Reading the Akashic Record - Healing Past Life Situations

<Ganesha> this is gonna be a wonderful light filled presentation :)
<Susanrose> Welcome old and new friends
<SHAMAN> coundown......10...9.....
we have liftoff

Welcome all to:
Reading the Akashic Record
Healing Past Life Situations

My name is Melissa Shubha Smith aka Ganesha.
It is my great honor to present this program.
My life is dedicated to healing. This includes the study of human
potential and teaching others what I have learned. I am a Master in
the Usui System of REIKI Healing and a member of the REIKI Alliance.
I teach traditional REIKI Healing in the Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Since the 1970's I have been involved in the Human Potential/
Consciousness Movement. I have taught; Course in Miracles, Psychic
Healing, Aura Healing, Crystals, Elemental Gardening, Polarity Therapy,

Kundalini Maha Yoga/Siddha Yoga, and Chanting.
For the last few years I have devoted
myself exclusively to REIKI.

The reading of the akashic record lends itself nicely to REIKI. After
accessing and identifying past life situations that require healing on
we can give this situation REIKI or Healing Light Energy to balance
and release the energy held in our spiritual, mental, emotional or physical body.

If you have not studied REIKI, I encourage you to study with a
qualified teacher.
A teacher in the REIKI Alliance in your area,
can be found by asking me for a recommendation or by contacting the
REIKI Alliance thru my Web Page at:
My e-mail address is:

I had the great good fortune to study the Reading of the Record with
a famous reader here in the Boston Area about 12 years ago. Her name is
Sue Lukegord. I attended over 100 sessions with her. During this time,
I experienced considerable spiritual growth including a connection with
my Spiritual Master Gurumayi Chidvilasanda as well as many ascended
teachers, masters, beings, loved ones, and guides on the Etheric Plane.

I really believe that when we access the Akashic Record, which is the
place where all events are recorded, that we open ourselves to the
Healing Energy of the Universe. This is deeply spiritual work. I
consider it not as something to "play" with or get "caught up in" but a
path to open and facilitate the evolution of our consciousness by
healing past life situations which teaches us lessons in the here and now.

In our body there is a central channel. It is known as the "Sushumna
Nadi" This is the central core or our being. Off of this core, we have
the various energy centers or great motors of our being (known as the
chakras system). Along side of the Sushumna Nadi are 2 other channels
as the ida and pingala. The Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala run the entire
length of your body from the sacrum to the crown.

Within the Sushumna Nadi, it is said that all (Samscaras) or unsprouted
or sprouted "seeds of karma" are stored. These are the past life karmas or
events that are lessons and places of growth for us.

When we access the Akashic Record
these "seeds of karmas" are activated by this action and can become
ripe for the "roasting" or burning off of the corresponding karmas
within the Sushumna Nadi. It is said, that the actual "opening or
accessing" of the Akashic Record in this way, accelerates ones spiritual process
and growth in this lifetime.

I will show you a method I use for activating or accessing the Akashic
Record. After accessing the record and noticing what comes up for us
on an individual level, we will spend sometime sending the
issues/situations/places of dis-ease, "Healing Energy". After that we
will have sharing and questions. I encourage you to write down your questions
as we go along and be open to a place of growth
as we open the record and ask for Healing Energy to replace situations
viewed during our travels.

Here is our agenda for this evening:

1. short meditation - connection to the collective group irc energetic.
Consider questions about something in our lives that we may need to
find a place of healing or growth for. Pick one thing in your life...a
where growth and understanding is desired.

2. Protections

3. Opening the Record

4. Accessing the Record (keep a paper and pencil handy to jot down
any and all impressions you get during this time)

5. Sending Healing Energy to the Situation or Impressions that come up
for you. If you know distance/cellular memory reiki, use this...if
not.. be in the space of opening to the flow of Universal Light Energy
penetrating and Permeating your Healing Issue.

6. Time for Sharing

7. Time for Questions

Being in a place of focus, meditation, calmness of mind, and opening
to spirit will facilitate your experience. If questions and thoughts
come into your them down...and focus back to the inner
Opening to the Experience is the Key :)

So we begin:

Let us all gather our energies within ourselves as well as interconnect
our evolutionary consciousness to the expansive cyber-matrix of this

Let Us visualize the cosmos within our hearts. The Universal
Swirling Matrix of the Cosmos.

Let Us visualize the cosmos surrounding our physical body.
<Steven> inside our bodies too.......

Let Us visualize the cosmos surrounding our House.

Let Us visualize the cosmos surrounding Everyone in the Channel.

Let Us All Repeat these Affirmations:

I am the Universe - I am
I am the Sphere - I am
I am the Light - I am
I am the Flame - I am
I am the Sword - I am
I am the Universe - I am

Now: I ask Everyone to Visualize a flame of light from the third eye
and to cross out negativity with the pure flame of light and bring
down the healing power of Spirit.

I ask everyone to visualize a pure flame of light encircling their
space or room.

Next, I ask everyone to visualize a pure flame of light encircling
their dwelling.

Lastly, I ask everyone to visualize a pure flame of light encircling
this entire channel.

Everyone Please visualize these "concentric circles of light" forming
"concentric spheres of light". (the spheres surrounding,

BabaGlee turns on the spectral imagery focus
BabaGlee sees the concentric circles of pure light

We ASK LIFT These "SPHERES OF LIGHT" to the Plane of
Consciousness that is one Heart and Mind with Her/Him. Where only...

We ASK Place over these Spheres of Light....
3 Concentric Pyramids of Light.

These Pyramids of Light Aligned to the 4 Corners of the Universe.

To The East - We ask the Angel Rapheal to stand as Guardian -
The Angel of Healing and Light

To The South - We ask Angel Micheal to Stand with his Sword
of Dispassion and Discrimination

To The West - We ask Angel Gabrial to Stand with his Cup of Truth
and Nectar

To The NORTH - We ASK URIEL - The Angel of the Akashic Record ( A KA
THA) existing in the triangle of Light located in the third eye, to
activate the entrance and portal to the Halls of Records.

<BabaGlee> Kodoish - Holy

We ask that what ever
we access at this space and time is for our highest evolution and
spiritual growth and that the situations of those here in these spheres
and pyramids of light be integrated, healed, and made whole. We ask
in the Name of the God/Goddess/All That Is. Tat Twam Asi. I am THAT.

We ask that Our Highest Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, and Guides be
available for interpretation, healing, and explanation of our
Past Life situations that require healing in this lifetime. We ask that
all be open to receiving the guidance of the record and the truth of
our Planetary Mission and cosmic blueprint.

All visualize a swirling cosmos of light and the entrance to the Great
Halls of Records within the triangle. As we move into this Dimension,
we look for the Great the Library.

As we open the Doors and Continue into the Halls, let us Remember to
focus on our personal question concerning a present life situation
...Let us Hold in Our Awareness...a focus...and Opening to the
energies of the Halls to bring forth from the Library...a corresponding
lifetime or root lifetime of this present life situation. Perhaps we
jot down our question or situation.

Within this vast Library...where all Records of all events are kept,
we see a table and chairs to sit at. We sit with the focus of accessing
the book of past life experience that will heal our being by revelation

and knowledge contained on the pages made available for our viewing.

A Book...YOUR suddenly in front of you on the table.
Notice the look of the book...Jot down your impressions. Perhaps
its a leather bound volume, a scroll, parchment, paperback, or
stone tablet.
Open your book and look at the pages. Perhaps there are words to read,
perhaps there is a video or scene being enacted. Perhaps you see
nothing but have an inner experience or visualization. Remember,
everyone gets
their information open to your own inner guidance.
Jot down any and all impressions no matter how unusual or strange. Make
no judgment to the quality or legitimacy of your experience.

LadyNada is scared to look at one part of her book
<LadyNada> isn't it difficult to look at the moment of death in a past life?

We will take a moment to jot down our impressions from our Book,
You have spent some time accessing your book in the Great Halls.
Hopefully you have jotted a few things/impressions down.

We will be getting up from the table and moving towards the door,
the Great Doorway of the Record.
We enter a swirling portal of light thru a triangle (A KA THA)
in the third eye and return to this space place and time on the

We have spent some time contemplating, accessing, and opening to a
past life situation that corresponds to a present healing situation.
Honor the information you have received.

Let Us take this information or the memory of our experience or time
in the Halls of the Akashic Record and be Open to The Healing Energies
of the Universe.

<^Angel^9> Reiki is here
We ask the Universal Light Energy to be here NOW!
(If you know distance REIKI Techniques, send REIKI to Healing Issue)

We ask for Healing and Whole Integration of our Past Lives Karmas.
We ask for Love-Light-Joy-Truth to penetrate and Permeate our Beings.
We will spend a moment in the Healing Light.
<LadyNada> yes

<Ganesha> Jot down any and all experiences of the Healing Light and the
reintegration of past life experience as it corresponds to your present
life situation.

Be Open. Be Focused. Be Relaxed, Calm, and Strong.

We would like to Thank ALL our Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, and
Guides for the experiences of the Record today.
We ask for continued guidance
and light surrounding these situations. We Thank the Angels and the
Lord of the Akashic Record, Uriel for their interdimensional
integration and protection.

Now is the Time for Sharing of Our Experiences at the Record.

<LadyNada> well I asked for a clue about my neck pain..
and after entering the Hall, I got that I was beheaded
<Ganesha> .did you send this issue healing Lady?
Gawain sends healing light to Lady's open record
<LadyNada> just now I asked for healing, yes
<Ganesha> Thank-you lady for your courage to open and heal
Oceanna showers Lady with golden glimmers of LOVE

<GANDHARVA> vision of book bound in some kind of leaf,
yellowed watermarked pages and bold letters inked.
Learn study, knowledge comes before action.
Making music is Gods work, goals are spiritual.
Learn languages and musics of many
so this spirit can be communicated
<Ganesha> Gandhava wow

<DoriM> I saw a gold key
<Ganesha> Dori, what do you think the key is
<DoriM> the key to a past event I think
a past event that relates to now

<Ganesha> these experiences are fabulous, such a blessing...
any others..its ok...speak up

<Dove> had impression book was silk/satin, soft & cool to touch.
Not able to see anything inside. Message was love yourself :)

<Sunshine-> my book said "You are an angel"
<Ganesha> sunshine, is this meaningful to you?
<Sunshine-> yes. I always wonder why I am here
once heard that I was an earthbound angel

SHAMAN wonders if it is that easy to access the akashic records!
<DoriM> How do we know it is the Akashic records we are accessing?
<Ganesha> well, you have to look inside your own guidance and see
the meaning and realness for yourself

<GANDHARVA> my book cover was made of bright blue steel.
What does this mean?
<Ganesha> Gandharva, the color of rupa, the color of the blue pearl...
the color of the experience of god or spirit
<GANDHARVA> ooh, beautiful, Ganesha

<DoriM> what does a blank page mean?
<LadyNada> DoriM, a blank page might mean,
you can write whatever you want on it!
<DoriM> yes, I never thought of that LadyNada. Thanks!!

<whtrose> I recently went through a process with my Spirits
they called Redemption... in it we went through my book.
<Ganesha> wow whtrose, care to elaborate :)
<whtrose> The verdict at the end of the process was: Innocent
I cried.
<Susanrose> you cried whtrose? why????
<whtrose> don't you see how guilty we have been made to feel
by the ignorant teachings and guilt of this world?
Those feeling are deeply repressed...
in shame.
LadyNada> tears of joy?
Ganesha sends healing energy to whtrose
<whtrose> yes... of redemption.

<LadyNada> yes whtrose, we can release them
<mud`> how do you release guilt
<Oceanna> To release guilt you accept and love self unconditionally
<Sunshine-> yes
<whtrose> mud... when your Spirits tell you directly...
you become a little baby again... all clean... :)

<Grulox> and if others cant?
<LadyNada> forgive them for not forgiving you
forgive yourself, because you didn't know any better

<mud`> how do you forgive yourself?
<Susanrose> mud: imagine being forgiven by the spirit of the one
who you feel guilty about
I remember I felt guilty about not treating a patient as well as I could have....
he was no longer in the hospital for me to apologize
So, I met his soul in a dream and asked his forgiveness.... and he did!!
<Ganesha> that's great Susan
<LadyNada> wonderful Susan!
<Susanrose> ask to meet those you may have wronged on a spirit to spirit level...
so you can let go of your guilt through the blessings of forgiveness

<Sunshine-> My father is dead he molested me as a child
I talked to his spirit to forgive
<Susanrose> Sunshine, I hope his spirit said how sorry he was
<Sunshine-> yes he did,
Even found out that my youngest daughter is my dad,
came back to right the wrong
<GANDHARVA> Very moving, sunshine!
<wunjo> wow Sunshine
<Susanrose> that is special sunshine!
<Sunshine-> :)

<r3s> Susanrose: have you ever tried not going on faith and just going by yourself?
In a universe so vast I do not see why anything is interested in humans...
<Susanrose> the universe is vast, yet it is only one,
and we are in that one. there is no separation
<LadyNada> r3s, I hope you are not looking for PROOF,
cuz I do not think there is such a thing...
<whtrose> LadyNada: no proof... :) .... just personal experience.
<Susanrose> r3s Faith is the bridge from the known to the unknown...
it gets me places I could not have gone without it!!

<r3s> I was hoping there would be some logic to
the discussion.. maybe I can relate, but I see not a thing..
<Susanrose> r3s.... you sound like a skeptic, yet you are a seeker,
otherwise you would not have stayed throughout this entire presentation.
Admit you have hope for something better
to help you evolve to your true potential.

I would like to Thank everyone
for their participation and energy tonight.
Om Namah Shivaya
(I honor Creator within me)

<Susanrose> Thank you for leading Ganesha!!!
<BabaGlee> thank you Ganesha ,
I look forward to reading your presentation on the web page :)
<cdub> thank you Ganesha!
<Oceanna> The Christ within me recognizes the Christ within Ganesha
<DoriM> Lets do this again soon Ganesha
<GANDHARVA> Thank you for your wisdom and guidance, Ganesha
Oceanna waves ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^bliss^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to all