The Evolution of the Soul

<Susanrose> Ok, I will turn over the podium to our speaker,
Gina... I am very honored that she has decided to lead tonight...

The topic she has chosen is:

"The Evolution of the Soul".

I met Gina on the #bridge channel in the irc superchat network.
Gina lives in New Zealand. Here is her background:, healer, lecturer...
Ex Buddhist nun. She has worked
with the Tibetan refugees for the past 7 years.
She also taught meditation
inside of the maximum prisons to the men.

Go ahead Gina....

<Gina> To the many walking in life in ignorance,
they neither find nor know spirit.
Fear blocks them from ever wanting to look closer
at why they were even born.
The next group of humanity are those that seek spiritual truths.
They elect to follow a teacher or guru,
fearful that they cannot trust themselves to find their truth.

Then we come to the few who have grown in spiritual light,
who follow their own path regardless of where it leads.
They are the ones who get out of step with humanity
and yet are there to help when the need arises.
These people are driven by the need to find out who
and what they are and what their purpose is here on the planet.

There is now a 4th group merging on the planet.....
a group who will act as a ladder, an extension to aid the other groups
to higher levels of evolution.

At first when humanity arrived on this planet they were humans with
a spark that joined them to the Godhead. Many life times were spent
in survival and not really evolving a mind or even a higher thought.

The Soul came into relationship with some humans....
those who I now call the 4th group, in the 3rd root race in the
Lumerian epoch. These humans were given help to extend their minds and to change from lower creatures into higher thinking humans.

It is since that time the we humans have been developing the soul and understanding. It is the soul that is on a journey, and not the form.
Any questions yet?

<Dove> Gina, how can the soul be separate?
<Gina> The soul was not separate. It
was not prepared until we were ready for them.
I hope to make it clearer for you as I go along.

<Vega-33> just as an addition to what you said, there is an interesting thing I found out earlier this month while reading.. there is scientific evidence that humans once drew in a form of energy through the top of the head in preference of breathing. That kind of backs up what you are saying about the connection between the old humans and up above.
<Gina> yes vega that is a fact...there were many different forms of humans on this planet and we have the body now best suited for the next step. We can all agree that the soul comes of age at the time of self realization...or Kundalini.....this is really the true beginning of the journey back to greatness.

There is nothing to be fearful of or to consider dangerous in awakening the energy within yourself....all the energy flows through you daily to a lesser keeps the chakras open and healthy.

After passing through the portals of learning ....of self realization...
you then realize it is the soul that is on the journey..
The first part of your journey was to evolve the body....
to then attach yourself to a soul.....
to reach a state of evolution that now is the souls turn.

We can only travel up to certain levels or realms
and then our energy is unable to go any further.
Now is the time to help the soul to reach to the greatest heights
that are possible for you the soul.
Any questions?

<In-love> how we accomplish this?
<Gina> The soul has to burn off the dross or the lower realm rubbish
it has collected on its path. This can be done in the same manner
as in the human form through illness or meditation. It is up to the individual.
Meditation is one way....however we are in an exciting time when there are a lot of different medical systems that use energy...the more energy you use the higher the energy that returns to you
<Dove> systems such as?
<Gina> I think Reiki is one....hands on healing....sending distant healing
is another anything that requires you to send the energy
out of your body to someone in need and you will always get more back.

<lynda> different souls go to different levels Gina?
<Gina> lynda...different souls only go to different levels until they learn that there is nothing to stop them going higher

<Gina> One might ask why the need for so much clearing.....
the choice is always yours......the higher you go the purer
the form the greater the information.
<wunjo> I wonder what kind of energy is right here
with all these people focused on this channel?
<Gina> interesting question wunjo as I just had the same thought
and was told that the chosen ones will all pick up
what they need and go on out with it.

<Gina> Just some points..

1/ We must make conscious changes within the human self.
2/ That after a period of learning in consciousness
the soul reveals the path.
3/ That the soul goes through changes and needs the body/form to
manifest these changes
4/ Illness is a form of cleansing which can burn off the dross.
5/ Without the full comprehension of the souls needs,
one would stay on the lower levels going no where.

<Gina> now I will answer questions

<joyful> Gina is it possible to work at more than one level
in different areas of consciousness?
<Gina> yes joyful in fact you can work here on the earth plane
and be on other planes of consciousness at the same time
<joyful> I wanted that to be clarified, thank you

<Ganesha> so Gina , you are talking about the samscaras
(seeds of karmas) burning off in the Sushumna Nadi..
the central channel of the Kundalini Shakti
<Gina> Ganesha...I'm actually trying to get people past even that point
<Ganesha> what about the "activation" of our Spiritual energy as a way that burns off the "dross" or brings us to a higher evolutionary level...
What are ways for this activation? or "leap" "jump" whatever out of a "pit"?
<Gina> that does for the physical Ganesha...but then we need to also activate something for the souls higher activation

<Sojourner> so am I to assume that all of us must reach our own separate pits before we can make the climb upward. ie..personal wilderness?
<Gina> yes sojourner, but does it have to be hard?

<Angel-7> GINA -How does one know for sure If you've had a Kundalini Awakening?
<In-love> angel you'll know
<Lani> if you have to ask .. you haven't :)
<Ganesha> angel-7 it is my experience that one can infinitely contemplate that, but there are many "signs"
<Gina> angel you will know when it has risen it leaves you in no doubt
<joyful> it's not subtle
<Angel-7> ???? . i would appreciate a better explanation.
of what is Kundalini ...
<Ganesha> there are 28 different levels of "shaktipat" or descention of divine grace...subtle to not so subtle...everyone's experience is different'
<Gina> I thought it to be so Ganesha...but have since found that it also steps out on its own
<Ganesha1> yes Gina for some
<Gina> angel, Kundalini would need a full talk on its own dear
<Angel-7> ok

<Ganesha> Gina, an activation of the Souls Evolutionary process?
Yes, but isn't that tied up with physical, mental, emotional, as well....
it is all one
<Sojourner> I'm not sure, Gina, but for me personally, my bottom was the answer for my soul to start its trek upward. This not to say it was not always with me, but it was never desperate enough to move higher !!!
<lynda> I can relate to that sojorner

<In-love> Gina if sickness help evolve then suffering does too?
<Gina> yes even when one thinks they are past it...
many great yogi have suffered
<Ganesha> many yogi's and saint experience extremely
difficult lives as part of their evolution
<Basil> Form is subject to inertia. Sometimes the form needs a good shake up before soul can begin its move upward again.
<Lani> Gina didn't you say that sickness was A way .. not the only way?
<Gina> yes
<Lani> thank you .. wanted to be clear about that one

<^alex^> does this include mental illness?
<Gina> alex....mental illness is different..
there are many lessons learnt in mental illness
<In-love> for that soul or for those next to the mentally ill?
<Gina> it seems that when a person is mentally sick the whole family suffer

<Lani> it seems to me we have a choice to 'evolve' away from pain
and/or to evolve because we choose to evolve for the joy of it
<Ganesha> bravo Lani
<Lani> and i think i will choose the later .. didn't like the former very much .. :)

<Ganesha> so Gina, are we talking about he "Shake Up" as Basil pointed out...this aspect of ascending upwards after hitting a low?
<Gina> I think as Basil pointed out...its time for the big soul shake up
<Ganesha> wow, Gina
<Basil> yes, that's my next point . . . .
<Ganesha> so what kinds of things can we expect from the "Big Soul" Shakin thing?
<Gina> yes basil dear...there are some who have been through it,
and will be aiding others

<Basil> The world is obsessed with form . . . .just look at your TV.
The world needs a major shake up to get evolution moving again.
<Gina> certainly a lot clearer understanding who and what you are and where you are going
<Basil> This can happen individually, but I'm referring to a collective experience.

<Sojourner> Gina, I have felt like you were saying before,
I believe that I have always been a searcher not in need of a guru
to lead me on my path. I believe strongly that I have some sort of destination and strive to attain its unknown goal, but in understanding that, does not stop my need to quest deeper into the realm. Will it ever stop, can there be an end and when we arrive, will it be so brilliant that we'll know we have reached it?
<Gina> Sojourner...there are times when you feel tired and wish it would all end...but it won't... we are here to build the NEW Jerusalem
We are self creating GODS
We are producing a new Heaven on Earth
There is no need to escape as we will be the providers of all our needs.

Ganesha imagines the New Jerusalem in the galaxy of internet channels
<Ganesha> Gina, not to get off the subject...but do you think the a big soul leap vehicle?
<joyful> big gathering machine this internet
<Ganesha> the big quantum collective soul shakin big leapin Internet Dance?
<Basil> kewl, Ganesha
<Gina> absolutely Ganesha 1983....the Masters told me
We will speak through you from Nation to I are they going to do that
<Lani> yes
The internet is probably the most powerful integration and evolution enhancing piece of technology on the planet .. picture the 'energy grid' around this planet right now ..... from this channel alone!!
<Basil> Lani, we are outnumbered 100 to 1 by pornography channels. There's a lot of work ahead.
<Lani> basil yes ... and THEY are hopelessly outnumbered by us!
basil no matter how v a s t a darkness is .. a single candle banishes it
<Basil> yes, Lani, a single well placed thought can bring down any edifice.
<Susanrose> You know what? I think people burn out of the porno channels after a while, then they will search to find some real hope. Please do not write off those who are now stuck in the porno channels....They will find their way home to their spiritual haven.

<Vishnu> Gina, how does evolution effect something as timeless
as the soul?
<Gina> Vishnu nothing will end
<joyful> no ending is a hard lesson to grasp

<Sojourner> yes, Gina, I realize what you r saying to be true but when this utopia has arrived, how will it greet me/us, in what kind of Realization....
<Gina> sojourner....I feel that your loneness holds you back...leap right in and show your light its pure and is silver with tinges of auqua blue and a rainbow is over your home.
<Sojourner> so, this explains my needs, overwhelming at times, to be satisfied with that unconditional Love as well as give that in return.....Thank you Gina. :) I Love You!!!

<Ganesha> so..Gina, how can we be "open" to this quantum soul leap for humanity and your suggestions on assisting its leapness
<Gina> Its time now to create your light ....with energy and love
<Ganesha> we hold ourselves back then Gina?
<Gina> never hold your self back Ganesha...your a leading light
<Ganesha> heheh Gina
<Ganesha> and this co-creative lightness and not inherent in us already as seekers of truth and is automatic as you say?

<horuswork> Gina, can you comment on the relationship between the "photon belt" energy and that of the "Christ consciousness" energy, and how they can energize our souls?
<Gina> the photon belt will add energy to those already using it and help them to higher realms Horus, the Christ consciousness is all of us when we allow our light to shine.
<Susanrose> I see the photon belt as electrical energy but the Christed consciousness as the power of love... the deployment of using love to live in the world of form
<horuswork> Gina, yes agree, but am curious on the relationship of the "new" energy frequency coming through now, and how it will help the evolved souls to separate from negative influences.
<Steven> Love is conscious not via anything but of itself
<Islodain> cosmic consciousness, microcosm knowing the macrocosm
<Steven> Love is the self-conscious Unknowable
<Lani> love is an indescribably state of being
that is represented by the letters L O V E

<Gina> when I look at you all its like looking into a wondrous light...
made up of all the colors of the are a great and beautiful group of people and I feel very blessed to be with you.

Ganesha visualizes a halo of rainbow light emanating from the heads of all hee....all eyes are dripping with sweet love...all tongues speak the sweet truth...all hearts beat the same beat...inner vibration holds the love together in collective flow
<horuswork> I am visualizing this ...:) It is very comfortable to be here sharing :)

<Susanrose> My daughter and I saw a full double rainbow today... we got out of the car in a park and danced under it... (well I did anyway...)
<Sojourner> :) Susanrose
<Gina> horus I feel that those souls that will be ready at that time....will create a great change on the that will be wondrous to behold
joyful thanks all of her friends for sharing all that they are

<Ganesha> this connection..creative energy on the internet Gina,
is this a place for our this a moment of energetic leaping...
<Gina> yes Ganesha and its also why its important that we continue to share our truths no matter how big or small all are important
<Steven> Love knows The Self
<Ganesha> See God in Each Other

<Basil> The manifestation of group consciousness is tangible. The energy when light workers assemble will allow you to stay up for days without the need for sleep, yet without fatigue.
<Hodag> Basil, I have experienced the same energy in several places with very different groups

<Ganesha> we gather here and this is the auspicious moment for now
<In-love> yes and also act the way you speak not only write nice things, but live them.
See the beauty in all big and small and respect them Ganesha
<Ganesha> For sure In-Love :)

<horuswork> In most things there is a left-path and right-path, and the free will to choose between. This is one of the things that makes us so special.

<Ganesha> you have a conclusion Gina?
<Gina> Ganesha...I see that the souls journey is the greatest and the most difficult one I have ever set out on to date...I have been blessed to see many things...but some reduce me to wordlessness
<Ganesha> the beginning and the end...the unfathomable
:) beautiful Gina.

<Angel-7> Gina -- thank you for sharing with us, love
<Gina> your welcome
<Lani> thank you Gina
<Gina> hugs Lani goddess of the silver lights
Sojourner applauds loudly !!!!!!!!!
<In-love> I see a great master in Gina
*Gina we are been blessed by the honor of listening to you tonight.

<Gina> In love..I am a simple lady who has been given a great gift....
that of love....find love within yourself....
and you will see all others for what they are
<Ganesha> for sure Gina is a Master :) Thank-you

Sojourner stands and Applauds Loudly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel-7 follows Sojourner with Stand Ovation!!!!
Lani sounds of thunderous applause fill the room for Gina
<Gina> hhahahahaha sit down you clowns I love you

<Susanrose> We would LOVE to have Gina Back again!!
<Gina> thank you for asking me Susanrose
<Islodain> Bravo bravo encore encore
<wunjo> wow Gina that was a great talk:)
<Basil> All in all, I think Gina would be content with the title "Primas Interpares" . . . .the first among equals.
<horuswork> love and wisdom, Gina .. :)

<Ganesha> we sit in this collective of quantum soul leap...
the vibration of ONE pulls us together in unison and balance.
MiaLove sends deepest gratitude to all for the wonderful I - wisdom everyone shares always and in all ways. Goodnight, dear friends {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ALL}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}