Night upon our gathering here.

Tonight I'd like to tell you a little bit about the
Moon's monthly cycle.... how the phases of the
Moon operate on our psyche, and how the
opportunities presented by the Sun's Consort can
be observed by the most casual of glances
heavenward, and perhaps utilized in a more
conscious manner. Then, I'd like to briefly take
you through the New Moon cycles for the rest of
the year, and give you a glimpse into the lessons
of that month and some ideas for conscious
recognition and utilization of the celestial

The Moon is the fastest moving of our celestial
bodies. She travels through an astrological sign
every 2 _ days. The Moon represents our inner,
emotional self - our intuitive channel and our
body's clock. If you look to the sky, you will see
that the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size.
The Moon, being the closest body to our planet,
exerts a tremendous influence upon us. She
reflects the light and energy of the Sun. She
brings light to the darkness of night. She links
us astrologically to our past and heralds a focus
for our attention on an inner, or (for many)
sub/unconscious basis. Learning how to connect
with the Moon's energy and relate to her cycles,
can help us to be more in sync with the cosmic
dance of energy and planetary vibration as it
relates to our internal dialog, reality and
attention. What energy current flows through
our 'night light' to awaken our Spirit? How can
we connect to and utilize this cosmic current?

Let's picture an ordinary clock face with the Sun
stationary at the 6 o'clock position. If the Moon
is new, it would also be at 6 o'clock; first
quarter would put the Moon at 9 o'clock; full
Moon would be at 12 o'clock, and last quarter, at
3 o'clock.

Stars: Is everyone comfortable with that image
as a visualization? If so, we'll go on..
Barbara: yes, good
Dreamie: im good :)
Susanrose: Me too!
Ahkim: think so
Paza: got it

The New Moon is the beginning of the Moon's
cycle. During the New Moon, both the Sun and
Moon are in the same sign, and the Moon passes
from being just 'behind' the Sun, to just 'ahead'
of the Sun. It signifies a time of planting seeds -
of completions and new beginnings - of the birth
of concepts that can grow into abundance. This
is the time of initiation.

The First Quarter phase is a time of dynamic
conflict. Active confrontation. The period of
time where the seed planted at the New Moon is
struggling to come into existence and faces the
conflicts of becoming a manifest reality.

The Full Moon illuminates completely the
changes initiated at the New Moon. It is a time of
dynamic manifestation - of seeing if you have
been able to bring to fruition, that which you
'birthed' under the New Moon. You cannot hide
because all is illuminated. There are no shadows
or dark spots with the light of the Full Moon....
all is revealed.

The Last Quarter Moon brings a time of winding
down - application - assimilation. It signifies a
time of taking those things which were begun
under the New Moon, brought into creative
manifestation with the First Quarter Moon, and
fully manifest under the Full Moon, now
integrated into the core of your Essence and
taken to a level of completion, getting ready once
again to birth that which is new, in a New Moon

I'd like to take you briefly through the New
Moon's of the upcoming year and give you an
outline of the focus of each Moon, and some ideas
of how you can capitalize on the energy and
utilize it for the level of manifestation you are
working with at that time. I'll give you the dates
too, so you can mark your calendars if
necessary. Just a brief glance up into the night
sky can put you into the rhythm of the Moon's

stars:Are there any questions so far?
<Leva> is moon part of my body?
<stars> Astrologically, the moon represents your
emotional body...
<Leva> why?
<Susanrose> I will tell you why I think so Leva
The moon pulls the oceans and creates the
tides...there is alot of water in our bodies as
well. For women, the 28 day cycle is seen in
harmony with the regenerative cycle of the
moon's 28 day rebirth and return to fullness.
For all, the water element is a symbol of our
emotions... fluidity and changability...So the
water within us as well as
without us is affected by the pull of the moon.

The following are given with the understanding
that some form of meditation or contemplation
will be used to access the energy described. If
you know where in your own personal
astrological chart, the following New Moon's
occur, you will add a deeper dimension of
knowledge and be able to apply the energy
directly to the department of YOUR life in which
it is focused.

The New Moon in Aquarius, occurs on February
7th at 7:06 am, pst. This new Moon focuses light
upon the unique and dynamic ability of the SELF
to function within the GROUP. Many of you may
be aware that there are many planets in
Aquarius right now. It will be difficult to
harness this energy on a personal level - it's
very universal and abundantly outwardly
focused. Try to use this Moon cycle to discover
and manifest the unique abilities you have to
reach out to others and connect in a
humanitarian way with the community of souls
around you. Amazing things can happen when
you seek to uncover your special and unique gift,
and offer it in service, under the Aquarian New
Moon. Virtue to manifest: Brotherhood, Vice to
transform: Instability.

The New Moon in Pisces, is on March 8th, at
5:15 pm, pst. Pisces represents the collective
unconscious - the ocean of light to which we are
all connected. This cycle asks us to contemplate
our Spiritual weaknesses and strengths. To seek
new ways of directing our energy in productive
ways that allow the realm of faith and devotion to
merge with the world of material reality. There
is a focus on the world of Spirit - and the seeds
planted at this time can bring you more fully
into alignment with the higher and lower planes
in your awareness. Let the spheres balance
through the cycle of the Pisces New Moon,
bringing strength to the area of your weakness
as the seeds sprout and grow throughout the
month. Virtue to manifest: Compassion, Vice to
transform: Deception.

The Aries New Moon is on the 7th of April, at
4:02 am pst. Personal identity, structure and
discipline are seeds worthy of planting under the
Aries cycle. Saturn's placement in Aries can be
very helpful to 'grounding' issues and personal
disciplines. In what areas do you slack off?
Which personal habits, values and desires have
become blockages to your growth? This cycle
initiates an excellent energy for change and
available discipline to stick with the changes you
desire. You will feel your strength and
determination increase as the Moon's cycle
continues through the month. Virtue to manifest:
Leadership, Vice to transform: Arrogance.

The Taurus New Moon is on May 6th, at 1:47 pm,
pst. The Taurus Moon cycle heralds the end of a
Mercury Retrograde period and asks for
reevaluation of those things upon which you
place value. As spiritual goals change and grow,
more material adjustments become necessary,
forcing choices between the lower and higher
nature and desires. Ask to be shown the path to
renunciation - that your value system be
adjusted to reflect that which is of true spiritual
value in your life.... and your material resources
may need to be more fully committed to your
spiritual goals. Virtue to manifest: Generosity,
Vice to transform: Selfishness.

The Gemini New Moon is on June 5th, at 0:04
am, pst. This is a time for cultivating new seeds
of thought and to expand your ability to process
information and communicate in ways that help
bring forth your creativity and ideas. Be
watchful for those new and quick ideas that may
slip past unnoticed if you are unaware. Work on
increasing your awareness of your own thought
processes and you will find new creations
seeking to become manifest during this busy
cycle of the Moon. Virtue to manifest:
Enterprise, Vice to transform: Inattention.

The Cancer New Moon is on July 4th, at 11:40
am, pst. Attention focuses on the Nurturer
Within during this month's cycle. What part of
you needs more nurturing? Whom do you need to
nurture more? Your family reflects the need as
a mirror - take a good look and make the
commitment to care for that which needs the
mother's gentle hand within. The environment
of your home and work can also be an area where
you decide to create some changes at this time.
Virtue to manifest: Compassion, Vice to
transform: Idleness.

The Leo New Moon, is on August 3rd, 1:14 am,
pst. The growth of the Inner Child is a good seed
to plant in the Leo Moon cycle. Ask for guidance
in allowing the wonder and innocence of your
loving Spirit to shine more strongly. You may
need to find ways to allow your 'Lion' to roar,
which can bring amazing energy to your life, and
allow the dynamic manifestation of your creative
energy to unfold in incredible patterns
throughout the cycle of Leo. Virtue to manifest:
Devotion, Vice to transform: Pride.

The Virgo new Moon, on September 1st, 4:52
pm, pst., asks us, "How can you serve?" That
applies to serving both ourselves and others. We
have planted many seeds - which are ready for
harvest? Contemplative analysis will bring out
a new understanding of work and service, and
spiritual commitment. Take some time to be in
contact with the warm, rich earth during this
cycle - let her speak to you through your
physical senses and touch your soul with her
song. Virtue to manifest: Service, Vice to
transform: Criticism.

The Libra New Moon is on October 1st, at 9:51
am, pst., and ushers in a time of contemplating
the self through the reflection of our
relationships with others. What are our
mirrors showing us? What do we see that needs
change? How balanced is our yin/yang energy?
No one exists in a vacuum - we are here together
for a reason. In your relationships and
partnerships, plant the seeds of balance and
watch as the blossom of mutual respect unfolds
throughout this Libra cycle. Virtue to manifest:
Justice, Vice to transform: Lack of

The Scorpio New Moon is on October 31st, at
2:01 am, pst., brings the energy to analyze our
desires as we seek transformation. This is a
deep period of metamorphosis - ask to be shown
which parts of your caterpillar must die so that
you can emerge from your chrysalis as a lovely
butterfly. You will have the power to be brutally
honest under the Scorpio Moon cycle - where do
you choose to focus your passion? Virtue to
manifest: Courage, Vice to transform: Cruelty.

The Sagittarius New Moon is on November 29th,
at 6:14 pm, pst. This energy brings us the
power to set our sights higher - to dream - to
look far ahead and move forward toward new
horizons. Contemplate areas in which you may
be stuck or not growing, or where you need to
educate yourself more than you have before.
This is a time of vision - a time to take the Leap
of Faith and bring about a miracle by the focus of
your Higher Mind's Intent. Virtue to manifest:
Optimism, Vice to transform: Hypocrisy.

The Capricorn New Moon, on December 29th, at
9:56 am, pst., speaks to us of commitment and
What is our task to complete at this time?
Where do we lack perseverance and what do we
need to sacrifice to achieve the goal? During the
Capricorn Moon cycle, we can empower
ourselves to take the lead, to begin a new cycle of
strength and commitment to our life's lessons.
Contemplation upon the mountain you must
climb will bring understanding of your
journey's progress so far, and the image of the
next levels to which you must climb. Virtue to
manifest: Self Sacrifice, Vice to transform:

Well, I hope that has been helpful and that you
get an image of the energy of the Moon as it can
be used in a contemplative and meditative way to
bring you closer to the understanding of
current's as they swirl around you month to
month. Understanding which Moon phase you
were born under, can also give you tremendous
insights into the ways your personality seeks to
manifest itself through the vehicle of your
emotional body.

Stars: If you were, for instance, born at the
time of the Full Moon... Understanding which
Moon phase you were born the moon, there is
little you are able to hide ... your emotions are
fully 'exposed' or illumined...
Tonight, for instance, the moon is in Virgo...,
just past it's full moon phase...

Susanrose: Are you synchronizing the gifts of
that moon with the full or new moons that month
bring about the best results?
stars: exactly, Susanrose... each month, there is
a different focus of energy offered to us to
understand, utilize and bring to a completion
depending on which area we are working on...
It is begun under the new moon, and endeavors to
complete the growth cycle
throughout the phases of the month... to the next
new moon, or new beginning....
Susanrose: ahhh..from new to new
stars: we are now in the waning phase - time to
complete and get ready for the next new phase to

Islodain: There are plenty of moon phase
shareware programs out on the web so you can
know the phase of the moon all the time
Susanrose: Thanks Islodain...
stars: Good advice, Islodain! Yes.. and a plethora
of astrology programs too!

stars: We have been observing our nocturnal
mother moon for eons... she reflects the light of
the sun for us to see
in the darkness of the night...
Attunement with her energy brings
understanding that can only come through the
sensitive, intuitive channel that we all
Try to make some commitment for the upcoming
New Moon phase, in Aquarius...
It is a powerful time... high energy - an
expansion of spiritual insight and community...
Aquarius is the new age brotherhood of man.. the
community, or 'come, unity' that we all seek...
In what ways can you become more integrated, or
expand your awareness and your daily energy?

stars: Well, I hope that has been helpful and that
you get an image of the energy of the Moon
as it can be used in a contemplative and
meditative way to bring you closer to the
of currents as they swirl around you month to
stars: Does anyone have any additional insights
they'd like to share?

I have noticed that with me, the lunar cycles
have marked my relatively waxing and waning of
spiritual energy
With the peak coming 2 days after the full moon
and the trough at the new moon
stars: Paza, do you know the moon phase you
were born under?
Paza: if I would give you my day of birth, would
that help?
stars: Paza, yes, I can look it up for you after
we're done here...but if you already see a winding
down of energy after the full moon,...and can plan
for that... and seek the understanding of it.. that
gives you a powerful monthly tool for becoming
ONE with your own cycle...

Leva: people don't trust themselves, so they have
to trust
the moon. Understand this: all planets and all of
cosmos is part of your body, that's why they
affect you.
Just like liver affects your heart
but humans associate with human body and they
that planets are outside but all is inside in truth
Stars: Leva, we are a microcosm of the
macrocosm, that is for sure... all energy is one...
Susanrose: Leva : we may all be able to walk on
water, but some of us need a boat or two,
until we have the skill of the master... Stars is
showing us one tool we can use until then... :)
stars: we must all learn to utilize the keys we
have to understand how we put in to the
universal energy, Leva... Astrology is but one
tool.. there are many...
mara: Stars, you are very graceful under what
would be pressure for me, I look forward to
putting this information to use.

stars: I know it is alot to drop on you guys at
I hope you can take some time to integrate it and
utilize it... perhaps on a monthly, meditation or
Basically, start new things under the new moon..
work to really get it going up to the full moon...
do the fine tuning and completion till the new
moon again... then start
something new...

stars: Just remember to look up to the heavens...
and keep track of the Mother Moon...
Susanrose: imagine the silver ray moon beam
coming right down to you, bathing you in Her

Paza drew down Diana's energy 2 nights ago
channeled it and emanated it across the land
It was a very beautiful experience
Susanrose: Yes Paza,
Diana is part of the Triple moon Goddess
(Diana-Seline-Hecate) (Waxing, Full, and

stars: I dreamed the other night I was dancing
under the full moon.. what a wonderful thing to
do... we have to remember to go outside once in a
while.. :)

daughter: I'm afraid I missed most of the
talk...(oops)...can anyone send me a log?
Stars: The log will be at the )Gaia*Friends(
web site in about a week, Daughter...
daughter: oh, ok...I can wait :)

Islodain gives (((((( stars )))))) huge hug
thanks stars. Bye all, thanks to you too
kid: Ladies and gentlemen... nice meeting you :)

I think the info you have provided will be very
helpful to consult - I'm gonna put it on my
calendar. Thanks Stars - Goodnight all!

mara: Thank you Stars and good night all.
Ahkim: thanks, stars
Stars:Thank you all... Blessings Pour Upon You...
Susanrose: Thank you for the very well
prepared and interesting class stars..
stars: Susanrose, you're most welcome! Thank
you for inviting me! is my email address if
anyone would like further information about
their own chart.

Thank you, and Blessings!