The Unity of All Paths

<Arianna/Susanrose> Hello All! I want to thank prem
for leading )Gaia*Friends( tonight. There are also some
Tibetan Buddhist monks in my home and near the computer.
The Geshe (or teacher) will be able to bless
our cyber community during this meeting. For more information
on the monk's tour of the USA, see the web page
prepared for them by the Houston Chronicle at : Mandala

* phoenx bows to the visiting Tibetan
Buddhist Monks at Arianna's

<Ganesha> hi monks!!!
<phoenx> :-)
* Paza also welcomes the monks to the channel
<Arianna/Susanrose> the monks are smiling with me and say hello
in return!

<prem> shall I start Arianna?
> Yes prem, please start!!
<Ganesha> :)
<prem> and for the monks i offer a big:
<prem> ========##====================
<prem> ======##==##===========#======
<prem> =====##=====##=====##=====##==
<prem> =====#=======##=====##===##===
<prem> ============##========###=====
<prem> ===========##=================
<prem> =========##==========####=====
<prem> ===========##======###==###===
<prem> ============##===###======##==
<prem> ===#=========##=##========##==
<prem> ===##========###==============
<prem> ====###=====##================
<prem> ======##==###=================
<prem> =======####===================
<Gandharva> :-) :-) to monks
:) Om Om Om
<Ganesha> Om Mani Padme Hum
<Arianna/Susanrose> Thank you from the monks!

<prem> The subject of tonights discussion is:

"The unity and harmony of all paths,
and their now conscious collaboration
for the unfolding transformation
of the earth and humanity."


Feel free to ask a question or make a comment at any time.

Arianna has requested me to give a little background
about myself. I am an electrical engineer interested in
the foundations of science and mathmatics, but no time
for discussion in this direction. :)

At the age of 12, while in a class preparing for my
bar mitzvah, the rabbi made a statement (based on his
own personal form of fundamentalism) which I found to be
obviously false. He said, in response to a question from
me, that the dinosaurs do not exist, they are made up by
the scientists to fool us. This shattered by naive acceptance
of all religion. At that time I only knew about western religion.

In those few moments he did me a great service, I was freed
of all dogma, all binding form, all imposition of limit about
the Divine. I became an agnostic and remained one for 14 more
years. I looked at the (western) religions I knew about and
saw the same organizational imposed falsehoods and set off to
build my own philosophy of life (with the help of science
fiction :)

My primary conclusion was that the most precious thing any
individual had was their life, and that nothing should be
done to compromise this except under extenuating and
unavoidable circumstances. A consequence of this was the
recognition of responsibility and the validity of the
golden rule: "do on to others..." Next, I concluded that the
power of the mind was far far far more than we were educated
to believe. I believed in the creative potential of everyone.

Over the years I made experiments with thought transfer and
telekinesis and had success, but only in those rare moments
when either emotional intensity or the perfect suspension
of doubt enabled it. Later, frustrated at not finding a
progressive way to succeed I tried drugs.

In this I found a door, a dangerous very dangerous door, to
more ranges of consciousness. Dangerous because psychoactive
drugs damage the chakras. This damage was repaired later by
my mentor in India.

> The Geshe would like to say to prem that he is happy
that prem does not take drugs any more and to wish him
all the best, that he should do what brings him peace.

<prem>After graduating from college and on my first job at
JPL-NASA I played tennis with a Indian engineer. He tried a few
times to interest me in reading about yoga, but I said it was a dry
(i.e. impractical) philosophy and I was not interested. But
he persisted and one day said: "If you are crazy enough to try
drugs, you are crazy enough to try yoga", and he invited me to
a study group which was meeting that night. Something in me,
which I recognize now as the deep soul presence in the heart
recognized and said yes.

Later, after dinner I felt tired and did not wish to go, so I
tried to call him, but he was not home. Still, something deep
in me persisted and said "oh well I have to go". Normally I
would not have felt bound or obliged to go.

When I arrived at the study center, the class/discussion group
was upstairs in the library. As I walked up the steps and my
head physically cleared the landing, I entered into a profound
experience of Light and Peace. A clarity never experienced up
to that point in my life, and new I was in the presence of
something, which for only a few minutes I struggled to deny
was the Divine presence. It was a great joy and I had the sense
of having come home. This sense of the peace and light never
really left me, but it could at times get covered and be
uncovered by a change of state and attitude, and eventually of
course by meditation, and a living practice.

Upstairs I was introduced to the head of the center and leader
of the study group. After a short discussion I sat down on the
couch across the room opposite her. To her right was a picture
of the Mother, from Pondicherry India; the one who is my guru,
or rather became (again) my guru.

I looked at the picture, my eyes locked with hers and She was
alive. Now the sense of home was complete. There was a glow
in my heart, a love, and I could not (and did not want to)
take my eyes away from Her eyes.

This single night entirely changed my life. I was no longer an
agnostic. God existed, and being a very practical engineer,
had to do something about it. I read and studied and practiced
and came to understand that this path which awaited me, and
which now I had embarked on, called the Integral Yoga, set as
its goal the total transformation of the consciousness and being.

This seed of grace has continued to grow and unfold, to deepen
and widen, and be joined by further grace over the past 25 years.
Over these year I have spend about 10 of them in India at the
Sri Aurobindo Ashram where my contribution to the community
included teaching electrical engineering and computer science at
college there. Other work included Iridology and research in

The Integral Yoga leaves nothing out, every part of the being is
to consciously collaborate and reorganize itself around the
true and eternal and unique individuality - the soul, instead of
the ego. The goal could be described as having three parts:
1) psychic (or soul) transformation or realization
2) spiritual (and universal) transformation and realization
(living and being that oneness)
3) supermental transformation - the conscious collaborative
evolution beyond mind.
Your can read more about this path if you wish at:

If one focuses in the heart center, goes deep into the profound
silence there, into the presence of one's soul, there is the
sense of "i am", i Am, i AM - a sense of eternity, of always having
been, of always will be. Try it now. ...

It was through this path that I came to recognize what was true
and of value in every path, every religion. Through the deep study
of integral psychology (see my book: "The Hierarchy of the Minds")
I came to understand the great and deep complexity of the human
being and how this related to its universal correspondence of
other planes and dimensions of reality. But most important, that
this great complexity had an underlying simplicity: the oneness
of all being and consciousness. Duality is an error of ignorance.

It is here that we bring in other paths and their place in the
scheme or divine plan. Each individual is unique, each soul is
an unbounded and eternal unique expression of the divine. Only
you can be perfectly you! This uniqueness is simultaneously
what your are and what your relationship is to the Divine. It
is also what you have to give, it is your contribution to the
universal unfolding harmony. Because each individual is different
they need an approach which suits this uniqueness until it can
open to the unbounded infinite and embrace all, even the most
seeming opposites as complimentary in the greater whole.

Each collective, each nation, each religion, each spiritual
practice has also its uniqueness, its soul and essence. Each
has a domain and viewpoint which is its deepest expression
and has a kind of center or centers of understanding. Each path
has approaches (e.g. devotion, knowledge, service, etc.) and
planes and levels of the reality where it is especially
cognizant and experienced. Each is a part in the totality and
is inseparable from that whole and does not contradict any other
truth. Only the mind wishes to divide and say a part is the whole.

For example, the native peoples of the world, and the deep
focus of their culture in the medicine men and women, the
shamans of every indigenous culture, have held and lived
the unity with earth and nature, the elements and the
animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Recently, in the past
few months, there has been an acceptance by all the shaman
masters to give of their knowledge freely to all. Up until
recently they were unforgiving of the white man and what his
culture had done to the earth. But they have recognized its
contribution along with its errors and have agreed to give
of their knowledge.

This means something very deeply practical for all of us, and
is not limited to just the shamanistic knowledge. It means
that within, in our sleep, in meditation, in waking so called
ordinary life we are receiving, if we seek it, this teaching
and all teaching from every path. This is felt as an ease as
we walk the earth, a sense of the sacred everywhere. There is
now a clear channel between the highest transcendence, the
absolute and through our individuality down to the core of the
earth, to the roots of matter. And so the transformation
proceeds with this now active aspect.

There is a great collaboration of the masters and practicioners
of every path. All are working for the common goal of the global
awakening, the realization of oneness in the Divine, in God, in
Truth, in that ever undivided consciousness and reality of Being
which we are.

It is a shift from the dominance of power to the guidance by the
formidable flame of uncompromising love. It is the return to our
being led by the heart and the deep soul instead of by mind and
its errors and exaggerations and arrogance. And finally, as we
allow the Self, the one Self in all, to lead, it is the gradual
replacement of ego by transcendence.

As the mind comes to accept the unfolding of mystery in life,
in every moment, the deep underlying oneness, there is nothing
to fear, even total unknowing. Yet we are guided and moved by
that transcendence and the help of many masters, embodied and
not embodied. There is a recognition in us of what flows.

The Dalai Lama, for example, is one of the main embodied masters
now working toward the dissolution of the old ways of duality,
of false ceilings of power over others. This is leading us to a
unity and mutuality - a grand symphonic harmony of unbounded
soul creative bliss.

> The Geshe would like to say that the Dali Lama teaches to help
others, and not harm others, where ever you go. The Dali Lama
gives this as a main speech that he gives to the public.

<prem>We each have a chosen path, a way comfortable to us,
whether formally identifiable or just our current individual unfoldment.
But now we discover that, we do not have to deny this path to
gratefully accept the help being offered by every path, every
religion, every teaching. We can open to the different viewpoints
and appreciate their time deepened knowledge and practice which
compliments our own. We are now, knowingly or unknowingly,
receiving help from teachers and paths and forms which in many
cases we never had approached or studied or allowed in any
previous birth. We can release all hurt done to us in former
times by any one and any religion or philosophy or peoples.

We are not our brother and sisters keeper, more deeply we ARE
our brother and sister. This essential oneness in the Source,
in the absolute and transcendent reality of the Self, in no
ways diminishes our individual uniqueness. Rather it fulfills
it. The universe is primarily a field for the expression of
love and creative bliss.

Ignorance and error and falsehood are the inevitable consequence
of the chosen involutionary and evolutionary sequence, leading
now to the promised joy of union. Union with the Divine, and all
expressions of the Divine. Every being, every force, every form.
That which persists in duality suffers.

Open to that oneness, allow its oceanic grace to flow into you
and through you, transforming you, and all who it touches
around you as you awaken. Feel the family of man, of all sentient
beings. This embraces more than the earth and the solar system,
but by accepting full responsibility of what we choose to do
and not to do, of accepting to love all as an expression of the
One it becomes impossible to hurt or dominate others except as
a fading habit which only makes us suffer.

We never were truly separate but knowingly accepted that there
would be this temporary (even if humanly long) phase of the
evolution. But now that is ending. All forms of duality can be
felt and seen and known for what they are, the errors of
ignorance, in fact illusions. Truth is the oneness.

As we look at the common and agreed aspects, truths,
expressions of every path we can laugh at our narrow mindfulness,
and joy in the return of the higher vibrations of the Presence,
the sustaining Silence, the Love, the Light and Bliss which is
our reality - the field, source, the goal and our reality.

And beyond all that we know, or think we know, we discover
increasingly that our past, all prophecies are hopelessly
inadequate for what shall be. Living in the moment our heart
gives us the sanction of calm joy, of felt knowledge, of
recognition of truth. It also warns us by that unique heart
discomfort of what not to do. The mind learns that it is not
really an instrument of knowledge, and even less an instrument
of truth. The mind is an instrument of organization and sense.
Its place is also to help the life force not to err by its excess
of desires. But now the mind too can relax and allow the free
flow of transcendence to guide our life.

Our prior protections are now obstacles, they divide, they
feed fear, and the fear of God is the most stupid of all :)
Be not afraid even to speak your heart of what is important to
you to anyone who asks. You will discover that people are opening
everywhere on earth, and just are not "fortunate" yet to know
what is happening to them as the transformation, the collaborative
awakening accelerates in a grace which has moved it, in a sense,
100's of years from the future to NOW. Our history cannot guide
us. Trust your heart and the flow of transcendence into you,
through you.

Let us close with a brief meditation as we embrace and are
embraced by the mystery, the transcendence, the absolute Self
of all. United with the earth and matter and all in between
we are grateful for the rivers and oceans, the manifold streams
of Light and Love and things for which we have no words.

<prem> Each of us is now a bridge between that transcendence
and matter.
<Ganesha> how do we cross? which way , now?
<Ananki_> We are the bridge

<prem> exactly no crossing is flows through us
<prem> is->it
Our higher parts, a mystery to the surface mind, is now
directly linked to its source....

<Ganesha> so, to say it is a bridge is really
saying the energy is freely flowing thru us now
<prem> only remains a few coverings, the original seed of
separation given to us by the Divine when we first
entered into this universe, and repeated in a way at each
birth - until we are given the grace
The freedom of going home and yet being here too.

<prem> Arianna, let the Geshe gives his blessing now.
<Arianna/Susanrose> The Geshe would like to offer a blessing to the
cyber space community. We here at )Gaia*Friends( wish the monks
the best of luck and success in their tour
<phoenx> :-)

The Geshe wishes you longevity and clearity of mind
to grow infinitely. and..... (translating now)
He wishes the community the best of luck in their spiritual path.
He bid us to be a community that helps all the people we
contact in the computer, and help each other within this cyber family.
He directs us to take aim in this noble goal....
Lots of blessings for you all...Good night to all! That is all... thankyou

<Paza> thank you very much :)
<Gandharva> :-)
<Ganesha> :)
<stars> thank you, Geshe... and blessings upon you also...
<Gandharva> Thank you for the blessings. <3<3<3<3

* phoenx is deeply honored by the monks and everyone's presence
* Sitara thanks the Geshe for his blessings
and may it return 10 fold
<Ganesha> remembering to love each other live in light
<prem> feel that oneness and the joy

<prem> Any one wish to ask any questions?
* Ananki sends small butterflies to bless the Geshe
<phoenx> a marvelous talk Prem - kudo's

* Ananki also sends small butterflies to dart in a jolly manner
around prem's head
<prem> hehehe that tickles
the butterflys are teasing my eyelashes :)
<Ananki> (((((((<((((<((<>( PREM )<>))>))))>)))))))
<prem> {{{{{{{ Ananki }}}}}}}

<Gandharva> thank you, prem. We are spiritually enriched by
your presence, you have encouraged us and given us courage

* ^otter^ is very sorry to have gotten here late!
<Ganesha> prem we so happy to have
this satsanga with you, and to hear your take on the shifting
energies. Thank-you
<Paza> Prem :)
<Sitara> ;)
<phoenx> Prem: How can one make this not just a daily moment in
remembrance but one that is indelibly imprinted in their
moment to moment action?
<prem> Phoenx: by using every means to remember as often as
possible, by the gratitude for what has been received and
continues to pour upon us
<phoenx> expound, please.
<prem> it is a privilege to be on earth at this time We are receiving
from many teachers, and the comet that is in the sky now
- it announces the return of Buddha and Jesus next year.

<Gandharva> yes! we are truly blessed. We're ready!!
<^otter^> Indeed it is Prem!
<Ganesha> coolness
Where will Buddha reincarnate? Where is Bagawan Nityanan, will he
<prem> they will announce themselves when they are old enough
as will the others. What makes you think they will be male :)
many are choosing female birth

<<Ganesha> easier to know god in female :)
<prem> indeed so I am told

<prem> Good night my dear friends, and even if I can not be here
on line, I love you all and think of you all the time
with heart merged in yours, each and every one of you, I
say good night. May your paths be swift and straight and full

<Ananki> (((<(((( prem ))))>))) prem fond remembrance friend :)
will see you!!!
<Ceridwen> thank you prem:)
<Ganesha> goodbye hope to see you soon
<Arianna/Susanrose> Good night prem!
<^otter^> goodnight dear prem!
<* Sitara hugs prem and all his typos..and by the way was
impressed with how perfectly the lecture was prepared hahah
<phoenx> bravo Prem
* Paza thanks everyone tonight......especially the monks,
arianna, and prem
* phoenx bows with many thanks to Prem, Gensha, the Monks and
Arianna... thank you deeply.

> Well, I want to thank prem for leading tonight and remind all
of you that the upcoming hosts are : Paza, Ganesha, Mikron,
then Soft Deer. Please check out the )Gaia*Friends( web
page at

<Ganesha> did the monks go to bed?

<Arianna/Susanrose> there is a monk sitting with me now
the rest are watching TV
* ^otter^ says hello to the Monks!

<phoenx> tell him I said hello Arianna
* ^otter^ says hello to the monk sitting next to SusanRose
* Ceridwen says hello
<Gandharva> yo! mo!
<Arianna/Susanrose> just did ! he is smiling and nodding at
your hellos.... this one does not speak much English
<Ceridwen> a smile is universal!
<^otter^> 8-}

* stars wonders if the worldwide efforts to free Tibet are
having any effect in your part of the world? Is there any
glimmer of hope that there will be change soon?

<Arianna/Susanrose> stars : there is an organization here is Pittsburgh
called "Friends of Tibet". They believe that the protests
of those here in the US will help the treatment of Tibetans.
They have hope in the future, of a free Tibet.
They see the protests that are taking place and have hope due
to this. There are others across the country that work with groups like
amnesty international that works for political freedom of those Tibetans
in prison due to their beliefs.
<stars> it is good to know there is hope and optimism for future
change.....we pray for your freedom, and appreciate your
bringing your energy to the states...

<Ganesha> What program on tv?
<Arianna/Susanrose> Ganesha: The other monks were watching
the movie "BABE" they laughed at the animals talking. There was
great non verbal communication in that movie between
the animals that many could follow..
<^otter^> how cute Arianna!!!!
<Ganesha> hehe great movie for them, I can picture it
<^otter^> Arianna how many monks are there now?
Arianna/Susanrose> there are 12 monks and one driver from
Switzerland. Out of the 12, 4 are teachers, the rest of the monks are
performers I think.
<^otter^> wow!!!! You must have a big house Arianna!!!
<Arianna/Susanrose> they mostly slept on the floor. but the oldest
Geshe is 61. He slept in a double bed... They are very neat..and...
they helped me with work around the house.
<Ceridwen> that's really sweet:)
<Arianna/Susanrose> I will put a photo of the monks at my home
on the log of tonight meeting when it is posted in the web page
<stars> great, Susan! good night!

<Gandharva> Thanks Arianna. You're a good host.
* phoenx bows to all a humble goodnight
<^otter^> well my dears I must go namaste all!!
<Arianna/Susanrose> good night all! {{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}